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Thread: Would like to write addons -- where to begin?

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    Default Would like to write addons -- where to begin?


    I have some addons in mind I would like to make. I never made my own in WoW because anything I could of hoped for was covered.

    As a result I have never learned how to go about it, where should I begin?

    And if this helps you to help me any: My only coding experience is in Python as a technical artist, used within CG-art software such as Maya, Nuke, etc. and I mostly make basic scripts with for in loops to do tedious tasks quickly. I understand the basic concepts of OOP & classes in python and have utilized them.

    So how can I get into writing addons?

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    Feel free to come join us in the IRC channel. irc.freenode.net, #RiftUIDev You'll also find a lot of information in our Developer Discussions forums and on our Wiki.
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    Open any of the existing addons in a text editor, and have a look. I suggest Notepad++, which is free, and supports Lua highlighting, but Wordpad and TextPad which ship with Windows will work.

    You can also Google Lua itself, as it is open source and has online documentation. There is also a purchasable book if you prefer.

    RiftUI currently has the (only?) most complete Wiki, but it still needs some love (hey, Cairenn, I added some stuff, stop bugging me!), and Trion is being awesome and giving us official Rift API and Event documentation through TrionDevelopmentTools, which you can get in the Example Addons sticky.

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    Have a good read through the stickies particularly the Welcome Thread, which has links to the other useful threads. There are example addons and documentation there on what the API can do. Have a look at riftui.com for some great info to get you started.

    Then I'd suggest you use the Hello World addon and change it into your own named one sufficient to get something started. You can then plan out how to progress by looking at how other coder's have achieved things.

    The best way to learn is by getting feedback from others and so the discussion on IRC is useful for asking people how to achieve things. Pulling code apart understanding how someone else did it and coding your own is a great teacher too.

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