Would it be at all possible to have an addon made for a slash command that allows you to only send a chat command (/s, /y, /p, etc) after a skill within the macro has been successfully cast?

Being able to send a message in the same macro as casting a skill is great, but it can be quite annoying under certain conditions.

For example, I often end up tanking T2s for the MoAs/GMoAs (as tanking is the fastest que) and some portions of dungeons (perfect example would be Captain Black Spit in UCR) are taunt-heavy. I love being able to have a macro that yells out who I'm taunting, but it's annoying that I have to be so careful with it not to spam the button while I'm "getting sloshed" (that just comes out so wrong) for fear of spamming chat while I'm trying to taunt an add.

Is this even allowed by the rules? If so, I'd love to see it as an addition. Should be a rather simple add-on, but would have quite the bit of utility.