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Thread: Trouble with Item.Move

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    Default Trouble with Item.Move


    I've been busy developing an addon that automatically switches your gear if you change your role. Although it is working now, it has one bug: items are not placed at their previous location if you change your role but end up somewhere in the inventory.

    As far as I can tell the Command.Item.Move function cannot switch items or switch and then move one of the switched items in the same command chain. That is if helmet A is equipped and helmet B is in the inventory at slot S, then:
    - Command.Item.Move(A, S) will simply fail as the space is already occupied.
    - Command.Item.Move(B, helmetSlotID) will work, but place A into the first free slot and cannot be followed by a move command to put A to slot S.
    - If A and B do not go into the same slot, switching is not possible at all.

    Is this a known restriction or is there a work-around for this?

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    Possible workaround:

    1. Use Command.Item.Move(B, helmetSlotID)
    2. On the next Event.Item.Slot, you should get two slots changed: one of them should have the former equipped item, the other should be empty. Use Command.Item.Move with these two slots.

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