so, i'm working on enhancing some features of a dps meter to include data about hits, misses, resists, dodge, parry (and eventually block)

my question is this, whenever i dodge or parry a mob, it counts it as a Event.combat.miss, is that normal or is there a problem with my coding? (i'm a noob at lua)

basically what i mean is: are miss and dodge/parry the same thing?

on a separate but related note, in what order are dodge, parry, resist, miss, hit, crit and block calculated?

i know that dodge and parry are calculated first and the remaining hits that get through are then blocked by your block % (thanks cinderhelm!) now is % chance to crit based on the hits that do get through or is % chance to crit based on all possible attacks whether they are dodged, parried, missed, or blocked after that

its late here, and if you can decipher this mess of a post and help me i'd be grateful