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  1. Looking for a RP guild
  2. Open RP - Tempest Bay Bar - Faeblight Shard - 07:00PM ST - SUNDAY STARTING 4-8-18
  3. Roleplay still existant in game?
  4. RP in Rift. Still a thing?
  5. Winterfrost - RP Event - multi-clan end of year celebration - Faeblight Shard
  6. Where do I start?
  7. 10/5 @6PM: Citizen's Job Fair
  8. Let's RP in Rift! Video Series
  9. Poetry Night - RP Event
  10. Roleplaying:Seeking Experienced Demonologists & Doctors
  11. FBU Winter Fiction contest 2016
  12. RP Event: Wed Dec. 14th: Faeblight First Frost Ball & Date Auction
  13. Roleplaying in Rift Guide; where to find it and how in 4.0
  14. Roleplay Community Website
  15. The Perennial Flame
  16. Sundown at Bugsy's Speakeasy - RP Event - casual
  17. Story Arc on the Faeblight shard
  18. FaeblightUnited.enjin.com
  19. Looking for an alliance of sorts
  20. EU Active RP
  21. German Roleplayers?
  22. A letter left lying on an Inn table on Faeblight...
  23. LF RP on GB :)
  24. So, how is the RP in Rift?
  25. [Roleplay Event] Under the sign of trading
  26. Short Story contest for NaNoWriMo!
  27. New to RP scene on RIFT - Looking for info/connections.
  28. Returning Newcomer: European Roleplayers, anyone?
  29. RP on Faeblight and General Events!
  30. RP Community, what a let down.
  31. List of scheduled RP events?
  32. Help! Lost Crucia's Trail On Dusken.
  33. Ascended Human Chess Game!
  34. FaeblightUnited.com roleplay site
  35. Primus! Dueling and rp
  36. Just Another Day of Fishing [RP Story]
  37. Returning Roleplayer!
  38. FaeblightUnited.com RP forums!
  39. EU RP Community still alive?
  40. The Blackwood Company
  41. Role Play Coalition? Wondering if RP guilds would like to form an association.
  42. Sarleaf-Minions
  43. A "potential" new face on the scene?
  44. Harvest Festival rp event on Faeblight
  45. Do Your Weapons/Armor Reflect Your Character?
  46. Do Psychics Exist In RIFT?
  47. harvest ball 2014 - volunteer ic participants needed
  48. Zaviel RP
  49. The Blackwood Citadel on Faeblight
  50. Faeblight United Website
  51. Kelari - classifications/organizations/hierarchy
  52. Gladiators and slaves - lorewise
  53. Rogi Mcskinner A Dwarven Tale
  54. Zaviel Today - RP Community Site
  55. Summer Beach Bash
  56. Finding RP...
  57. The Alternate Tale of Rennielle.
  58. Experienced RPer looking to join RP guild...
  59. Rift Adventures Dimension Touring & Community
  60. The Tinfoil Knights
  61. Faeblight Shardwide Story Arc
  62. Roleplaying: An Untapped Source of Replayability for Rift
  63. How does RPing in MMORPGs look like?
  64. RP dungeons, zone events, etc.
  65. EU-RP, where to?
  66. wish to rp for first time. New to rift
  67. Table Top RP in Rift
  68. Openworld chaotic RP
  69. RP Guilds on Faeblight
  70. [Zaviel open event] Spring Festival
  71. The Blackwood Company
  72. Dimensions for O-RP and open for events
  73. The Gaunlet Role play Community - Faeblight
  74. At your local tavern....
  75. Is there a way to move character from EU to US? (Or alternatively best RP server EU)
  76. Hive/crater
  77. Zaviel Inquiry
  78. Help?
  79. A roleplay roll emote guide:
  80. Question about RP on the EU servers
  81. New Rift RPer please help! ^.^
  82. Guild Histories and Bios
  83. Faeblight Weekly Events
  84. Faeblight rp forum
  85. The Blackwood Company on Faeblight
  86. Roleplay Guilds on Faeblight
  87. Is D&D style roleplay dead?
  88. Faeblight Players being kicked off for names - Any information?
  89. Where is the RP in MMORPG?
  90. Looking for RP in Faeblight!
  91. Merisioux updates, perhaps...
  92. Take the time to read Please
  93. Immersive Dimensions
  94. Immersive Adventuring
  95. Halloween Event on Faeblight, hosted by Fury of the Northern Winds
  96. Guide how to play an High Elf? General time-table?
  97. BIG GOODBYE MEETING, sunday 20
  98. Haunted Halls Dimension Contest (Faeblight United RP Sponsered Event)
  99. Faeblight United - The Place for Faeblight Rpers
  100. Looking for a chatbox addon to aid with lengthy emotes
  101. The templars second tournament of hearts (jousting tournament)
  102. [Argent] 26/10 Halloween Shindig
  103. Best RP Shard
  104. The Silverwood Wardens - IC information/rumours [Argent]
  105. RP Jousting Tournament Coming to Faeblight Sunday 9/8/13 11AM SERVER
  106. [Faeblight] Recently returning to Rift.
  107. A Practical Primer on Planar Preeminence
  108. Merisioux RP Question
  109. Question: Languages of Telara.
  110. Grand Master Architects of Arena Competition 2013
  111. The Silverwood Wardens - Argent [EU]
  112. Searching for a Heavy RP Guild!
  113. Do people read Character BIOs on non rp shards?
  114. So uhmm.. I'm a little lost [2 year absentee returning]
  115. Merisioux users: MANDATORY update...
  116. Creating a RP community fansite for Rift (NA&EU players welcomed)
  117. [O-RP, Weekly] The Floating Mug - Argent EU
  118. Question about Defiants and "new" Ascended
  119. Faeblight Locked for transfters - harming the community?
  120. Just curious about the RP quality here.
  121. Would I be ok on a RP server?
  122. RP Channels - EU & NA
  123. Yuzuki's Roleplay School - Argent
  124. Beware the Scarlet Gorge Mimer
  125. interest in a focused Race RP guild?
  126. The Daughters of Vaniel.
  127. Grimes- "Genesis". Reminds me of Silverwood, and Shyla...
  128. One RP question
  129. New Wardrobe sets coming in 2.3
  130. Merisioux: Update will be needed by 2.4 or so.
  131. RP Story: Nightbird.
  132. The Void?
  133. Looking for Suggestions
  134. Surnames?
  135. Asked a question about RP support in a F2P world during Trion's AMA
  136. Looking for an rp companion
  137. Learning to Role Play - Faeblight
  138. Time of death paradox
  139. LF static group/Guild & Short story
  140. Rift Dream Dimensions - Primus Gladiator Arena - Every Wednesday 7pm Pacific
  141. The Hammerknell RP event - This week!
  142. Why all locked?
  143. Davek!
  144. Ascended Creation, Lore Live Stream Q/A, and your RP characters
  145. Lycanthropy and Vampirism
  146. Dueling and RP event Faeblight
  147. Post-valentine's RP event
  148. Good roleplay areas?
  149. The Planar Garden Retreat
  150. The Mithril Shield's Hammerknell Exploration
  151. RP Addon.
  152. Valentine's Day in Telara
  153. Event help, needed.
  154. Technologist and augmentations
  155. Weapon Wardrobe
  156. Question: This Forum and Stories
  157. So...what now?
  158. High elves relation to snow?
  159. New to RP
  160. Void knight
  161. Kelari race basics
  162. Defiant Ascended and History
  163. Eth Tribe Names
  164. Thedeors Grace
  165. Crucia, Plane of Air and the Bahmi
  166. Defiant clerics (Please help!)
  167. Tyvial (Theory crafting lore)
  168. Working Crucia sympathizer into RPing
  169. Kelari Backstory
  170. Question about Mathosian Clerics
  171. 100SLOT Public Community TEAMSPEAK *JOIN TODAY*
  172. A Zone Lore Question!
  173. [18+ of age only, mature content.] Looking for a Roleplay Partner and Guild.
  174. Merisioux updated for SL
  175. Looking for RP partner..
  176. RP Guilds on EU servers ?
  177. Walking
  178. Neighbourhood BBQ –Faeblight RP Meet and Greet
  179. Future of RIFT?
  180. The Blood Storm's Motivations
  181. Who's staying vs who's going ((to beta))
  182. Interest check - Heavy RP guild
  183. Harvest Masquerade Ball - Faeblight, Sept 29, 6pm server
  184. RP Auction on Faeblight - Thurs at 7pm server time
  185. Lore: a plea
  186. How is the faction merger going?
  187. Faeblight RP gathering 7pm (server) Saturday 15th
  188. Ok help
  189. Please join me in Just Saying NO...
  190. Installed role play addon cant use.
  191. Need help with Merisioux.
  192. What Conquest faction dose your Rp toons personalty best relate to? (fun read).
  193. Improving the Role-Play experience in Rift v2.0
  194. Hair under helmets!
  195. Ascended bellybuttons --- what up with that yo?
  196. HK relic weapons = soggy floors
  197. how will the guardians justify this?
  198. what happen to lore forum?
  199. Role play idea with the lore?
  200. LF leveling/questing RP partner
  201. Let's Have... A What We Like Thread.
  202. Some questions about Ascended and non-Ascended.
  203. Krunkatron, do you live?
  204. Are there any other Dragon Riders out there?
  205. Allowing the walk-speed to be constant
  206. Which faction?
  207. Looking for...someone.
  208. They are shutting down RP
  209. We need your help!!!!!
  210. A neat site for names.
  211. Role-Play Names
  212. Taking the RP community's temperature.. How are the servers doing?
  213. Pls give us macro command to equip different wardrobes
  214. your toons life befor they were brot back.
  215. Returning roleplayer, where do RP-PVPers go?
  216. RP Notes/Ideas
  217. [ADDON] Merisioux -- how and why to get it and use it
  218. History of the Telaran Callings and Souls (Unofficial)
  219. More RP Addons - Notepad?
  220. In game walking.
  221. Should Trion put together a non-canon RPG Table Top Rift game like Blizzard did?
  222. Time
  223. RP in Europe
  224. GoT and Rift
  225. Roleplay Question
  226. Void Knight lore can someone point me in the right direction?
  227. The Combined Narrative
  228. Dead Channels
  229. Faeries: Good or Bad?
  230. IC Introductions!
  231. RPing Defiants in Argent Glade? RPing Gaurdians In Freemarch?
  232. Rift RP Addons
  233. "Small" Rp-enhancing ideas
  234. When activity drops, what can we do?
  235. Major npcs evolution in 1.8 *spoilers inside*
  236. Which is the best role-playing shard?
  237. What defines *good* roleplay to you?
  238. requested story
  239. RP questions and tips
  240. "Neutrality" and You!
  241. Taking Suggestions! It's an ugly one.
  242. Awesome work. Seriously. Awesome.
  243. The weirdest thing
  244. Just curious
  245. For those that lost their character names
  246. PVP-RP server
  247. Changing charcter looks. and sex/race
  248. Create a community developer position at Trion
  249. Roleplay Newbie Needs some help starting
  250. Lore Quiz Questions