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Thread: Auction IDs: Guaranteed unique/stable?

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    Default Auction IDs: Guaranteed unique/stable?

    Was thinking about auction tracking. Well, hey. If auction IDs are stable, we can actually guarantee that we don't double-count an auction!

    But wait:
    1. Are they actually stable?
    2. Are they unique?
    3. Are they unique across multiple shards?

    In practice, I don't care whether they are stable for more than about two days, I suppose.
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    I believe they are unique and stable, as when you receive the mail notification some days later, the auction id in the message is the same you bidded on.

    They also seem to be monotonically increasing as the data I've collected shows that most of those with lower ids are expired by now, and most of those with higher ids are still active. However my sample of data is less than two days old so perhaps my it isn't representative enough.

    I suppose they'll eventually wrap around when the max is reached, but right now they aren't increasing fast enough (at least on my server) for it to be a concern.

    About the unicity across shards, on mine (Bloodiron) all auction ids start with 04E58..., as in o04E580000281B5BC. It's highly improbable that there have been that many auctions, so perhaps these first 3 bytes have a different meaning that might be tied to the shard. Could you provide a random auction id from your shard to compare?

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