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Thread: Simple item compare addon?

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    Default Simple item compare addon?

    I currently use a spreadsheet to do a quick item compare, you plug in the stats of the items you're comparing and it shows you how much your SP/AP/Crit rating/Crit % change overall and the differences in the stats between the items.

    There are a lot of great addons that do a lot of what I'm thinking about, like nkAdvisor, but I was wondering if there was something simple out there that was just a frame you could bring up, plug in the numbers and display the differences.

    If there isn't such an addon, is the LuaForWindows package from google code a good way to start learning LUA, and does it output rift-compatible LUA files?


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    I think there was something mentioned that on the PTS a feature like this is actually becoming standard.


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    several simple options come to mind:

    1. /script print( 21 + 3*33 + 4*12 )

    this works for simple weighting formulas (in the example above I'm using weights of int=1, wis=3 sp=4 for an item with bonuses of 21int 33wis 12sp) but it's not so useful when the equations get complex. on the plus side, this works for any item, even one you don't have -- you just need to know what the stats are so you can type them in.

    2. an addon to make #1 more convenient

    it's fairly easy to make a simple addon that adds an "/eval" chat command (easy is relative, of course). this saves some typing but is otherwise the same as #1. for example "/eval 21 + 3*33 + 4*12" saves a few characters.

    3. an addon to make #2 more convenient

    if you're always evaluating the same formulas, why keep retyping them? if you have an addon that adds an "/eval" chat command, you might as well have one that adds a "/score" command that knows the formula. so you would say "/score 21 33 12" (or alternatively "/eval score(21,33,12)" if you want to avoid having to parse command-line arguments) and it would do the rest of the calculation for you. I've never done this myself, I skipped ahead to #4

    4. an addon to make #3 more convenient

    why should you have to type in "21 33 12" if you can just drag the item in question onto an addon window, and let the addon do the rest? I made a simple addon to do this but it's kind of terrible. the "window" is just a black square on my screen that I can't move, and it only works for items that you can actually drag (i.e. items you are wearing, or that are in your bags or bank). it doesn't work for items you can't drag (items in loot windows, items linked in chat, etc.) it wouldn't be hard to make this addon better but I'm lazy.

    5. keep doing what you're doing

    the spreadsheet actually works well, and it's what I usually do now (which is why I have no incentive to improve that addon from #4). the biggest problem with spreadsheets is entering all the data for your items, but why enter data when Trion publishes it? you can download a zip file from Trion's ftp site that contains all the "discovered" items, including their stats. this is what all those rift item database sites use. the Items.xml file is huge (too big for most XML-processing tools to handle) but if you use a tool like sed to filter out stuff you don't need (e.g. sed -e"/<FirstLootedBy>$/,/<\/FirstLootedBy>$/d" <Items.xml >Items2.xml) it becomes small enough to manage. how you proceed from there is up to you, and depends on what tools are available to you (XSL transform, DOM API calls, etc.)

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