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Thread: Spell images

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    Default Spell images

    Where can we get the spell images to use in our addons? I need some for a modification of a mod to show hot duration / stacks etc and would like hot images to show what hot is on the player.

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    		Function documentation:
    			Provides detailed information about the buffs on a unit.
    				detail = Inspect.Buff.Detail(unit, buff)   -- table <- unit, buff
    				details = Inspect.Buff.Detail(unit, buffs)   -- table <- unit, table
    				buff:	An identifier for the buff to retrieve detail for.
    				buffs:	A lookup table containing buff identifiers to retrieve details for.
    				unit:	The unit to inspect.
    		Return values:
    				detail:	Detail table for a single buff.
    				details:	Detail tables for all requested buffs. The key is the buff ID, the value is the buff's detail table.
    		Returned members:
    				icon:	Resource filename of the buff's icon.
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