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Thread: Command.Item.Split affecting bank when not near bank?

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    Default Command.Item.Split affecting bank when not near bank?

    Starting point: 42 roc orchid petals in bank, 50 in bags. I leave the bank area.
    Far away, I use Baggotry to /bag -S 10 "roc orchid".

    I end up with 9 stacks of 10 petals in bags, and only 2 left in bank. Did some splitting of other stuff, too, and my partial stacks of lumber in the bank have all been split into stacks of 10.

    So at least right now, Command.Item.* is talking to the bank even when I'm not near it, and while it may not allow moves to and from bank, splits are working.
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    So if, I'm getting this right, you could be on ember Isle and "access" you back content via the split command ?

    Interesting "feature" :-P

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    You could be in an instance and store items to the bank ... happened to me while building my addon nkWardrobe. Luckily I could conjure my little personal banker to get my tank equip back from the bank. It was a bit emberassing to stand in the master instance without my tank gear ...

    Actually modifying and putting items onto the bank seems to work no matter where you are in the world. Getting items from the bank doesn't work though.

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