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Thread: [Release] Message Encryption/Dencryption

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    Default [Release] Message Encryption/Dencryption

    Hp94's SafeChat Encryption


    This addon is able to encrypt text in 3 different ways, and is able to dencrypt all of the messages it creates. If you would like to talk in guild chat while making sure only people with the addon can understand it, or be sure prying individuals can't get their hands on your chat records so easily, than this is the addon for you!

    As is currently stands, other authors will be able to upload additional encryption/decryption keys and methods to the RIFTUI area. Feel free to make your own, or contact me about advanced methods to be extra sure there is no way anyone without the key can dencrypt your messages.

    Please report any bugs, and send questions or comments to RIFTFanClub@Hotmail.ca, or post them here, where I will answer them regularly. Or, stand by for my calculator addon (Eh, probably tomorrow).

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    Does this just work with cut and paste in the chat window?

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