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  1. Will there be novels?
  2. Lore Q/A @ RiftRP, round 2. If you have questions..
  3. Regarding thieves, brigands, and pirates in the RIFT universe.
  4. Where is Maelforge?
  5. Does Maelforge have trouble recruiting humanoids?
  6. Raining Coins...
  7. Uriel and Mulia ?
  8. Lore Question: Defiant and Gaurdian Timelines
  9. Kelari and Spirits
  10. How exactly is Magitech used?
  11. Writing the Defiant past --> future?
  12. List of River of Souls World Event Bosses?
  13. Who is the Vigil?
  14. Ok where is Aldburgh the Guardian starter village later?
  15. Asha Catara Thedeor Fields
  16. Uriel Chuluun *SPOILERS*
  17. Kelari and Death Magic
  18. Iron Pine Peak Lore
  19. Lore questions to expand on
  20. so is the aelfar defeated after greenscales raid
  21. Do you think we'll ever fight Regulos?
  22. Carwin Mathos is Ascended?
  23. What does Caelia find?
  24. Warmaster Galenir, where did he come from?
  25. Prophecy of Kain
  26. How many are literate?
  27. RIFT Podcast #13 - Lore Discussion
  28. The Rise and Fall of the Mathosian Empire (TGN lore videos)
  29. Lack of DETAILED Interactive History
  30. Sources for Lore
  31. Guardian players and the Defiant future
  32. 8 years after present day: Meridian is sacked by the Guardians
  33. Guardians, Defiant, and why they're at war (a reminder/summary)
  34. Lore question for RP purposes
  35. How defiant heal?
  36. LF Druid & Fae lore
  37. A lil help on Phase 3 dialogue
  38. Is Alsbeth even trying to take over Telara?
  39. Alsbeth: Killing an Ascended
  40. Kelari Exodus: Mona or Vie?
  41. If Kain is a paladin...
  42. The Vigil gave Ascended technology to the Defiants
  43. Aurum Catari
  44. Starting zones and building bias
  45. Lantern Hook future
  46. The Defiant "Future"
  47. Frederick Kain
  48. A question of souls
  49. My crazy/random Orphiel theory
  50. Defiant future = Guardian failure?
  51. Alsbeth...
  52. Defiant Inquisitor
  53. Guardians: Borrin Gammult
  54. Defiant body and personality questions.
  55. Defiant Ascended Time of Origin - Is there a canonical answer?
  56. Who are the gods and what do they do?
  57. RIFT: A paradox
  58. Kain the fallen
  59. World size and more
  60. Question about Guardian Ascended in Defiant Starting Zone
  61. [Q] Pertaining to The Ward, Rifts, and The Blood Storm
  62. RiftCore Interviews the Guardian and Defiant Lead Lore Writers!
  63. Ascendants and food.
  64. Demons in the mythos?
  65. Does Greenscale die in Greenscale's blight?
  66. Neddra and Warlocks: Serious Timeline Error?
  67. Jabarik & the Dragonslayer Covenant
  68. Who founded Meridian City?
  69. (Suggestion) More in-game exposition about the Dragons
  70. Lore question for the Devs. re: Alsbeth
  71. Alsbeth and the River of Souls
  72. do you ever think that..
  73. Orphiel
  74. Questions about a quest: Anti-Intelligence Report
  75. Books in the Starting Area
  76. Question about the landmass of Telara
  77. Bahmi Tribes
  78. PC kelari, vs NPC kelari
  79. What species is sylver
  80. Two questions regarding High Elves
  81. Trail of Deceit RP doesn't make sense: spoilers.
  82. the beta cinimatic
  83. So, who are the good guys, here?
  84. How exactly do rifts work?
  85. Relationship between the various Blood Storm dragons or lack thereof?
  86. What are Defiant Ascended?
  87. I don't get Orphiel Farwind
  88. Iron Pine Peak. George RR Martin influence?
  89. Defiant and Religion
  90. Won Odego
  91. RIFTLore FAQ7 "Factional Philosophies"
  92. Boar Spear complete! Thoughts!
  93. The Vigil could be dead?
  94. You don't understand the lore
  95. Sourcestone and the question of good versus evil.
  96. Are there more time lines?
  97. Defiant hypocrisy?
  98. Imprisoned Minds quest
  99. Greenscale Demise?
  100. lore questions please be patient
  101. New lore ... Alsbeth
  102. The Size of the Mathosian Continent and Scale
  103. Roleplaying with the Lore at Hand
  104. Neddra and the origin of warlocks
  105. New lore ... By leads @riftrp
  106. Linguistic roots of the Rift random name generator.
  107. Day/Night Cycle?
  108. Hmm, cant seem how it all started.
  109. Clearing the Air: Comic Book
  110. CoT RIFT Lore Blog (URL Address Change)
  111. Orphiel
  112. Asha's markings in Mathosia?
  113. What it all comes down to...I think...
  114. Good and Bad vs more Bad?
  115. Voice acting: Is it Sean Pertwee?
  116. Guardians using Tech?
  117. A question regarding Defiant Lore and RP
  118. Voice acting..
  119. Defiant: Can you meet your past self?
  120. Why didn't the Vigil pick any defiant for ascension?
  121. The Fall of the Eth? [Possible Spoilers]
  122. Timeline!
  123. Trion copywriter, checking in
  124. Laethys--The "Gold Dragon"?
  125. Lifespans in Telara?
  126. Timeline and age
  127. Rift Lore Collective
  128. quest - By the power of the vigil
  129. Guardian presence in Fortune's Shore
  130. Leader of the Freemarch Wardens, and who are the Eldritch Seekers? :confused:
  131. Human homelands?
  132. Where doe Asha Catari live?
  133. Fairies
  134. Guardian/Defiant characters' place in history?
  135. Terminus Book?
  136. Care and Imprisonment of Changelings - Needs some major work
  137. The Titans
  138. Lore Rule 0: Your sources are biased
  139. Quest - The Care and Imprisonment of Changelings
  140. Orphiel in the Guardian starting area got new lines?
  141. Population Estimates
  142. Faction alignments.
  143. So are your fellow players not ascended, in the story?
  144. Trying to understand story
  145. Which came first? Telara or sourcestone?
  146. Potential Origins of the Vigil, or the my ramblings as I plunge through the Wiki!
  147. "Fill the air...." and other over used phrases
  148. Asha and Orphiel - What classes?
  149. Favorite Alsbeth illumination quest
  150. Dragon Rivalries
  151. dwarves out of place?
  152. Lore confusion: chance of spreading through internet?
  153. quest - by the power of the vigil - where is overwatch?
  154. Silly questions
  155. Elf ears
  156. Profane Priests (Mirror of Ages)
  157. Is it Ascended or Ascendant?
  158. Ideas on improving the lore?
  159. Lore does not connect
  160. How about a Rift Novel
  161. Is it normal that I hate both sides ?
  162. Aklyios and Crucia.
  163. Mirror of Ages?
  164. Is there a place online with the the books found so far in the game copied to read?
  165. Little Confused on the Time Line
  166. Zero Defiant Races 'Chosen'
  167. A Problem with the Intro video Kelari
  168. The bird in the trailer
  169. The Official Lore Appreciation Thread!
  170. Cognitive Dissonance and the Defiant
  171. no pistols ?
  172. Potential Insight
  173. The Cults and their foundation
  174. 3rd Faction, Outcast, Freebooters, whatever you call them: Input Needed...
  175. The Names of Telara
  176. Achievements tracking?
  177. Greenscale Cliffhanger /cry
  178. Dragons
  179. Defiant Clerics and RP: powered by a faith they dont believe in
  180. GREAT setting, HORRIBLE writing.
  181. Any changes or clarifications to lore in Beta 7?
  182. Can Ascended "Die"?
  183. Markings: Sign of the Ascended, or just tattoos/warpaint?
  184. Are there plans for a third faction?
  185. Still trying to get my head around ascended/souls
  186. About Arissia from the Greenscale short.
  187. Defiant - Is this my body?
  188. Who are the writers for Rift?
  189. Poor Tom in Sanctum, Parallel Universes and are the Defiant actually Invaders
  190. The Thirteen Tribes of the Eth
  191. Soooooo Trion are big fans of Vampire the Masquerade I see.
  192. An Interesting Question/Theory
  193. The Kelari
  194. Confusion about Alsbeth
  195. Guardian vs. Defiant intros
  196. Hoping someone can help me attain a little clarity on timeing
  197. Maps/Lore Help - Anyone?
  198. Timeline Help
  199. Carwin Mathos?
  200. Lore vs Lore ... Fun Game before OB
  201. The Bodies (Fragments of Bone) Orgins
  202. Do Human's Age??
  203. Defiant Starting Zone
  204. Splitting hairs about the ascended
  205. True Ascension: Defiants
  206. Is the lore still being tweaked?
  207. Making a promise. Read all lore and Quests!
  208. Lore behind the shard (server) names?
  209. Who Saved Telara? A Perspective
  210. We need an official timeline.
  211. Guardians one-dimensional in-game
  212. game story, lore anything PDF
  213. In-game story / lore vs RP-background
  214. Guardian Lore vs Defiant Lore
  215. Re: The Boar Spear
  216. Are all Defiants from the future and if so then why not just tell Guardians about it?
  217. ZAM's Rift Dev Blog #6 - Ascension as a Guardian
  218. Lore finding in-game and exploration
  219. Understand Guardian lore but some questions about Defiant lore
  220. A noob confused.
  221. race leaders?
  222. Story quests, torture and the lore that runs through the game and the factions...
  223. No Choice but to be "Ascended"?
  224. Orcs in our future?
  225. Massively has a good Lore piece
  226. New lore ... Orphiel farwind
  227. Shadowlands?
  228. A question.
  229. Lore lover's welcome RP guild
  230. The Rebirth of an Ascended
  231. "You are the hero"
  232. About Shyla on the site pages.
  233. Gonna start a guild on an RP server but first...
  234. Rifts
  235. CB6 ... Fun Lore YOU Found Question
  236. What Lore??????
  237. Do Guardians stop aging?
  238. Asha Catari, you so crazy!
  239. Thank God for this forum. All this time travel... And Trion, you need to do THIS ..
  240. Guardian 20 year fastforward
  241. A quest in game, questlore.
  242. The Harbringer of Regulos. (Funnies in the Lore)
  243. The Sixth God
  244. Really?
  245. Lore question
  246. Question...
  247. Opening cinematic
  248. Huge thanks to ... Erik "zann" adams ... The lore community is greatful
  249. New lore ... Forthcoming
  250. Noob initial thoughts from starting areas