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  1. Create a community developer position at Trion
  2. Roleplay Newbie Needs some help starting
  3. Lore Quiz Questions
  4. How to type in a RP Server?
  5. Weddings and Moral Code
  6. Hardcore RP Guilds
  7. High Elf Archetypes?
  8. Guild housing idea?
  9. Give me more Wardrobe options!!!
  10. Time for PvE-RP server merge
  11. New Looking for Server
  12. NOOb wants to know what is different on RP server then normal PvE server?
  13. RP Town Hall - Wedding Feedback
  14. A Scavenger List
  15. The /say and /emote change has backfired (in my opinion)
  16. Looking for RP Guardian Guild on Shadefallen
  17. Looking for a Guild
  18. RP addon design time!
  19. Returning to the game and looking for rp servers
  20. Simple Solution to a RPers Problems
  21. Rift Role-play Community RP Guides
  22. Starting a new RP character
  23. Rift Role-play Community Character Bios
  24. Improving the Role-Play experience in Rift
  25. How many of you would defect if you could?
  26. Wich RP server in North America
  27. How do you choose your character names?
  28. For discussion: Advocate Program
  29. Continuity: reconciling the game story and our charcters' stories
  30. Tales of enemyship and honor
  31. Some roleplay questions.
  32. Been away since 2.5 months after start.. best RP server?
  33. New Faeblight RP forum
  34. Anyone RP on Harrow?
  35. If no player housing how about some buildings we can go in?
  36. Pet emote (s) pretty please!
  37. Manufactured Legend Open Recruitment.
  38. Defiant Clerics
  39. Trion is neglecting roleplayers
  40. Vigil Fellowship Meeting Planning Thread
  41. God-Mode...
  42. PVP Souls
  43. What Sports do the people in Rift Lore Play? could fit as a minigame for us
  44. A Hopeless Attempt?
  45. RIFT needs RP Adult Beverages
  46. RPing Against the Racial Type
  47. Slavery in RP?
  48. a RP'ing problem
  49. What is the most active RP Server?
  50. Chronicles and Planar System (Good reasons to hit level 50 for RP)
  51. Good Places for Cross-Faction RP!
  52. Council of the Vigil - Large RP Coalition/RP Guild Alliance?
  53. RP Trio Thingy-Ma-Jigger
  54. RP servers
  55. Which souls' quote do you like best?
  56. EVENT!: Festival of Squirrels - Faeblight - Aug 31
  57. Is anything happening on Firesand?
  58. Returning RPer, various questions
  59. Conflict RP? Is it missing or just being ignored?
  60. Roleplay prejudices
  61. Role Play=Winning or Fail
  62. Metagaming
  63. In-Game RP = ....??
  64. Beef up Argent Glade
  65. Faeblight RP event!!!
  66. New to RPing in-game, and in need of a mentor
  67. Planar Cultist RP Character Discussion
  68. Building a balanced character... Harder than I thought.
  69. Not a bro, missy...
  70. Profanity In Character
  71. Magical communication
  72. I'd like to hear about your Defiant Clerics
  73. Default For New Roleplayers: The Basics of Roleplay
  74. Acolyte seeking adventuring partners (Sunset RP-PVP)
  75. Looking for Mentor
  76. A Firesand RP Channel.
  77. The RP Community Should Not Be Afraid
  78. Looking for an RP guild?
  79. A farewell to the wider RP community
  80. Mounts (RP Discussion)
  81. Rift RP is confusing.
  82. Let's talk about lore
  83. Defiant RP guilds?
  84. St. Carwin themed RP guild? (Faeblight)
  85. Best servers for Roleplay: Sunrest [RP-PvP] ---- Faeblight [RP-PvE]
  86. Attention Roleplayers, your help needed.
  87. How long till you start pulling tags off servers?
  88. I have a question....
  89. Which Server would be Best?
  90. I am having a hard time killing shimmersand trolls
  91. Bahmi and the Kelari
  92. Veteran Roleplayer, New to Rift
  93. Finally a campfire!
  94. Here's the thing (names)
  95. A Rift newbie but an experienced RPer.
  96. Just another day...
  97. New to Faeblight
  98. Single Bahmi Female Seeks Fun RP Guild on Estrael
  99. Vigils Perfections - Faeblight
  100. Player housing and it's affect on RP
  101. Addons being brought into the game... Possibilities for RP?
  102. Why should I kill Guardians?
  103. Roleplay Finder
  104. Primal companion question..(take 2)
  105. Robe of embers help
  106. The Schools of Magic [Guild idea discussion]
  107. RP in Shadefallen
  108. The Dreaded Male Dwarf Walk Animation
  109. "Welcome Role-players, this forum is for in-character discussions only!" Guess not..
  110. Creating an Environment Conducive to Roleplay and Fun in General...
  111. Trying to set up an RP Hub(s) (Firesand EU Server, but might be helpful to others)
  112. Question regarding High Elf Lore
  113. Elementals imbued with souls/spirits?
  114. Riftblade Lore - Maelforge's Bane (Need Help)
  115. I need a helping hand.
  116. role playing a high elf mage and/or cleric
  117. IC And OOC
  118. New player looking for an RP guild
  119. RP Potential Since Launch: What has Changed?
  120. What is your characters concept??
  121. A Question on the Naming Policy
  122. Roleplay Suggestion for Pets
  123. Killing an Ascended.
  124. Free X-fers
  125. Vanity pet companions for role-play -- Yay or Nay?
  126. How do I report non RP names?
  127. World RP: Places that I'd like to see camps and other immersive aspects added!
  128. Tales from Telara II an Estrael RP Event
  129. A way for Rift to attract, secure, and keep a specific demographic - Roleplayers
  130. New animations/emotes?
  131. A server populated only by RPers - there is a way
  132. Are people really RPing on PvE-RP shards instead of PvP-RP?
  133. server transfer yes plz
  134. What's the deal with Shadefallen?
  135. Seeking a REAL Heavy-RP Guild (Guardian). Talk to me.
  136. Lore Q/A @ RiftRP, round 2. If you have questions..
  137. Solid server choice for Guardian RP?
  138. Testing the Waters
  139. Telaran Trend-Setting in 1.2
  140. Russian names in Scarwood Reach are rediculous!
  141. PVE RP vs PVP RP
  142. Cosmetic System a Joke - NO FREEDOM
  143. Social Emotes!
  144. Setting the Stage for Role-Players
  145. Markings
  146. NA RP-PvP
  147. A thank you to the RP community
  148. Mage Assassin, is it plausible in Rift lore?
  149. can someone help me get started with RP'ing?
  150. RP'ers unite! Don't just vent on forums, use the in game feedback feature
  151. Naming policy: Should there be one?
  152. Turbine decides to continue support of RP servers from Codemasters
  153. I thought Faeblight was RP?
  154. GM response that may help us.
  155. Looking for an RP Mentor
  156. RP Servers - Are there actually any rules?
  157. Looking for a server to RP a Defiant or Guardian Hunter (Depending on side).
  158. Question for ya'!
  159. Beginning A New Adventure!
  160. Split personality
  161. Male rogue seeking nightly RP partner faeblight shard
  162. Where are the Player RP Villains hiding?
  163. Beginner questions about Rift RP
  164. RP server Rules
  165. Reporting RP hostile things
  166. Ashen Dawn RP Community: Website, Channel RP, Defiant/Guardian on Faeblight!
  167. Harrow RPers
  168. Slow walking
  169. RP questions
  170. Post Your In Character Builds (1.1)
  171. Why are all warriors beefy???!!??
  172. Upcoming Clothier Vendor: Item's we would like to see in it!
  173. New to Rift, Where do I go to RP?
  174. Character bio: Signith (Re-rooted on Estrael server!)
  175. Ascension Stories
  176. NPC's in Meridian Spamming Chat
  177. Why can't I remember anything? I am a ghost. In hell.
  178. How Important is a Class Founder's Background Story?
  179. Wardrobe! O_O
  180. Roleplaying as a Priest/Devout of one of the Vigil gods
  181. Your Story?
  182. Brand new to RP
  183. RIFT Podcast #13 - Lore Discussion
  184. External Muck Server for RP
  185. RP in zonewide and worldwide channels, acceptable or no?
  186. Attention all Roleplayers
  187. LF RP/lvl friends [Sunrest]
  188. Sunset rp friendly guilds please post here
  189. Achievement for bowing or kneeling
  190. Single Dwarf LF: Dwarf RP Guild on Faeblight
  191. Rift IC Twitter Project
  192. A trend that needs to stop.
  193. "The" Pve-RP Server
  194. In-Character twitter project.
  195. (( Give RP shards to the RPers, please. Rules and enforcement are lacking. ))
  196. How are Ascended Immortal?
  197. The dynamic duo
  198. Neutrality...Will it Blend...I mean Work.
  199. Can I do this?
  200. Website dedicated to RP in Rift
  201. Emergency Announcement: The Soultouched (rp)
  202. Defiant's ball <sunrest server>
  203. Argent RP- Bard in need of assistance
  204. The ever abused question! OOC.
  205. What gives?
  206. An unfortunate trend
  207. Re-rolling-Seeking Guild
  208. Is Amnesia an acceptable 'character gimmick'?
  209. Parenting Concerns: Eustace Green
  210. And then there were 2
  211. Defiant Bard Race
  212. Dear role players...
  213. Do souls affect your ability RP in character roles (Bounty hunter, etc.)?
  214. Petition: Decrease the range of spatial chat, please.
  215. Help! I'm so lost. (Guild/Shard/Faction help)
  216. Defiant Cleric RP
  217. Which shard?
  218. Forum RP
  219. Wanting to get into Rift RP
  220. having trouble picking a name..any thoughs?
  221. Defiant and Religion
  222. [Upcoming RP-event on firesand]
  223. Will true PVP-RP servers ever exist?
  224. Roleplayer's Covenant
  225. The Mail Box!
  226. Soul Question
  227. Excited, but Apprehensive
  228. Seeking the likeminded for some immersive and character driven RP! (EU Shards)
  229. Finding the best RP server
  230. Background of infamy
  231. For New Roleplayers: The Basics of Roleplay
  232. Roleplay servers: What are we all doing?
  233. My chara,unsure what server yet,still downloading client
  234. Etiquette
  235. So I might be trying out rping soon...
  236. How plausable is a Guardian fascinated by technology?
  237. Shadefallen Roleplayers, here's your meet-up spot!
  238. A Roleplayer's Request.
  239. Can't find a thing to wear!
  240. How do YOU Role-play a Cleric?
  241. rift-legends: an RP site, looking for testers/feedback
  242. Hello RP community
  243. New to RP
  244. Question about Defiants
  245. Looking for a Heavy RP Defi guild on Faeblight
  246. Communication between the two factions. Good or bad?
  247. Ghost of Telara - Server Estrael
  248. Which server?
  249. A question concerning Warlocks and Necromancers on the Defiant side
  250. Show helm - toggle