Hey guys and gals,
I've been working on a heavy modification of Book of the Fallen for the past week or two, and have gotten it to the point where it is ready for beta.

What is it?
Combat Alerts is an addon designed to keep combat exciting and informative.

With Combat Alerts, you will get a message, or alert, up on your screen whenever you contribute to a kill, or an enemy contributes to your kill.
Combat Alerts originates from the Book of the Fallen addon, with the book and stats/database aspect of it removed - leaving the alerts.

I've made the alerts heavily customizable in numerous ways - all of which you can read about on description of the addon at riftui.com

For more info, and to download the addon, as well as see it in action, take a look at Combat Alerts on riftui.com.
Link: http://www.riftui.com/downloads/info...batAlerts.html

Note: Book of the Fallen was created by NerfedWar. Combat Alerts was made and released with the full consent of NerfedWar.