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  1. Euro raiding guild on Wolfsbane?
  2. Why did the shards go down?????????????????
  3. Shadow Guild
  4. ETERNAL LEGION is recruiting! New! Existing! Returning! Join the family!
  5. <Something Simple>
  6. <Zombies> Get Bitten Today!
  7. <Soul Forged> 4/4 FT and 2/5 EE
  8. Old player returning Looking for Guild to raid with.
  9. Just coming back to rift... Come watch
  10. <Grievance> is Recruiting!
  11. Guaranteed to Bleed Recruiting!
  12. Returning Player Looking for A Guild
  13. [Night watch] recruiting
  14. Hello? *echo*
  15. <Adventure Time> Recruitment! 4/4TDQ 4/4FT 3/5EE
  16. <T A S C> Actively Recruiting
  17. <Guardians of telara> Recruiting
  18. <Clever Name> 4/4 FT 2/5 EE Recruiting for EE Progression!
  19. Guardian or Defiant?
  20. ~Drow~ Recruiting - 4/4 TDQ, 4/4 FT, and 4/5 EE
  21. GraySkull looking to fill a few 20 man raid slots
  22. Recipe for 1-29 chat folks tonight :)
  23. Tank LF guild | Previously in a top 5 guild.
  24. Calling all Weekend Raiders - Frozen Tempest / Endless 20m
  25. <Epitaph> 8/9 Guild Recruiting for Regulos
  26. WTB Soul of the Dead
  27. Any Guilds or groups of players play EST?
  28. Selling guild
  29. Shadow Guild is recruiting
  30. Ouroboros recruiting (New Guild)
  31. Vicious Circle
  32. <Stasis> 1/5 EE - 2/4 FT - 4/4 TODQ - Recruiting Consistent Players
  33. <Epitaph> Recruiting great raiders!
  34. Havoc Still Looking for More Players
  35. Know your Frostwind!
  36. Anyone interested in starting a new guild?
  37. Wolfsbane SL Progression Thread (new)
  38. Stormborne ~ Progression Raiding (6-9 Server Time, M-W-T)
  39. warriors and clerics needed
  40. Looking for a guild which has a lot of europeans.
  41. Darkrising@Wolfsbane Ninja of the day!
  42. Legion Unleashed 4/4FT 4/5 EE Recruiting!!
  43. Before I leave I thought I would ask...
  44. <T A S C> - Recruiting for raiding
  45. <Reddiquette> is looking for members
  46. <Drow> 3,4FT, 2/5 EE is Recruiting
  47. <Sigil> is LFM 20m SL raid content
  48. Havoc Reinforcments
  49. Players Looking for Guild
  50. <Havoc> of Wolfsbane, Late night Pacific (Lvl:21)
  51. Who Gerenaly Wins PvP Guardains or Defiants? Also Does More PvE Based?
  52. MagicMushroom Dimension Vid
  53. Lost Souls Prison (Dimension): Believed to have shard first snowboarding Frosty!
  54. <Planar Harmonics Labs> Recruiting for 10 man raids
  55. Cleric Tank looking for Guild
  56. <Drow> is recruiting a mage for progression raiding.
  57. Guardian have decent population on Wolfsbane?
  58. Returning player looking for friends...
  59. <Content Clear> Recruiting for 20 man raiding!
  60. Looking for 9pm ST(PST) raiding guild
  61. <Drow> 3/4 FT 1/5 EE, recruiting
  62. Order of the black lotus gaming community
  63. LF Late night or west coast casual/friendly/active guild
  64. Wolfsbane SL Progression Thread
  65. <Content Clear> 4/4 TotDQ 1/4 Frozen Tempest Recruiting
  66. Returning Player Looking for Guild
  67. <Persona> Recruiting exceptional players!
  68. Guardian Warrior LF Raiding/PVP Guild
  69. Unveiling new dimension... "Enchantment!"
  70. 60 Cleric Looking for EST Raid Guild
  71. Zen Gardens Dimension
  72. Shadow Guild
  73. Justified Vengeance is recruiting
  74. Returning player & Raider. LF potential late night raiding guild.
  75. Elegant Dimension
  76. Shadow Guild- Wolfsbane
  77. Warrior Nation is recruiting!
  78. Dimension: Amazing Maze.
  79. Returning player LF casual /semi-casual raiding and fun for SL and beyond
  80. Looking for friendly guild for SL
  81. Returning player looking for a causual raiding guild
  82. Looking for late raiding guild. 8 pm server.
  83. Mutinous Dogs recruiting for ID & SL
  84. <Soul Forged> Recruiting for Storm Legion!
  85. Returning Player, Looking for Guild
  86. <Drow> Wolfsbane Server First Vids
  87. Looking for A.M. raiding guild
  88. [PvX] Vae Victis Recruiting - Gaming Community!
  89. Level 50 Cleric Looking For Casual and or Hardcore Raiding Guild
  90. exxy?
  91. Mutinous Dogs Recruiting For ID progression and Storm legion
  92. New 2 Rift or Returning?
  93. Lv.50 Cleric & Mage LF Raiding Guild
  94. <Fearless> is recruiting for the upcoming Storm!
  95. Raider new to RIFT LF guild!
  96. 50 MM Rogue LF a home
  97. Yet another husband and wife duo! :D
  98. [WNx] Warrior Nation is Recruiting!
  99. <Ascendance> Is Recruiting!
  100. Shadow Guild recruiting all classes and levels
  101. Returned after 10 months.
  102. <T A S C> We are here!
  103. New to this server
  104. <Soul Forged> Recruiting for Storm Legion
  105. wtb lvl 20 epic staff, 250 plat
  106. LF Guardian Guild that has raid times 10pm server time.
  107. <Order of the Risen> Level 20 11/11HK 2/4PF is Recruiting
  108. guilds for people that aren't 50?
  109. <Skrye Draneth> Recruiting!
  110. <Havoc> Late night Pacific Time raiding guild (Lvl:20 Defiant)
  111. Warrior DPS LFG HK/ID
  112. Fresh Start in Storm Legion
  113. Looking For Hardcore Raiding Team
  114. <Frontliners> | 2/8 ID | 3/4 PF | 11/11 HK | Recruiting All
  115. LF Morning Raiding Guild
  116. Any 4PM-5PM Start Time Guilds Out There?
  117. LFG 2months In advance
  118. 3 Raiders new to Rift looking for a Raiding guild
  119. LF level 10+ guild for sale
  120. Returning player looking for awesome guild! =)
  121. Drow is now recruiting Defiants and Guardians for ID and beyond!
  122. 20 Man Raids
  123. Rift Returner Looking for a Raiding Guild!
  124. Stuff
  125. Just back to the Game - How populated is Wolfsbane
  126. Looking to get back into the game.
  127. Any guilds that raid around 8?
  128. Any other "Wolfsbanian's" into Lore or Roleplay?
  129. LF ID raid
  130. The war in Iraq
  131. [Guardian] Casual Raider and PVPer looking for a new home.
  132. Wolfsbane (DEFIANT) - IRON INVASION - Where RL comes first and Raiding CAN be fun!
  133. Looking for female mentor
  134. <Ruthless> weekend raiding
  135. Mage Raiding Cores
  136. Looking for a casual raider friendly guild!
  137. Locked Threads
  138. does this server pug tier 1 raids
  139. Pugnuts!!
  140. Fluffy Bunnies of Doom 10/11 HK 1/8 ID Three 20 Man Raid Teams - Recruiting !
  141. <Havoc> Late night Pacific Time raiding guild (Lvl:20 Defiant)
  142. Looking for a casual noob friendly guild
  143. Looking for Guild! Going to get to endgame and learn this game through!
  144. <Walk It Off> Is Recruiting
  145. <O N E> Recruiting
  146. Looking for a Casual Guild
  147. Looking for a nice leveling guild guardian side
  148. DROW <5/8 ID> recruiting for progression
  149. Raiding guilds - Noon or early afternoon raid times ...
  150. Vindicated Recruiting
  151. <Afterlife> @Laethys Recruiting for Core Raiders.
  152. LF aussie casual guild
  153. Just started playing again
  154. Server Maxed Out?
  155. <Havoc> Late night Pacific Time raiding guild (Lvl:20 Defiant)
  156. Returning Player looking to get into raids
  157. Colorado Springs Rift players?
  158. Greetings Wolfsbane! Tip o' the hat, wag o' the finger.
  159. Lf crafting mats
  160. ID GDKP 1+/8. Tuesday 7pm server.
  161. PVP Guild On Wolfsbane
  162. Defiant Cleric LF ID raiding guild with T/W/Th & +/- late PM Sun (EST) raids
  163. Wolfsbane and Timezones
  164. Greetings Wolfsbane
  165. Looking to bring our guild to this shard
  166. <The Riftguard> 4/8 Morning Raiding Guild, 7.30am server time (Oceanic)
  167. Teh Aalwein is back and looking for a party
  168. <Synapse> @ Deepwood Recruiting 5-8AM server (Oceanic)
  169. Wolfsbane ID Progression Thread
  170. Guardian Looking For A Guardian Guild
  171. WTB 2x Crystalized Souls and 1x enflamed soul!!!
  172. <HEX> (5/8) ID on Wolfsbane is Recruiting!
  173. Defiant looking for gaurdian
  174. <Exiled Elite> (Defiant) Recruiting for ID progression!
  175. Guardian side
  176. late night raider?
  177. looking for new guild (HK/ID)
  178. Eternal Vengeance is looking for raiders
  179. population
  180. Top PVP players by class on this server? Both Guardians and Defiants side.
  181. Retrying Rift
  182. IA's ...
  183. <Reverb> LF a few raiders to fill core!!!
  184. Hey all my name is Kasdeya
  185. Clan of the Wolfe
  186. New Rogue LF casual leveling, and eventually end game raiding.
  187. HK for Alts
  188. Just Re-Subbed - Have some questions + LF Guild
  189. Hired gun/dps looking to raid ID for a few weeks.
  190. Sort of New
  191. looking for casual raid guild
  192. Soon to be 50 bard looking for casual guild
  193. Virtuality AUS 10 man needs reliable raiders
  194. Roxann - 50 Rogue - LF Raiding Guild
  195. Old fart from AC1 Solclaim looking for a home
  196. Guardian Cleric LF Guild
  197. Hi, New to this server.
  198. Returning playing seeking casual mature guild
  199. Defiant Rogue (tank or dps) LFGuild PST 7:30 - Midnight st open to create guild too!
  200. Cleric Healer LF raiding guild
  201. Looking to raid
  202. Noob help
  203. Virtuality guild: virtually useless
  204. Mage dps looking for a guild
  205. Wolfsbane lag!!!
  206. Returning 50 Warrior and Cleric LF Raiding Guild
  207. Cleric LF Active Raiding Guild
  208. Returning Player Looking For Guild
  209. Wolfsbane Shard
  210. <Guardian> Mage, Returning to Game, Looking for guild
  211. <Xero> Recruiting for HK 10/11 exp new guild
  212. <Defiant> Gnils (with a silent G) looking for beginner HK guild (or something close)
  213. <War> Recruiting for HK 10/11 recently back on rift
  214. This a good server?
  215. <The Riftguard> 11/11 Morning Raiding Guild Recruiting for HK and Beyong.
  216. Phantom Kudos Union - Small, Family Friendly guild Seeks more
  217. Congrats! Deadly Virtues downs Akylios!
  218. Fresh Cleric looking for weekly early tier pugs
  219. Returning Healing Cleric Looking For Casual Eastern Time Zone Raiding Guild
  220. Cleric Healer Looking for a New Home.
  221. Lightless
  222. Lag Fest 2012?
  223. Elite Trio looking for Support Mage
  224. <Covenant> Guardian 10-11 HK Wolfsbane SOLID Raiders ::Wanted::
  225. (Wolftsbane)(US)(Guardian) L'ordre des templiers Guilds QC
  226. HEY YOU! Yeah you, the warrior.
  227. One thing is really starting to bug me ...
  228. Congrats to me on Avowed Title shard first! :D
  229. New Defiant Rogue Looking for Help!
  230. Guardian Mage seeking raid guild!
  231. recrutement HK
  232. Trio looking for 20-mans this week
  233. Looking for CERTAIN PEOPLE (Guardian side)
  234. TheOlderGamers@wolfsbane = Now Level 20
  235. The Older Gamers a level 20 Guild is Recruiting
  236. Returning Player - Looking for Guild - Defiant or Guardian - REROLL
  237. Alright guys & gals... Share your Rift Marriage Proposals here... (Be Brave) lols
  238. Servers down
  239. Superhot
  240. Wardove needs to raid.
  241. Atropa Looking for a few more raiders
  242. Exiled Elite :D 5/11
  243. Warfronts on Wolfsbane!
  244. 8/11 hk cleric LF gaurdian guild
  245. <H E X>(10/11HK) is recruiting SKILLED players of all classes
  246. Healing Cleric LF guild
  247. <Havoc> Defiant Late Night PST Casual Raiding
  248. Hi again my old friends!
  249. Log in Queues - FIX THEM
  250. Queues on Wolfsbane