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Thread: Reminders for Authors

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    Default Reminders for Authors

    Now that Trion has re-enabled AddOns on the PTS, just wanted to remind everyone about a few things.

    Authors, don't forget that we have Guilds set up on the PTS, if you care to join. Information is in this thread. Information about the IRC channel is in the same thread (unless you use a web client, in which case just use the link I provided). Also, remember that we've got our SVN repository already set up and our Git repository is coming, for version control. Plus I want to remind you that you can have your own 'site' on RiftUI via our Author Portals, go here to set up yours. Finally, we will be getting our Wiki updated with the additional API information as quickly as possible.

    For everyone, expect to see more AddOns available for testing on the PTS as the authors get to play with the new stuff.

    Yay! Let the coding resume!
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