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Thread: Rare monster map

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    Default Rare monster map

    Is there an addon that shows on the world map where rare monsters typically spawn at? After a search I found one but it seems to only tell if you you're nearby a rare. I'd just like to see their spawn locations on the map.

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    I think right now we don't have enough functionality to develop an addon like the one you want. We'd need:

    1) A way to get player coordinates when seeing/killing a rare monster

    2) A playerbase using an addon to collect those coordinates into a shared DB that analyzes them and tries to determine the spawn point and roaming area of the rare monster.

    3) Either one of this:
    - A way to add marks to the world map at specific coordinates
    - A way to know the range of the world map the native UI is showing in order to overlay our own marks.

    As of right now, the best we can do is to show an alert when you're near a rare monster, and, as you said, there's already an addon that does that.
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