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  1. Returning player (Bomben)
  2. Did every1 flee here from Bloodiron?
  3. Shard Being Converted to Trial Shard On 1/18/12
  4. Calling guardians of whitefall
  5. Returning player.
  6. Informations on Whitefall shard
  8. Rift Logs
  9. Reaping
  10. Calling Defiants of Whitefall
  11. Shard is dead?WHY?
  12. The Backup Squad - MOVED
  13. cleric p8
  14. SOTSOG mature/casual defiant guild is recruiting
  15. PvE - Oh how I despise you.
  16. The reason for levlers
  17. LF PvP Guild
  18. eXile has left the building! :)
  19. Pro Facebook Win Is Pro Win!
  20. Show down "The Backup Squad" vs. "Pain Train"
  21. WTT my Guardian plat for your Defiant
  22. So Cyrus...
  23. Too anyone that knows me
  24. cya guys
  25. looking for someone to level with and nice guild(guardian)
  26. Stillmoor 27/11
  27. kill to stay on this server!
  28. PvP Fright Night - 30th October
  29. Which Faction!?
  30. Want to trade my guardian plat for defiant plat
  31. Promoting our server.
  32. Sudden Death PvP
  33. IPP - Shimmer zone event problems as a guardian
  34. Cleric healing build
  35. Whitefall PvP video
  36. <a-m-b-u-l-a-n-c-e>
  37. GF trion ownt cyrus
  38. How to WIN at PVP.
  39. BT or KS? PvP Guild perk discussion.
  40. Rogues are Op
  41. Saturday 1st October - PvP extravaganza Guild sign up
  42. Planar Attunement
  43. Saturday 1st October - PvP extravaganza
  44. Bullit
  45. Best players around
  46. How Famous is the person above you?
  47. New PvP Guild on Defiant Side
  48. Cyrus vs Def PUG
  49. Whitefall Progression Thread
  50. Cyrus Raids Meridian Boss! Shard 1st 18th sept
  51. Defiant guild leaders interested in improving the state of PvP
  52. What is happening to WF pvp?
  53. Defiants have mistaken Whitefall for PvE Shard
  54. PvP this sunday (18th)
  55. WTB Defiants :(
  56. Whitefall playlist
  57. In need of a guild
  58. Any PvE guild recruiting?
  59. To Time Keepers.
  60. Final word
  61. eXile vs Soulrender Zilas (1080p)
  62. @Cyrus
  63. PvP balance
  64. Sun Murdantix kill
  65. Whitefall not on the transfer list :(
  66. Guardians: any good PvP Guilds here?
  67. Whitefalls general consensus on new pvp gear changes
  68. I like....
  69. Doing daily pvp quests
  70. The bestest pvp'er i have ever seen in my time on this server
  71. Attack on Meridian[video]
  72. Whitefall is full.
  73. PVP IRC channel
  74. Shimmersand Fight of the night
  75. Tonights PvP - Guardian Domination!
  76. I herd Guardian is under populated
  77. any guardian guilds looking for pvp
  78. Looking for mature guild with active TS3
  79. Looking for duo (English or Polish player)
  80. malice---First Gsb Run--GS down
  81. Sanctum Attack! Video
  82. [Video] Warbs PvP update ( has attack on sanctum footage)
  83. Defiants visit of Sanctrum
  84. Every1 on whitefall
  85. [G] WTS Aelfwar Marauder's Helm
  86. Population imbalance omg 2
  87. [Defiant] WTB Sandcovered Muffler
  88. New Warfront off PTS with commentary
  89. crafting rifts - amorsmith/weaponsmith
  90. 10 man guild - Defiant
  91. Help us!
  92. Guardian VS Defiant
  93. couple of vids: pvp rifts fights between us and tainted/nagus
  94. Population imbalance omg
  95. Hamster?
  96. pvp rifts
  97. Vaironx was the first on the shard to earn Prefect (Rank7)
  98. Tonights PvP
  99. Muhahah guess there is no way to close pvp rift at guardian side
  100. Pug Raid Friday!!
  101. Whitefall down again?
  102. Whitefall down?
  103. Request: help
  104. where are the Guardians?
  105. Video of how no valor peeps are suffering atm
  106. Orak - the level 50 'Tankstitute'
  107. Just about to hit 50, break it to me gently
  108. Active levelling Guilds with ts/vent. [DEFIANT]
  109. Sandcovered Cosmetics
  110. hows the view from there, clownpocket?
  111. Returned player looking for a new home
  112. LFM trade some plats between defiant to guardian side
  113. Tonights events in Stillmoor (Mostly directed at Cyrus)
  114. looking for a casual pvp guild on gaurd side
  115. De ail annam taurag(The Ale On Beard) is recruiting
  116. The relations between factions - my experience so far
  117. WTB Aegis of Souls [Defiant Side]
  118. My names Matson, Im a warrior and nobody loves me :(
  120. Open RVR League
  121. cant login anymore on whitefall???!
  122. @Cyrus
  123. Need Defiant Cleric healers
  124. Attention artifact collectors! WTS [Crushed Simon]
  125. Beware <name removed> issue
  126. [Guardian] <The Immortal Danes> Recruiting! PvE-Guild Whitefall!
  127. defiant warfront premade queue has ridiculous waiting time
  128. Looking for a guild
  129. Transfer to Whitefall closed!!!
  130. Beware of <removed> he is a thief
  131. An attempt on my life!
  132. Whitefall is not a PvP server
  133. Need a questing friend
  134. Progress thread.
  135. Who Here Is From Imperium?
  136. This game seriously lacks communityjoke
  137. Peh here
  138. Sick of it
  139. Rejects come to Whitefall - Peh
  140. Please fix the skill lag
  141. Come at me
  142. Everything lags!
  143. /Golfclap
  144. So did servertransfers go through already?
  145. Looking for the Guild with later raiding time (raids starting at 22.00-23.00 GMT+1)
  146. Cleric thinking of heading here, guilds ?
  147. Wich UK Server get the most OpenPvP HL?
  148. Any oceanic players here?
  149. If anyone needs a few Plats, cruise here
  150. Queue times for WF's
  151. Pregnant raiders means the need for more warriors!
  152. Defiant or Guardians?
  153. Whitefall shard down?
  154. Thank you, Heresy!:D
  155. Any Late Raiding Guild - Guardians ?
  156. Split Persona - Brand new guild recruiting for cross-server, cross-faction guild
  157. WTT platinum from Def to Guardians
  158. Newcomer LF Guild!
  159. Is whitefall good?
  160. AD premade video
  161. GREEK guild OMEGA is recruiting
  162. Raiding Guilds
  163. WF: Biggest AFK ****** - Exreme 50 cleric /spit
  164. <And His Imaginary Friends> Recruiting!
  165. Any GDKP's Yet?
  166. Best PvPers
  167. Defiant PvP Steamrolls Guardians In Warfronts
  168. Open World PvP
  169. PvP-guilds in Whitefall or Whitefall cluster?
  170. Famous Guilds In Whitefall
  171. Acham is unkillable
  172. I am here, all is good!
  173. defiants always win at warfronts level 50
  174. suggestion
  175. Defiant or Guardian?
  176. Trials getting priority in server queue over purchasers?
  177. If You Want To Own In PvP Here
  178. PvP veterans out there looking for premade?
  179. Whitefall is full
  180. Full server
  181. Help New Player Decide
  182. 1.2 ? when u gonna update the eu shards?
  183. Open PVP Status on your server !?
  184. Whitefall = pvp?
  185. The Black Garden
  186. Made a video of me playing codex
  187. First Rift Toon - Rolling Whitefall - what side needs what class?!
  188. when is patch 1.2 finally applying to Europe Realms?
  189. New Guild Started Up [The Jesters]
  190. The abortion that is Defiant Pvp (10-30)
  191. defiant vs guardians
  192. Best Friends Leaving.
  193. Is this server active?
  194. Two questions about rolling here.
  195. Whitefall rocks!
  196. Server
  197. LF Outfitter with Epic Leather Tank Chest
  198. Queues?
  199. for the lolz... test of the rift video recording
  200. Any like-minded casual players here???
  201. New Rift player saying Howdy.
  202. Trusted crafters and list
  203. Looking for a Good friendly guild so my new level 50 can fit in
  204. Server down?
  205. /join channel globallfg
  206. Global LFF Channel
  207. Why i calling some people noobs on whiteffal
  208. @ Defiant JOIN ME !
  209. Hello all, Condsidering rolling on Whitefall, Concerns / Questions.
  210. Active UK/English Guild
  211. Incognito opens recruitment.
  212. Mushroom Mayhem signing out
  213. Why wow is bester
  214. Why does this server feel like a PVE server?
  215. Farewell RIFT - VoTF Signing off
  216. Lets Save World PvP before we all quit.
  217. Yay! new whitefall afkers generation! griefing included.
  218. <Roots> PvE progress on Whitefall EUHCPvE
  219. Famous star visited Meridian today
  220. Video Teaser.
  221. Looking for 35+ Guild EU
  222. "Lol idiot PvP is on WF" or why new-gen 'PvPers' are morons
  223. Defiant, PvE End-game player LF Raiding guild.
  224. So, how many have quit already from lack of PvP?
  225. Where's everyone?
  226. [Defiant] Does anyone have the Artificer epic staff recipe?
  227. For my mmo fans
  228. Whitefall Warfronts
  229. Defiant AC. Need Hauberk of the Devout crafted.
  230. I made a video... before i leave this game...
  231. Whitefall Leechers
  232. IRC pvp channel
  233. Flamu vid!
  234. Its only me or...
  235. question
  236. Stillmore PvP [15/03/11]
  237. warfronts
  238. Boooo
  239. lookin for rly good sig maker
  240. Any Friendly Swedish guild on the Guardian side? (post in Swedish)
  241. New pro gaming pvp vid from Flamu
  242. Sad nerds in warfronts
  243. LF Fleshreaper crafter, guardian side.
  244. Making Pristine Distillate
  245. No drama on forums?
  246. Seriously defiant.
  247. Ok open world pvp such as we can make it - zone suggestion?
  248. Character Transfer please...
  249. Infinite node foragers - why no action from GM?
  250. Defiants getting ganked? Fear no more!