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Thread: Couple questions about idioms and such...

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    Default Couple questions about idioms and such...

    Is there a good idiom for "wake me up when <X> is available", where X could be something like meaningful returns from Inspect.Unit.Detail() or whatever? I am in particular thinking of messing around with and/or capturing Inspect.Item.Detail() results, but I'd also want shard name and player name.
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    if there's an event for "<X> has changed" you can sink that and check to see whether the change included something you're interested in (you know this already, but other readers of this thread might not).

    if there's no such event, you can sink the frame update event and poll to see if any of the things you're waiting for are available yet. to make it easy to add and remove things from the polling list, I suggest using coroutines. when you're interested in something that's not yet available, create a coroutine that checks to see if it is, and if so do whatever it is you want to do, then add that coroutine to a table. your frame update handler would then iterate through that table, resuming each one in turn. depending on the return value, you either leave the coroutine in the table for next time, or remove it because it got what it needed. depending on the number of coroutines in the table, you might want to throttle how many of them you resume each frame.

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