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  1. Steampike Reborn: Public Raids have come back, with dedicated Vent server!
  2. <Tyrants> are looking for midnight raiders!
  3. Shard = dead, bleed out in matter of 2~3 days...
  4. Population issues
  5. <Scarlet-Arcanum> recruiting
  6. Warrior looking for guild
  7. Shard status
  8. Buying Polished Demon Horn
  9. A quick hello to the people of Steampike
  10. Steampike server: Good or not.
  11. Old player return after 6months
  12. Open world PvP / Achievements
  13. Myself and a friend looking for a guild.
  14. Amalgamation?
  15. New Guild
  16. Returning 50 Defiant rogue looking for a guild
  17. [G] Public Teamspeak server
  18. - Pariah - 10/11 Defiant guild seeks a semi 2 well geared rogue for our HK raid team.
  19. Nameless (10/11) HK LF dps/OT warrior to join our raid team!
  20. PvP on PvE
  21. Semi hk geared rogue lfg an active HK raiding guild
  22. Where are you clerics :D
  23. Merry Christmas, Steampike!
  24. WTB HK Mage Set
  25. Three of us Looking for Guild!
  26. WTB Mage set
  27. looking for a guild
  28. *New* Steampike Hammerknell Progression Thread
  29. Sheep train!
  30. Busy Server?
  31. Signet of the Broken Oath
  32. Looking for mature, casual friendly guild
  33. Platinum transfer
  34. Meteorblade, you made it look like a *****
  35. Well, thats a goodbyes
  36. About "outdoor PvP"
  37. khalsa@steampike bye
  38. Can't select Steampike..
  39. LOOKING for active pvp guardians on this pve server :D
  40. Platinum Transfer
  41. WTB Screaming Stormshard & Rekindled Flameshard
  42. Looking for friendly non hardcore guild
  43. Am I missing something?
  44. Got kicked and i have no clue why
  45. Need new guild on Guardian side
  46. Cleric looking for guardian guild
  47. Dystopia PlatDKP Runs (GSB/RoS)
  48. New player lookng for a guild
  49. Árnyjárók - Magyar RIFT Guild
  50. Gdkp
  51. LF Blood-Forged Signet (Warrior DPS) Crafter (guardians)
  52. PVP rifts is no fun at all on Steampike.
  53. [G] Tank is looking for a new home!
  54. "Hammertime"
  55. steampike first...rank 7 : )
  56. Plat Xfer from Defiants to Guardians
  57. Is Steampike dead?
  58. Kaitoyuki - Guardians - New Player!
  59. I can't remember what guild i'm in!
  60. No warning and servers down
  61. Worth moving as Defiant?
  62. SWG Refugee looking for a RIFT Guardian Guild
  63. I'm back, how much have I missed?
  64. Hi there new player here
  65. Server Choking and triggering Latency at Peak hours
  66. Premades
  67. Question/Server
  68. Welcome to all new Steampikers
  69. Just moved to this server and love it!
  70. Transfering? Steampike Defiants need YOU!
  71. Does Steampike need Healers or tanks?Lf mature guild.
  72. Defiant semi-hardcore raid guild?
  73. New player from UK. looking for a guild
  74. Steampike, here i come!
  75. Hi! I'm new here!
  76. If Your Considering Free Transfer in 1.3, please look here.
  77. Players looking for Guild to tag along on some raids :P
  78. Looking for Guild. Strange raiding hours.
  79. Server population
  80. Mature player looking for guild
  81. UK Player, seeks Friendly, team working and fun guild!
  82. Server Down
  83. Transfer Platinum
  84. Reborn Disband - What actually happened...
  85. Crowded Server?
  86. Dawnbreakers - Enjoy the Difference.
  87. Any "hardcore" players here?
  88. Updated Steampike PvE progress thread
  89. Gamers Abyss
  90. Battle of Rock Ridge [21/04/11 5PM GMT]
  91. Shard still Locked...
  92. LF crafter Implacable Steel Greaves (defiant)
  93. LF Crafter: Lightsmasher
  94. Why so many restarts around prime time recently?
  95. Login Queue?
  96. Auction House Undercutting
  97. Looking for a guild
  98. Should I roll here?
  99. Dark Templars coming to Steampike
  100. Rerolling
  101. Troll's Reporting for duity!
  102. Defiant experts
  103. Steampike Trade Channel
  104. New To Rift LF Faction/Guild
  105. A quick hello from a new player
  106. Polished Shadethorn Lumber and Cinerium Bars
  107. Looking for guild
  108. Raider looking for Home
  109. Beating the after work server queue
  110. Steampike Chatterbox
  111. Hand of Deimos train!
  112. Name and Shame?
  113. Where is Steampike?
  114. Steampike PvE Progress List
  115. From queue to new queue
  116. To Steampike Defiants everywhere.....
  117. Sagespire OFFLINE ! like 5 time each day
  118. Server down ?
  119. any idea why the servers just crashed
  120. Server full - 3hr+ waiting time. Reroll
  121. How are the queues here?
  122. ITT: Post your downtime Sandwich
  123. I'm really happy and proud of Steampike, let's make it the best it can be!
  124. WTB a beer for the queue
  125. [Imperium] Wishes all the guilds on Steampike the very best of luck
  126. Steampike Players Looking For Guild
  127. New server sub forums please!
  128. So this will be the English-English server? :)
  129. <Fusion> has now found its new home
  130. Elders joining Steampike
  131. IGC - Invision Game Community
  132. Steampike PvE Progress
  133. Unofficial Russian Server as well?
  134. Are you rolling Defiant or Guardian?
  135. Any PVP loving guilds rolling here?
  136. PVE but ......
  137. Guilds rolling steampike
  138. Server name!
  139. #Steampike @ IRC Quakenet.org
  140. British Guards in the House!
  141. Hope to meet again
  142. Welcome to Steampike!