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Thread: event death firing before event damage... and even event combat start

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    Default event death firing before event damage... and even event combat start

    I have been looking at Simple Meter and have vastly overhauled it but came across some weird circumstances where stuff was not added to damage dealt etc.

    This seems to mainly effect small health targets that can be 1 shot... but it's inconstant.

    For example I can fireball a critter with 1 health and it will get recorded with damage and overkill no problem.

    However I can fireball another one and it may not be recorded.

    After adding debug messages on events I found that sometimes in these circumstances Event.Combat.Death was firing before Event.Combat.Damage and in turn sometimes Event.Combat.Damage is not firing even though I have killed something.

    Another thing I have noticed is the death event firing before start combat.

    You would expect ...

    Start Combat
    End Combat

    Not sure if this is a bug or not

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    Same problems in my addon ^^

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    I doubt this is a bug. Instead, I'm thinking the order of these Lua events corresponds to the order in which messages are sent from the RIFT servers to your client.

    The "natural" order seems logical when your goal is to write a DPS meter or a damage parser. But the network protocol that RIFT uses for client/server communication wasn't designed with the needs of such addons in mind, and it therefore makes no effort to order messages in a way that's convenient for them.

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