For DKP tracking, I've written a small Java application which regularly checks for and parses the guild.xml and raid.xml files (which are created with the /dumpguild and /dumpraid commands) and then writes a list of changes. So our DKP officer uses the /dumpguild and /dumpraid commands every hour or so and at the end of the raid has a list of who joined/left the raid over the course of the evening, and who's been sitting out.

Now I would like to see if I could integrate this Java app into the game as an addon. My first research turned out negative tho, as I don't see a way to evaluate guild information (like who's online or offline, although it appears possible to find out who's in a raid with me. But that wouldn't help if the person taking notes on raid membership has to sit out?).

I'd still like to see if it wasn't at least possible to use an addon to automatically do the /dumpguild and /dumpraid commands, perhaps at configurable intervals. I suspect it's not possible, because if addons could "call" slash commands they could also do things like "/target". But perhaps someone has looked into this already and has an idea for me?