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  1. Lore Musings 101
  2. The Lore Behind the Rifts
  3. Requesting a Lore Video from Trion
  4. I've done research and answered some questions regarding the storyline.
  5. Questions concerning... ascendation?
  6. Some lore questions
  7. The Lore seems really bad.
  8. Question about Lore
  9. The Defiant are not about Science.
  10. Language - Why English?
  11. Face Markings - What do they represent?
  12. Online Collector's Editiion Comic Book Download
  13. A question.
  14. CB5 ... Fun Lore that YOU found.
  15. Guardian/Defiant - Motivation to play/ Lore Soup
  16. Bahmi Pronunciation?
  17. In respect to Telera, where do the tutorials take place?
  18. Lore Books ... Lets compile a list !!!
  19. Who is this character?
  20. Planar nodes?
  21. Ascended question.
  22. Earth
  23. Maybe I am missing something
  24. Is it just me, or are the cinematics kind of hard to follow?
  25. Lore changes coming ... Morgan steps in
  26. Guardian intro movie
  27. Where are the origins of the various Ascended classes?
  28. Info|Lore: Plain and Simple
  29. Lore: Here's what I dont get
  30. DId i see that right?
  31. So...
  32. Regulos' Plot?
  33. Where to begin ?
  34. Lore Audio Books
  35. Lore Question of the day! ... for the Lore team.
  36. Looking into Rift's Future. (speculation)
  37. Lore- Defiant Winning?
  38. Heritage Question
  39. Guess: What souls do the faction leaders have?
  40. Ever think we'll be able to join a dragon cult?
  41. What soul lore are you waiting for?
  42. Lore Behind Death Mechanics?
  43. The Defiants are not "bad"/The Guardians are not "good" - alignment.
  44. How do YOU spell the King's name?
  45. Cyril Kalmar - pronunciation
  46. The Rest Of Telara
  47. The Mathosian Empire
  48. I'm Ascended, but who am I?
  49. Lore vs. Builds
  50. Who are the pantheon of the vigil? Has anyone found a List of the gods?
  51. Betrayal?
  52. Where are the dragons imprisoned?
  53. What I love about the elements in the lore.
  54. Lore...as I understand it
  55. Does Scott Hartsman care about lore?
  56. Rift Website Lore summarised
  57. Rift books, any I can buy to learn more about the world?
  58. Question to Devs: Will we be getting a lore page on Shyla?
  59. Just curious, why is there a necromancer class?
  60. How old is Orphiel Fairwind?
  61. What, if any, are the naming guidelines for the two factions?
  62. Guardins kina meh.
  63. Event Info
  64. Manipulation?
  65. Lore buffs...please explain
  66. Clerics and the Defiant
  67. Evil, Horde vs Alliance, and the Defiant
  68. Origin Lore
  69. The Quest is the Quest!
  70. why are two of the defiant blue/purple?
  71. A Lore Suggestion
  72. Perhaps a new race to the Defiants?
  73. Shadowlands?
  74. Ode to the Gods...
  75. Defiant: Life factory Overview
  76. Rift lore and future racial additions
  77. Lore Blog ... Covenant of Telara
  78. Time Line?
  79. Conflicting lore in class page?
  80. The Dragons... What do they all look like?
  81. Expanding on Lore
  82. Novels need to be written and released for this game!
  83. Damn you lore! You're getting in the way of the character I want to play!
  84. Epic just Epic
  85. Is Orphiel Mathosian or Eth?
  86. best way to learn about lore
  87. The lore hits too close to home
  88. Keeping Track of Lore
  89. Timeline Inconsistency?
  90. Mathosian and Eth? and Kelari and High Elvers
  91. Telaratorial Lore Video
  92. Soul Stream
  93. Question about Humans in general in this gam (Mathosians and Eths)
  94. Femdorf thread
  95. Missing Out?
  96. Ten Ton Hammer Reader Submitted Q&A #5 Lore
  97. Locations in the old "Heroes of Telara" trailer.
  98. Enough with the Defiant Lore!!!!
  99. Boar Spear Part 2 is up!
  100. How do Defiant clerics get their power?
  101. Defiant to the End
  102. Defiant from the future?
  103. Timeline of Telara - some issues
  104. Eth History - Simply brilliant!
  105. Etymology of Names in Rift
  106. The Shade and Time frame question
  107. Some questions about the lore...
  108. Telara Chronicles #2 Dec '10
  109. Explain how there are no female dwarves
  110. Books?
  111. How would a Defiant Fly?
  112. Questions on The Vigil and/or other non-bloodstorm Gods.
  113. Is Asha's voice altered becasue of her newfound power?
  114. Pay to Undertand
  115. Faction based Races ?????
  116. Timeline & Clarification
  117. Are the gods powerless unless they have sourcestone?
  118. Are Regulos and the Defiants on essentially the same page? Lore questions too.
  119. Creation of the Ascendant
  120. How much of this is taken from RIFTS?
  121. NPC names and foreign languages
  122. A question about Cliffside Vale
  123. Tales of Telara
  124. Is Religion..
  125. Defiant Resurrections
  126. Cut Scenes?
  127. Any chance on a Troll/Hill giant race?
  128. Souls
  129. Impressed by introductory Assassin lore.
  130. Does race predetermine faction?
  131. Elves vs Dwarves "The Sentinal"
  132. Asha Catari glowing eyes
  133. The Basics
  134. Paladins: Holy Warriors with Divine Powers or Not?
  135. Does Telara have a moon?
  136. Dragon Gods+Civil War+???
  137. Loving the Lore.
  138. What is your story?
  139. Interview with Rick Sanchez - Pages from Telara's comic!
  140. Guardian leader
  141. Confused by Orcri comment in last dev chat
  142. Question to Morgan and Nick
  143. A Couple Questions for Morgan and Nick on Overall Lore
  144. The Dragon Cults revealed
  145. Introducing Your Lore Team!
  146. Source Stones
  147. Who is the female character featured on the homepage and the E3 2010 Defiant trailer?
  148. Will we see a difference between the original Bahmi and the Human/Bahmi offpsring.
  149. Planes
  150. Telara - World or Plane?
  151. The Ward
  152. The Shade
  153. Aedraxis Mathos
  154. The Vigil