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Thread: Event.Unit.Available ... looking for rares

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    Default Event.Unit.Available ... looking for rares

    Event.Unit.Available is used by raredar to detect when a rare is found. However when looking at events, code etc I found Event.Unit.Available only fires when you mouse over, target or interact with the unit.

    This basically means raredar is an alert for if you are totally switched off and don't realize you moused over or targeted a rare. You could in theory run straight past a rare and not have it trigger the alert.

    I know WoW use to physically scan unit cache data looking for rares so it seems there prob won't be a way to properly detect if a rare is close.

    I actually thought Event.Unit.Available would fire for each unit as I moved around close to where they are.

    Seems unless I have overlooked something looking for rares with this event is flawed.

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    It is something the API doesn't support and probably doesn't want to support.
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    Event.Unit.Available is not flawed. It would be flawed if it fired every time a PC or NPC appeared.
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    The intent is to tell you when a unit enters the set of units for which you have a designator, like "player.target" or "mouseover".

    If you haven't got a designator for it, it's not available.
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