I don't even care about the addons. I'm not going to make any, and likely won't use many...

But it makes me happy there's at least one Trion employee actually going beyond canned responses and actually interacting with the community on a REGULAR basis.

Could you perhaps persuade your cohorts to come down from their ivory tower and once again grace us with their presence?

I'm a field engineer. As such, I have to test servers, test parts, do paperwork, configure this, do that, audit them, go here... etc... As busy as I get, everything I do is to make the customer happy. However, if I ignore them when I get onsite, or hang up when they call, or don't return voice mails, I get very displeased customers. No matter how busy I get with my work load, making the customer feel fulfilled and happy is still a priority. Customer service is the single most important aspect of any company with customers (every). Companies with unhappy customers don't stay around long. Now, you can't satisfy 100% of everyone's desires all the time... but just knowing we're being heard means something.

So, again, thanks for being here for us.