Okay, so. Lots of work today.

LibEnfiltrate: This is now more stable and easier to use from other addons.
LibBaggotry: Now available standalone in case anyone else wants it.
Baggotry, LootSorter: Updated to use the new LibBaggotry.

What's coming up:
  • Another attempt at an item-filter GUI. Some day.
  • An auction-posting addon.

The reason I wanted all this in place for the AH addon is that I want to be able to create prices for categories, not just for specific items. So the idea is, create a filter that catches "all white artifacts", and specifies a sale price and stack size for them. There would also be item-specific settings.

Anyway, this was the big hunk of work I needed to do before I could seriously look at the AH addon. I've been at this for I think 16ish hours, maybe a bit more, of the last day or two.