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  1. Which server?
  2. soul roles
  3. Blood and Victory (Estrael RP Story)
  4. Estrael - IC Roleplay Channel "Dei's Den"
  5. DORF: a Dwarven RP Group on Faeblight (Not a Guild)
  6. Name Approval System needed on RP servers.
  7. Writeclub: Roleplay 101
  8. Defiant -RP/PvP
  9. Thee and Thou - A Tiny Rant
  10. Lyrianne's Telaran Real Estate Sales Co.
  11. Lyrianne's Telaran Real Estate Sales Co.
  12. Basic Questions I can't seem to answer. >.>
  13. Excerpt from the Diary of Luna Inverse
  14. Looking for an RP guild that enforces RP in guild chat. Sunrest server guardian side.
  15. Talk about your charecter
  16. Suggestion: Please Create an "About RP" Sub-Forum
  17. Server policies
  18. How many ERPers so far
  19. Any Cult guilds?
  20. Sunrest RP-PvP
  21. Intro Awnyah
  22. New to Rift!
  23. Do we actually have glowing names above our heads?
  24. Rift fails entire RP comunity as every other game has
  25. What would you add/fix if you could?
  26. A Compilation of RP-Guides
  27. New Player Looking for RP Guild!
  28. Looking to start an RP guild/get ideas for one (Faeblight)
  29. Bio Tab
  30. Race Languages...
  31. [RP/PVP] Need Advice! Server, Guild, etc.
  32. The Problem
  33. I put on my Robe and Wizard Hat
  34. Retail is on tomorrow and not one single RP server!?!?
  35. Changeing soul, changeing personality
  36. Naming question
  37. Does race matter
  38. Looking for a guild- with souls stayin' in Character
  39. Companion pets in RP
  40. <Roleplayer> [A Faeblight Gaurdian Rp Guild]
  41. Dear RP'ers Of Argent (EU)
  42. Why in the world do not mounts not have the ability to walk rather than run?
  43. Telling Ascended from Regular Citizens?
  44. Discovering your character (?)
  45. RP guild on Estrael?
  46. How many Serious RPers Around?
  47. [DarkSun] has joined feablight today
  48. Ok what do you think about my character Bio (I'm not that good at this, but its fun)
  49. How to understand this lore? Defiant Vs. Guardian
  50. Actual RP guilds on RP servers that actually RP
  51. Why is my character so disrespectful to women and others?
  52. can you make a last name?
  53. reporting violations
  54. Estrael Shard
  55. Where to begin with the lore?
  56. /Roleplay Channel
  57. Need more RP-PVE Servers? Raise your hand!!
  58. So I'm a little worried..
  59. whats the difference
  60. Today!!! Omg
  61. In this game
  62. [Read This] What is Role Playing, for Newcomers and Non-RPers
  63. RP servers at the bottom...
  64. Newbie to Rift, Servers, Guilds and Lore
  65. You Are Cordially Invited to Faeblight! Please RSVP Within.
  66. Any late night RP guilds/players?
  67. Plan "B" - Bring us your Ascended!
  68. TRION: PLEASE READ! URGENT Roleplayer's Poll
  69. Looking for RP guild
  70. I need a home
  71. I quit WAR when customer service made me change my character names.
  72. Suggestion: Thoughtstream
  73. CommunautÚ RP Franšaise / French RP community
  74. What are expectations of players on a RP server?
  75. Official Naming Rules
  76. Greetings RP forum!
  77. Ataraxia-RP Guild Shadefallen
  78. Faeblight Networking
  79. Seeking casual-RP Guardian guild on Faeblight or Shadefallen
  80. Sunrest Guardian Guilds
  81. RP Server Policies?
  82. Vendor Dye Samples
  83. Do RP players make good raiders?
  84. RP acceptable names?
  85. So which server is everyone headed to?
  86. Do you make notes? Take notes?
  87. Server names are up on the Rift Facebook page
  88. The Roleplayers List of Important Stuff...for Dummies..by A Former Dummy!
  89. The Unofficial Heavy Roleplaying Server
  90. RP-PvP Concerns
  91. Defiant Guild RP/PVP
  92. Small question on a name
  93. RP-pvp Servers info
  94. Names of lesser known men from Arthurian Legends
  95. RP/PVE Vote Please
  96. Defiant PVPRP Guild
  97. RP in General Chat?
  98. ATTENTION: A note to all Faeblight RP-PvE Defiant players
  99. Good names for Clerics?
  100. Looking for RPPvP server mature guild
  101. LF Defiant RP Guild!
  102. Shadow Guard - RP PVE - Defiant (US Timezones)
  103. PvP-RP Guilds?
  104. Rping Team speak/ Vent
  105. Looking for RP Guild in and out of game
  106. Seeking Casual RP Guild
  107. Shoutout to migrated MG'ers!
  108. LF Guardian Heavy RP Guild (pve)
  109. GRIEFED (the RP way)
  110. Shadefallen.net - Server Site!
  111. Order of the Ashen Phoenix - MED-HEAVY RP GUILD
  112. RP tab in-game!
  113. Ascension: A Story of Death?
  114. The Undaunted [Heavy RP-PVP. IC thread.]
  115. New to RP...
  116. RP Message Service ... Idea
  117. walking
  118. 'Open' RP...
  119. Server-Based RP Newspaper (has this been given serious consideration?)
  120. The Return of The Kinship: Part I [RP, PvE, PvP]
  121. Welcome on an RP server?
  122. Those who repeatedly say RP is dead are themselves killing RP.
  123. <Bushido Code> roleplay even on ventrilo
  124. Fire Meridian's Librarians!
  125. Character development community/guild
  126. RP Meet and Greet and Community Site for Shadefallen
  127. The Phoenix Guard (Guardian--RP-PVP)
  128. New project..would like some feedback
  129. RP-PvP Server's = Request to players to keep PvP enabled at all times.
  130. A little question
  131. Server type poll.
  132. RP Tag/Indicator/Flag
  133. Can we get along?
  134. Opinions for roleplaying a human descendant of an "Ascendant"
  135. Firesands server PVE changed from PVP-RP
  136. Defias Brotherhood - ASSEMBLE
  137. Character List
  138. Rp-pvp/rp-pve
  139. Shield of Seraphs [G] - Casually Hardcore, Family Friendly [NA-PST RP-Lite/PvP]
  140. Something I've noticed.
  141. So this is RP? mhmm... So Who Are You? Go Ahead Speak Up!
  142. Guardian RP/Raiding Coalition on Shadefallen (RP-PvE)
  143. Role play vs PVP . Roleplay on a Pvp server.
  144. Hello Everyone!
  145. Need abit o help mates
  146. My only rp wish for rift..
  147. A Speech to Inspire my Brother and Sister guardians as the Day Draws Near!
  148. Non- RP Names?
  149. Enhanced RP experience guild
  150. Group looking for a nice RP atmosphere guild.
  151. For Great Roleplay! (Let us get these RP servers sorted!)
  152. RP Guardian Guild
  153. WAR players from Phoenix throne (order)?
  154. House of Dronegan Medium-Heavy RP-PvP, EU
  155. Give us last names!
  156. RP-PVP servers player enviroment
  157. Dwarven Surnames?
  158. A Role-Player's Pact
  159. Looking for info on the RP-PvP Servers
  160. [Guide] How to create a character
  161. Beta, Roleplay, and You
  162. Shadefallen Guardian RP Channels
  163. Roleplaying necromancers...
  164. Vote for roleplaying servers in their own section!
  165. Newbie who is likely to choose RP
  166. more RP contend
  167. Considering an RP server
  168. What is RP-PVP? Classic Video Courtsey of the Acos.
  169. David Gemmell's "Dark Moon"--good ideas for a bard character
  170. Any guilds being planned for rift?
  171. RPing as the 'normal guy'?
  172. Race Data
  173. What European PvE RP server?
  174. A Legendary Tale!
  175. What is...
  176. Looking for a solid group -
  177. Server choices
  178. Idea for a roleplaying guild for EU Rp-PvP server
  179. Rift: Planes of telara books or comics
  180. Role play guide lines
  181. Have your say!
  182. The Sentinels Coming to Sunrest
  183. I honestly don't see this game fit for RP at all
  184. Defiant RP-PVP Guilds. Looking, but post yours here so others can find you.
  185. RP-PVP Server choice
  186. EU RP-pvp Guild?
  187. Rift as an RP game.
  188. A vague character idea
  189. Assistance on a Story
  190. Forum RP
  191. Q's about starting RPing in Rift..
  192. RP addons
  193. Short story
  194. Roleplaying Community, innovative guild recruiting
  195. A character idea...
  196. I also had a fan fiction idea. read, or else you will wake up in a smoothie
  197. Looking For Warhammer PT Community...
  198. Catchphrases, slogans, idioms and the like
  199. Arieltalia's Story Thread
  200. Shadefallen - Global Channels
  201. Unofficial RP server?
  202. When and why did you start rping?
  203. Male or Female + Armour looks...
  204. Yay, EU RP server!
  205. Migration or not ?
  206. Surname and lastname?
  207. The typical RP session
  208. Guardian [Rp-Pvp] guild.
  209. Ambient RP
  210. RP inside buildings
  211. I see you are Ascendent...
  212. Guide on How to RP?
  213. question about ascendancy.
  214. Concern about Guardian RP.
  215. Anyone interested in making RP effort during Beta 5?
  216. Looking to Start a Dwarf RP/PVP guild (OOC)
  217. RP noob, but excited!
  218. DAOC guilds
  219. Emotes. I can haz sum?
  220. Claude Schopenhauer (Character Biography)
  221. RP-PVE "Consensual" PvP.. What about guild wars?
  222. O'Suilebhaine!!
  223. Roleplay Server Rules?
  224. Cave of Solace
  225. OOC:names, titles and greetings
  226. Well, okay so I guess this is "roleplaying"...
  227. Roleplay Character Sheet
  228. So, which server are you going to? And why?
  229. Introduce your character
  230. preset feelings
  231. The Dreams of Itzal - Part I
  232. Rolling on RP server to be with the "mature crowd"
  233. Cross-faction RP?
  234. Question for raiding RPers
  235. Name suggestions for the EU RP servers :D
  236. Which faction holds the RP?
  237. Multiple personalities!
  238. The Arrival - A PvP Roleplay Adventure
  239. From the Journal of Kalthir Ryth - Excerpt Two
  240. Some ideas for the RP community to consider when Rift goes live
  241. From the Journal of Kalthir Ryth - Excerpt One
  242. [Klog] The Memoirs of Renny Conchobair (Formerly: Fugmug De Failte)
  243. Request for a EU flagged RP server
  244. What is the Good Book of the Church of the Vigil?
  245. How to be Roleplaying
  246. European roleplayers!
  247. No RPing on both RP servers....NONE
  248. Heavy RP- Guilds to-be List?
  249. RIFT - Flamestone Chronicles, Book I - Legacy of Fire
  250. Roleplaying Debate