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  2. Ghosts of the Gods, Part One
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  11. European Role-Players in beta.
  12. RPing a ranger with a razorback...blah.
  13. Divinely inspired Guardian Decree from the Church of the Vigil
  14. Greetings from the Brutas family line!
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  16. Unofficial Contest 8pm Est for one lucky guild on rift!
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  19. RPers in Guardian Beta (Dec 17) Ck In
  20. Worries about Rift.
  21. IS RIFT free?
  22. Really Short Story: Calling for Intelligence
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  28. A touchy topic... Speech Bubbles
  29. The Tale of Jabb Boulderbeard
  30. Not enough Roleplay "features"?
  31. Adventure To Three Toes Vale
  32. Racial Diversity
  33. Is anyone else waiting?
  34. Trion Gamer Day - Questions for Delith our RP Rep
  35. The Church of the Vigil
  36. Rift Role-Players (A Role Play Community Site)
  37. The Gaiscioch na Anu - The Role-play branch of the Gaiscioch Family
  38. What faction do you intend to go with?
  39. How to start RPing?
  40. Do you believe there are conventional "rules" for RP language?
  41. Life expectancy of the different races?
  42. Cries of a Denied soul.
  43. Lite RP vesus Heavy RP...
  44. Anyone ever RP an insane character?
  45. RP Guilds
  46. [Guide] What kind of character am I? - A guide to Character Archetypes
  47. [Guide] So you need a good character name, eh?
  48. [Guide] Developing Your Character: A Guide To Roleplaying
  49. Espionage, the life of rogues
  50. Roleplayers, what do you want in a guild?
  51. RP server - PvP or PvE server rules?
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  54. The Awakening
  55. The Awakening: OOC thread
  56. Avoiding Meta-Gamers in Roleplaying
  57. RP Game: The Darkness pt.1
  58. Add your voice to the noise:
  59. Playing the Neutral Alignment - more than just "not getting involved"
  60. Roleplaying Paladin - Or Walking the Path of Truth
  61. Roleplaying "Evil" - How it works, and a few quirks
  62. FanFic / Character Development
  63. Class History Expanded
  64. Roleplaying in Rift - how to make it happen
  65. Some fan fiction - felt like some explorative character designing.
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  67. The Gloamwood Invasion (Spinoff from The Tavern)
  68. The Gloamwood Tavern
  69. Your Greatest RP experience?
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