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  1. test
  2. Returning after two years
  3. [Open RP] Yuzuki's Tempest Bay School
  4. [RP] The Daughters of Vaniel - Basic Information and Recruitment.
  5. Is Argent the place for me?
  6. [Serverwide RP event] Summer Celebration Masquerade
  7. Frozen Stalagmite request
  9. Trading Request
  10. (Suggestion) Argent-"warning sign"
  11. [Open RP] Epidemic?
  12. Roleplay Mentorship
  13. Argent Progress Thread
  14. PvPers on Argent :)
  15. RP Event: Cross Faction - Zero Hostilities
  16. Returning to Rift
  17. What do you think about a argent merge?
  18. Returning to Rift
  19. {RP} Planar Garden Retreat
  20. Argent Chronicles is back
  21. 2 People looking for casual guild
  22. [RP-Event] Fae Yule Ball - 19th of December
  23. [RP] The Floating Mug [Cross-Faction]
  24. How are Argent for a new toon? :)
  25. [Info] Roleplaying on Argent (Storm Legion update)
  26. [RP][EU][Argent] The Raven's Watch. [Rp Idea]
  27. [18+ of age only, mature content.] Looking for a Roleplay Partner and Guild.
  28. RP on Argent
  29. All you want to know about Argent V.4
  30. Infernal Dawn - Join us for some fun @ Argent
  31. What is happening to argent population?
  32. Rp and Agent?
  33. Any Guardians left?
  34. Alive again - along with the guild!
  35. New-ish to the shard and wanted to say hi!
  36. LF RP-guild for new alt
  37. Argent server laggy?
  38. Want to buy ID Mats
  39. The "All you want to know about Argent" Thread v3d
  40. The Critical Failure Summer Event
  41. Coalliance with other guild for 20men raids
  42. Did Argent get merged into the American Faeblight??
  43. New Roleplaying Tavern - YOU are invited! (Defiant)
  44. Roleplay Addon: Suggestions?
  45. Reporters & Editors Ahoy!
  46. Who is our GM?
  47. FOH pug raiding and you 101
  48. Weekly PvP Event : First Event
  49. Laaaggg
  50. Roleplaying on Argent (Info/Intro thread)
  51. A Roleplay, Recruitment and.... Rorf? Thread
  52. Another returning player, looking for other lowbies to level with
  53. Guardian side: Phase 1 progression
  54. The Event
  55. Celebration, due to the Current Carnival (Yet another cross-faction event)
  56. Heavy RP
  57. No flames please..
  58. Argent Roleplaying Portal
  59. RP: Open Basics Club
  60. Searching for an italian guild in Argent
  61. Firesand is gone, can we has Argent guild?
  62. A Ball under the auspicious wings of love [cross faction event - feb 17th 6PM]
  63. Machine Born Wedding ;P
  64. Machine Born! Thank You!
  65. Journey
  66. Kelargent Gladeth? Bahmi!
  67. Returning and looking for Guild
  68. Dungeon Farming For Notoriety [DEFIANT]
  69. Vampirism/Lycanthropy?
  70. What class for end PVE?
  71. About the names on Argent[Important]
  72. Finding groups nowadays
  73. Happy newyear and how is Argent?
  74. (RP-Event, Reoccurring, Guardian Only) The Crow's Nest
  75. Any old firesanders ?
  76. Farewell for now, the wolf runs (+video)
  77. Platinum
  78. The "All you want to know about Argent" Thread v2
  79. Is this server dead?
  80. The Crimson Shadow
  81. A Guide To Roleplay
  82. The King's Rear - Arcantia's new Inn
  83. Dancing under the Stars [cross faction event]
  84. Raahh's Character Sheet.
  85. Roleplayers, heed the call!
  86. Gods of Asgard is recruiting!
  87. Mature Player looking for mature guild
  88. Are defiant players always griefing *****s?
  89. Returning to Rift
  90. PVP and a bit of rp night.
  91. PvP Event 9th Oct 2011
  92. Holy shiny Mathosian searching for an RP guild and partner
  93. New player, looking for a guild
  94. New to RIFT and Argent.
  95. So, how is RP as of late?
  96. Community, forum administration & impressions.
  97. Murdantix mount looking for new home.
  98. Return-from-the-ashes kind of thread? 2.0
  99. RP Event: Arcantia cordially extends a warm invitation to...
  100. What would be nice...
  101. Roleplayer new to Rift looking for a home, Defiant
  102. [RP] Omens of a New Day
  103. Help channel :)
  104. mercenary service
  105. PVE Guild King's Slayers recruiting
  106. Achivement leaderboard
  107. Gilnidor's Character Sheet **final**
  108. Argent Character List
  109. Gilnidor's Character Sheet **draft**
  110. New to RP/Rift and looking for a Guild
  111. Purple please...
  112. Cleric looking for guardian guild
  113. Argent sucks or Rift sucks...
  114. cross-faction tournament
  115. Six months of Rift - Six months on Argent :)
  116. The TNP
  117. Greetings from Heretics
  118. introducing new players to RP shards
  119. [Discussion] The Silver Dawn and the maintenance of order.
  120. The Shard's current situation
  121. [List] Who can craft what?
  122. Shard restarting ?
  123. Food
  124. [RP-Story]The twilight of a Headmistress.
  125. Roughtyr 'the grim reaper' Grimsdottir
  126. [CoT] Faithful of the Gods
  127. Thyr Burradan, the Bahmi!
  128. [RP]The Headmistress Chronicles.
  129. The Story of Sachmet
  130. [RP Event] At the Chancel: Defense Against the Dark Arts - 5th of August 6:30PM
  131. Looking for a Raiding Guild?
  132. Regarding claiming area's for guilds, and the likes
  133. Server status
  134. Latadah's Story
  135. Tournament!
  136. [RP-Event] A message posted on the wall in Sanctum says...
  137. [RP][Help/Advice] Lore, Question and Answers!
  138. Character Lonely Hearts adds!
  139. Q&A - Roleplay on Argent
  140. Just another day in Sanctum (short story-thing)
  141. What's playing?
  142. Looking for a understanding home.
  143. A Cry to the RPers!
  144. The RP future of Argent (Event/Theme discussion)
  145. The "All you want to know about Argent" Thread (Guildlist + Server-progression)
  146. RP/pvp Come out and fight Guardian scum
  147. Ciarine's picturebook
  148. Return to RIFT
  149. Czech Argent Defiants
  150. [RP] Rumour Mill
  151. The Elders: Redux
  152. Character Diamonds
  153. RP? How?
  154. A new beginning.
  155. On Jonathon Radcliffe,
  156. Argent - Whats it like?
  157. Server activity
  158. [RP-Academia Arcana] Announcement!
  159. Sparkwing Refugees Wanted?
  160. Sign postings!
  161. Migration
  162. [RP Event] <Panta Rhei> first public event!
  163. [RP-Event] The political side of war [Cross-faction]
  164. So now that we are on the transfer list..
  165. Lotina's seemingly empty book.
  166. The Official Argent Guardian RP Council!
  167. Kathi's scribbles
  168. Questions for the RP community
  169. Ini's journal
  170. Brokerage
  171. [RP] Public lectures - Schedule [Academia Arcana]
  172. [RP] Death to the Heretics!
  173. [FUN] Imagine your character's raid encounter
  174. [RP] Death to the Savages!
  175. Dear Roleplayers, A plea to the Community from The Clandestine
  176. Anyone else not able to sign in?
  177. [Story] The Final Days of Telara
  178. [Grand RP Event] Moonshade Schism
  179. Anyone transfering out
  180. The battle for sustainable roleplay. ~Searching for like-minded players~
  181. Shout to any Defiant RPers
  182. Stupid Trion transfer policy
  183. Is RP dying slowly?
  184. LF Static L50 AP Group Defiant
  185. [RP Guild Recruitment] The Ashen Axiom needs you!
  186. [RP Event] Operation 'Deadman'
  187. [RP Guild-Story] The Ashen Axiom - Project Dawnbreaker
  188. [RP] Arcantia's lost pages.
  189. [RP] The Ashen Proclamation
  190. RP Resources: The way of finding your way
  191. Hello Argent.
  192. Hello you roleplayers of Rift!
  193. What do you think about this server
  194. [RP][Event]The Sisterhood of Elisia - Events
  195. dutch guild looking for pve/raid players
  196. cross faction guilds?
  197. New to Rift! Looking for a nice group of roleplayers!
  198. CRAFT (Defiant): LF someone to craft Implacable Steel Greaves -or- Glossy Steel Helm
  199. Invasion alert chat channel GUARDIANS
  200. New Player to Argent says "Hello"
  201. A search for event ideas (RP) (OOC)
  202. You better be scared Regulos..
  203. LF Greek Roleplayers.... @ Defiant Side (( greek text ))
  204. Guild: The Elders ~ Argent
  205. Gimps R Us - the Argent Guardian GIMP initiative!
  206. Your story off the World event.
  207. Suggestion: Early Warning System for Rift Invasions (Defiant)
  208. [RP] IC leveling.
  209. Just started playing...
  210. Will Pay for t2 drops runs:)
  211. Only roleplayers on Argent?
  212. The LFG channel.
  213. The Soul Touched - Emergency Announcement
  214. RP Event: The Great Hunt
  215. Planar Invasions: Guardian side.
  216. Order of Ardenburgh recruitment drive, RP event(ish)
  217. Advice on factions and races
  218. Giving Trion a tick for this one
  219. Today is Friday!
  220. RP Static Team
  221. Let us create.
  222. The Question Game
  223. Roleplayers, please make yourself heard in this poll!
  224. The "looking for relations" RP thread.
  225. Small introduction of 3 friends
  226. SHOUT OUT for Cross-Faction RP - Let's get this show on the road!
  227. 25/03/11 Patch Problem
  228. Character of your Guardian.
  229. The what we look like in RL thread!
  230. (Forum Game) ^/</v
  231. Cleric vs. Mage
  232. Is Argent re-subbing post "Free month"?
  233. Are you rolelpaying a (guardian)immortal?
  234. The Dusken Draft!
  235. Of Kel and Lilly
  236. Looking for a guild.
  237. Turpin's Last Heroic Stand
  238. New arround.
  239. Official thanks for the roleplay thread...? :D
  240. My love for Argent
  241. Your "interesting" character traits. What makes your character her/him/it?
  242. Arathyrion's nipples.
  243. Bahmi RP - a meeting of minds
  244. What are you cheating on Argent with?
  245. The Guardian and Defiant
  246. The Tale of Elar, an Argent Story
  247. Moderation of official forums?
  248. Hacking in Argent?
  249. Roleplaying threads.
  250. The Dusken Draft...and beyond!