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Thread: [Request] Account Inventory

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    Default [Request] Account Inventory

    Hi Guys!

    One suggestion for an addon:
    I'd like to see the latest inventory of my chars even if I play another one.

    E.g. it would be fine to exactely know, what kind and amount of crafting items all of my chars have in their stock before I decide to buy something in the auction house.

    Or is something like that allready available?

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    LootSorter (and Baggotry) do this, sort of.

    If you load LootSorter, and log in on all your chars (and possibly move something in their inventory, not sure that matters), then:

    /ls -C * Oak

    will show you all items on any characters which have "oak" in their names.

    UI's a little primitive. The good news is, the purpose of LootSorter and Baggotry is to illustrate the use of the library I'm working on, which provides tools for this sort of thing (such as looking up inventory across alts). And yes, it's account-aware; if you have two accounts in use, it'll show inventory from the account you're on. (There's partial support for sharing information across accounts, but it's not really implemented.)
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