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Thread: Improved debugging using nkDebug

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    Default Improved debugging using nkDebug

    My fellow addon authors

    Today I have released an update of nkDebug. I built this new version to give me some more and better tools to help me in the process of development. While there are a couple of generic improvements the most important one is the addition of a structured log. You can include that log in your own addons using a very small library. The log is much more usefull than printing stuff to the chat window. You can record events, log errors in various conditions and even measure the time run between two points in your code. The library and it's functionality is built in such a way that it will not affect any regular user who has not installed nkDebug. This allows you to simply keep the logging code in your addon if you release a new version.

    You'll find all the details of the new functionality in my blog at nkaddons.blogspot.com. I hope that the addon is of some use to you guys out there. Don't hesitate to give me feedback if you fell there's something wrong, missing or can be improved. I'm also more than happy to include patches you might come up with.


    * addon will no longer auto show on error
    * addon will stop recording errors if more than 15 errors are catched within 1 second
    * nkManager button will turn red if an error has been catched
    * more space for error messages and stack trace
    * the addon code is declared private
    * new support for library nkLog
    * new tab to show addon logs (done through nkLog)
    * new checkbox to indicate 'open debug window on error' (non default behaviour)

    * nkManager update V1.0.5
    * nkGenie update V1.3.3
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    I use nkDebug, and will update promptly, thank you!

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