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  1. A couple of lore questions while going through NT
  2. About plane of fire
  3. Timeline and lore compendium
  4. Maelforge appareance and power
  5. Content Timeline (2017)
  6. Lore: Orphiel and Ahnket?
  7. So Ascended are Tenebreans in the making?
  8. Make an Ascended faction in the story already.
  9. Books in Terminus and Shyla's control
  10. Catch A Falling Star / SFP Conclusion - spoilers ahead
  11. Link between Ahnket raid and SFP expansion?
  12. Want to find Chloromancer history/Kamuzu Sagta's book
  13. Avid Reader Achievement: Spoilers
  14. 7 Sins Theory
  15. Ahnket Raid and Expansion?
  16. defiant cleric lore conflict
  17. maelforge npcs fighting each other
  18. Do any of the dragon Gods have the power to bring someone back to life?
  19. Content Timeline
  20. Content Timeline Survey
  21. How did the Endless attack Freemarch?
  22. Lore behind CoA
  23. The COMPLETE story so far in one place, please?
  24. Aia, Goddess of Fate
  25. Answer me bones
  26. Ascended
  27. Official Telara Hardcover!?
  28. The Many Faces of Teth
  29. the Ascended
  30. Nightmare Saga Act III Ending
  31. No great, famous Rogues in Telara?
  32. Bronze Tomb Lore?
  33. Age of Legends?
  34. Planetouched Wilds and the Ether
  35. Manugo conspiracy
  36. The perfect all offensive rogue
  37. Lore on Zareph Mathos?
  38. New 3.3 Demension Locations.
  39. Empyrean Alliance creating their own ward.
  40. My thank-you thread to Morticus, since he doesn't allow PMs
  41. Question: more lore for NT?
  42. Telara at present?
  43. Frog named "Hoppy" in Ghar Station Rosh? o.O
  44. 3.0 Artifact Books
  45. Can we get the Lore pages back on the site, please?
  46. Can someone explain the events so far of RIFT and Storm Legion?
  47. The God of Madness returns!
  48. Half of Mathosia becoming life planar infested.
  49. Are the bloodstorm dragons asexual?
  50. Motivation of the Dragons
  51. Orphiel?
  52. Is Akylios still dead with HK becomming lvl 65 raid?
  53. The destruction of Sanctum... is this ever coming?
  54. Quick question about Margle Palace
  55. Discussion - The Big Book of Eth Conspiracy
  56. Lore questions about Planetouched Wilds
  57. Is Crucia dead yet?
  58. Asha Catari's origins non-canonical?
  59. Revelations of Ananke Imp Sound Files
  60. Tarken Glacier - The Big Dig and Field Notes
  61. Poor Tom
  62. Lord Arak F.M. - Unwoken Road
  63. Statues in Doughtlands
  64. Ok fellow lore nerds....
  65. RIFT in a couple minutes of reading! 3.0 details and stuff!
  66. Aegmir, Skald of Threngar Announcements
  67. Goddess of Fate, Woragrath and the Vigil
  68. CaptainCursor on RiftReforged Podcast Thurs Dec 4 730pm EST
  69. Awesome lore so far in Nightmare Tide
  70. Revelations of Ananke
  71. Quotes from the Farseers of the Plane of Water
  72. Eth Stations in the Plane of Water Broadcasts
  73. RIFT in a couple minutes of reading! Chronicles!
  74. RIFT in a couple minutes of reading! Extended Edition!
  75. RIFT in a couple minutes of reading!
  76. Ooook... Samekh is an ascended!?
  77. Does This Make Sense?
  78. Which Souls Woul?d Go With Chloromancer, Lore-Wise
  79. Freemarch as a March
  80. What is our lore?
  81. Bahmi lore.
  82. A Fintastic Expanshun. Full of jawsome loar!
  83. Abyssal Cultists in Meridian?
  84. The IceWatch
  85. How Do You Make A Demon Sound "Noble?"
  86. favorite race history
  87. Empyrean Technology VS Sourcestone Technology
  88. What are the names of the Delves?
  89. Rift gives a 'lovecraftian' feel?
  90. What's the lore behind Bindings of Blood raids?
  91. Ashora, ogres, architects and Volan
  92. Grim Awakening lore/story?
  93. Creating a Lore Wiki - Help Wanted
  94. Current Air Saga
  95. Unstable Books (uploaded texts)
  96. Current State of Rift
  97. CQ Lore
  98. Runic Athenaeum - The Past & Hybrids <-- SPOILERS -->
  99. Old leaders + new content?
  100. Live Air Saga Feedback
  101. 2.6 Air Saga Iron Pine
  102. Where is it now?
  103. What Lore is missing in the starter zones?
  104. SL soul lore?
  105. About Ashora Questline
  106. Sirens Song and hints for 3.0.
  107. Why are there golems of brevanic design inside the new Deepstrike Mines?
  108. Peace between the Aelfwar and Guardians?
  109. Anyone else have issues with the removal of Storm Legion Portal in IPP
  110. Quest text dump?
  111. just saw new Attunement were getting
  112. In-Game Cinematic
  113. Shi-Ming Part II
  114. Planebreaker bastion
  115. What is lore explanation for factionless PvP?
  116. Current (Lv 60 endgame) State of the Zones
  117. Newbie, got a few questions about "enemies"
  118. Underwater Content
  119. Shi-Ming
  120. Rift monsters and other beings.
  121. A chronicle of the lore in Rift.
  122. Albores the Reformed
  123. Giants and 3.0
  124. Arguments against the Guardian
  125. Twisted Bizarro World!
  126. Storm Breaker Protocol bothers me
  127. Is Regulos actually gone?
  128. Planar Race Tidbits
  129. Kelari and High-Elves.
  130. Why I prefer Guardians and guardian lore and some thoughts.
  131. New Ascended?
  132. With curcia the storm queen, as current villan what ever happened to regulos?
  133. Couple of lore questions!
  134. Speculation..
  135. Starting Storm Legion
  136. Abyssal at Silverwood College?
  137. Summary of Dragons so Far
  138. Do characters remember their past life?
  139. What happened to Zealotry?
  140. Paladins and the Light
  141. Minor question about Scarwood
  142. The lore has moved.
  143. Elves
  144. Did races such as Eth always ignore the Vigil?
  145. God Engines
  146. There's a Goddess?
  147. Archon
  148. Anagrams of Names
  149. Doubts about empyrean and brevanic people
  150. Matriarch of Pestilence part II
  151. Faction changes.
  152. 2 new raid dungeons
  153. Who will be our friends in the planes
  154. Storm Breaker Protocol
  155. Volan RP
  156. What is the Overseer? (Spoilers)
  157. What are the Ascended now?
  158. WTB Lore
  159. Queen Miela and her demise
  160. Question about the story lore
  161. Matriarch of Pestilence
  162. Collectible book "Asha Catari"
  163. Special Loremaster's Live Stream - Thursday, 3/7 @ 10:00AM Pacific (6PM GMT)
  164. Are these prayers of Layce Adaton..
  165. Lore on the Shapers
  166. Lore Progression Through Rift
  167. Chronicle Order
  168. Do the Ascended souls affect personality?
  169. Chekaroth's Journal - Crucia's plan
  170. TotDQ alternate reality or ours?
  171. Has anything changed yet in the lore about factions and the roleplaying choices?
  172. The New Chronicle and Crucia's superweapon
  173. Too Much Sci Fi too little High Fantasy
  174. Why are there giant dentures in Seratos?
  175. Ashora story quest - could someone tell me what's it about?
  176. Life Springs
  177. Statues
  178. Regulos: Only the Beginning?
  179. Do the Vigil recognize Defiants now?
  180. Question about Cyril Kalmar *possible Spoilers*
  181. Guardians and Constructs
  182. Morban Quest: Do as the Morbans Do
  183. Lore Q&A from the past
  184. The Ward?
  185. Colonel Dragas
  186. So let me get this straight
  187. The blade in the new dungeon..
  188. Storm Legion - Who's really the bad guy?!?
  189. Storm Legion - The mostly NAKED blue eyed babe
  190. religious undertones with gardions "WHY"
  191. Emissary to the Icewatch
  192. Confuzzled, Help, Kinda a lore/that doesnt make sense :)
  193. The Failsafe - not originally built to save telara?
  194. Bahralt's icon
  195. Xeno's Theory of Rift (long)
  196. Any one else annoyed?
  197. Dear Dev's - is this a "Easteregg"
  198. Lore: a plea
  199. What was Konstantin guarding?
  200. Does Zareph ever return?
  201. Cat Fight
  202. interesting comment from the new lore diary
  203. What Is The History Behind The Conquest Factions?
  204. @Class Lore Writers: will we be getting more Calling/Soul lore in the near future?
  205. A question about Rift's origins....
  206. Lore Q/A
  207. History of Telara Lore Q&A
  208. More lore please (or just get rid of it altogether)
  209. Infinity Gate
  210. Elf/Kelari maturity
  211. Current Lore team/Head?
  212. Is the lore team still around?
  213. Is Hylas dead?
  214. A new lore Q&A?
  215. Something I've Been Wanting To Say.
  216. Nightfall
  217. 575
  218. Conscientious objector.
  219. I was curious about something...
  220. What spell would have..
  221. NPC roleplayers
  222. What are these platform things?
  223. NPC question (founders of the souls)
  224. Orphiel in the defiant starting zone
  225. Simple question on Idols.
  226. My hope for a new expansion
  227. Have Ley Lines ever been mentioned in the lore?
  228. Has Regulos only been banished once before..
  229. Is Telara our "Planet"
  230. So wait... if the "new continents" are named Brevane and Dusken...
  231. The Storm Legion and the terrible Ethian Power
  232. Third Rock from the Sun?
  233. Ascended pregnancies
  234. It is time for the current lore to change.
  235. Name that artifact
  236. Questions about the bosses of Hammerknell
  237. This is Orphiel
  238. Question to the devs o to anyone who knows.
  239. Can't enjoy the Defiant lore, anyone else with me?
  240. The Bahmi ancestral lands: Rhaza'de Canyons
  241. Question!
  242. Questions on some mobs in EI
  243. I think I have it pieced together...
  244. Would it be possible Lore-wise....
  245. Just wondering when the lore on the RIFT main site will be corrected.
  246. What's the lore about Infiltrator Johlen?
  247. Who actually dies, who is just dispelled/temporarily-killed?
  248. Who is Asphodel's satyr?
  249. History of Telaran Callings and Souls (Unofficial)
  250. Any powerful Lore Weapons in Rift lore?