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  2. Did Trion remove this shard ?
  3. Miss firesand
  4. -EOS- Guardian guild recruiting
  5. Question thread for newbies.
  6. An effort into keeping this shard alive. Horizon guild.
  7. RP-PvP Options in the current Firesand climate
  8. Playing alone.!.
  9. Hammerknell Tribute Video
  10. I wonder what will happen to us...
  11. Firesand dying?
  12. Roleplaying channels. (Defiant side)
  13. Firesand Shard Down
  14. We need numbers
  15. Transfer Impressions so far
  16. Farewell!
  17. Thinking of making some Shard Events
  18. Reporting Non-RPers
  19. Guilds not recruiting?
  20. i tested out whitefall
  21. Are there any oceanic players here?
  22. [RP] LF Strippers
  23. Whose coming, whose staying ?, whose going ?
  24. Where do you hang out
  25. Greetings to the Firesand Guardians and Defiants
  26. [RP] The Order of Telara
  27. <Northern Winds> recruiting finnish gamers for 20-man raiding!
  28. Prophecy of the Void
  29. Open World PvP
  30. Time lapse video mainly for Davexeno
  31. Patch 1.3 Trailer
  32. Rift patch 1.3 overview
  33. Openworld PvP and RP does happen
  34. Serpii@Firesand is the biggest afk/bot ***** atm
  35. Trying to set up an RP Hub(s)
  36. Firesands Population Trend last 7 days
  37. Livestream
  38. What's happening to our Warfronts?
  39. So.. what's been happening since release.
  40. Guardians, guilds and raiding
  41. Trion confirm character transfers
  42. Actual RP guilds?
  43. We don't need a merge we just need organisation
  44. Now that Finland won 2011 IIHF World Championship! - Finnish gamers we need you!
  45. Idea: Saturday night, FIGHT NIGHT! oPvP!
  46. Warbs tries Commentary :o!
  47. a Warbs in need
  48. Server Merge, the only way?
  49. Open PVP Status on your server !?
  50. Illuminati, Reborn.
  51. Temporary Clears Greenscale Blight
  52. PvP-RP. What does it really mean?
  53. You literarly may come to love this song, possibly
  54. A raid of merry men (Guild cooperation)
  55. Ancient sourcestone
  56. Where is everyone ?!?
  57. The New World Army - A new mature and well-organised Guardian RP Guild
  58. Fletcher's Rogue Tanking Guide
  59. Sanctum in Flames - Defiant attack on Sanctum Video!
  60. FAO Defiants.
  61. [Defiant] The guild Pandora Reborn Always welcome new players among our ranks.
  62. Gaurdians: Artifact Trading thread.
  63. [RP] The trip to Gloamwood
  64. Darkcloth
  65. Warfronts with Whitefall
  66. The Meridian Fight Night 17/04/2011 - 7:00PM Server Time - Defiant
  67. NO UPDATES -> Firesand Complete Guild Listings by Faction
  68. for Aurora Borealis guild
  69. The Savage Company are recruiting
  70. Guardian Cross-Country Racing Event
  71. Argent Glade - what potential does it have for RP?
  72. Allies of the Ascended
  73. What is your favourite macro and why? Share the 1337, best gets a cash prize.
  74. Bad News.
  75. Some questions regarding Firesand!
  76. Smart guide to lvling - for the clerics on our server. Fubar.
  77. Smart guide to heals - for the clerics on our server. Fubar.
  78. [RP] Eat, Drink And Be Merry!
  79. Outnumbered and still come out on top
  80. I'm new to the game-please help
  81. Warbs
  82. Population after free month
  83. Kudos Thread
  84. S C U M in Greenscale's Blight
  85. Scum
  86. Tonight we raid in hell!
  87. LF Outfitter that can craft "Robes of the Flowing Dark" (Defiant)
  88. SCUM's visit, to check some Defiant books
  89. To the People of Sanctum, from the Minister of Sanctum.
  90. There was itsy pitsy invasion group in Moonshade Highlands today...
  91. Asylum infiltrated Sanctum and..
  92. [RP-event, Guardians] 1st annual Symposium at Quicksilver College
  93. This is super Serial!
  94. Firesand AH crafters, mind the economy
  95. Scarwood Invasion
  96. Public Firesand Mumble server
  97. Sanctum.. We will be back...
  98. Know your kin. (Finding other Roleplayers more easily)
  99. WF Premades vs Pugs
  100. Inside a Ratslayer's Mind
  101. Where are the Gm's?? [TRION please read]
  102. How to kill scum - Answer
  103. No name moderation?
  104. Q: How do you kill a SCUM member?
  105. LFG Dungeon channel?
  106. Music 101; Forum Radio
  107. Cinerium Bars
  108. Looking For Guild (Guardian side)
  109. My view on the RP event @ Defiant side started by Yew Tree Brigade this evning
  110. Do defiants fight back?
  111. Whats with the server lag every day?
  112. Warfront Ques
  113. Where's the RP?
  114. Do not mess with Chiii!
  115. Defiant - Deepstrike Mines Run @ 9 March GMT+1
  116. Firesand Complete Guild Listings by Faction
  117. Most feared opponents
  118. will I be able to raid?
  119. Selling Epic legs. (Guardians only)
  120. Looking for Dutch people ( in dutch )
  121. Anyone from EU Ravenholdt?
  122. The Siege of Meridian
  123. [Defiant]Thursday 03/10 :: Light RP Event :: Operation Barbarossa
  124. More to servers IRC!
  125. RIFT! DANCE! GO! (video)
  126. Firesand has hit rock bottom...
  127. Yay, S.C.U.M
  128. [Defiant][FIN] Northern Winds - Recruiting!
  129. What a nice suprise
  130. Hey!
  131. Where is the current conflict
  132. Lets make Guardians friends
  133. How is this server...
  134. looking for some advice please
  135. Thoughts on Rift so far
  136. Hear ye hear ye newcommers to the server
  137. Firesand Videos
  138. Voidwatcher - The ramblings of a gamer.
  139. Guardian / Defiant ratio
  140. we need a guardian rp channel!
  141. The Lure of Chiii
  142. PvP Acknowledgment
  143. Stop/Why the Nerdrage?
  144. How will Firesand suit me?
  145. Roleplay channel - RP'ers only!
  146. Is this server worth it?
  147. So on which "Firesand-first" are you proud, you got it?
  148. This is an RP server?
  149. So.. warfronts fun or?
  150. Crimson Covenant - Guardian [PL-EU]
  151. Anyone else sick os the "SCUM" random spam?
  152. Um...where IS Firesand in-game?
  153. Victor and Gilles are here!
  154. So server is down..
  155. So did you get the name(s) you wanted?
  156. What makes a pvp server different?
  157. Remember.....
  158. Lets build a fantastic community here
  159. LF Weekend Daytime Raiding/RP Guild. Guardian
  160. Guild Listings
  161. Please Dont roll here unless you intend to RP Please!
  162. [Read This] What is Role Playing, for Newcomers and Non-RPers
  163. How to hate Guardians?
  164. [RP] Character introduction
  165. Riftrvr.com wants YOU! PvP and RvR players welcome!
  166. is it worth a try?
  167. [RP] Short Story
  168. Firesand Community Information
  169. Firesand Guild Numbers
  170. Warning: Reav is here.
  171. Hardcore Open PvP?
  172. Introducing myself
  173. Question?
  174. The Guardian Herald (RP Newspaper) - 'Freelance Journalists Wanted!'
  175. Defiant or Guardian? The Headcount...
  176. Army of Albion (Guardian-UK/EU) - More than just gods!
  177. Introduce yourselves here!
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