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Thread: Need help -- don't know where to start!

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    Default Need help -- don't know where to start!

    I'd really like to get down with making add-ons for Rift, but I just don't know how to begin writing them. I understand that they are written in LUA and all, but the proper commands to use to get an add-on up and running is lost to me (yes, I've looked at the "Generic" add-on, but that didn't tell much other than the basic layout of the files).

    So, perhaps someone can get me started. What I'd like to do is inspect what current ability is being executed by the player then perform some function. If someone can guide through the basics of that I think I can go from there. I actually modify Visual Basic scripts for a living so programming isn't anything new to me. I just need to understand how to get the ball rolling so to speak.

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    I guess you could look at the current addons by simply opening them up in a lua editor/viewer. To that end, you'd probably be able to make more out of it than myself. But to understand your desire... for instance, scan for a buff then cast a spell? Or scan for a buff then report that buff to the user? If it's the former, I don't think any addon here can automatically perform any spell or flagging. If it's the latter, then I'd suggest downloading nkrebuff and checking that out in an editor as that addon scans for debuffs/buffs and gives feedback for 'missing' values.

    So I guess the first thing to do would be to define what it is you want your addon to do in a general sense, without worrying about the nuts and bolts.

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    I decided to learn to make addons myself this weekend, and have just got my first one to something resembling a useful state.

    I found NerfedWar's (unfinished) tutorials were a good place to get the basics down:

    Sadly, only 4/6 chapters are currently finished, so you won't actually get to finish making the demo addon, but the first 4 cover the very basic stuff you'll need to 'get the ball rolling', as you say

    Aside from that, the LUA 5.0 manual is online here:
    and the riftui forums and Wiki will be useful:

    Combined with looking at the source code for the addons you currently have installed, you should be able to make a start

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