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Thread: [Request] Is it possible for a target ring mod yet?

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    Default [Request] Is it possible for a target ring mod yet?

    Hello there I used to play alot of warhammer online and one of the things That I loved about that game was the amount of useful mods that were available for it.

    One I remember specifically that really helped me when tanking or pvp'ing was a "Target ring" addon.

    There were a few different ones but they generally did the same thing. They would either make the target ring around the selected target more visible by making it bigger, different colors, or completely replacing it with a different style.

    Something like this would make it alot easier to see what you have targeted when there's a bunch of mobs. For me the default target ring just is not visible enough.

    I am guessing since I have not found an add-on like this for rift yet that the current api doesn't allow it yet. If this is the case does anyone plan on making an add-on like this when the api does support this?


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    This is something that I would also be interested in. Would love to be able to change it to something that suits me better. Anyone have an idea or is it possible to do it?

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