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  1. "That sanctum building" - word of the day
  2. is Primus one of the Titan's name?
  3. Do artifacts have lore value? or just a out of game experience?
  4. How is Maelforge standing alone, but he's in a alliance with Laethys?
  5. Does Uriel Chuluun work for the Abyssal? Conspiracy perhaps...
  6. Does the Troll race come from the plane of Earth, or Life?
  7. How you believe the Faceless Man escaped Akylios when under the sea?
  8. disappointed with Stillmoor
  9. Speculation
  10. Standing stones
  11. Have we seen the last of Alsbeth?
  12. So what is Crucia's angle?
  13. Seed Planters :) that surround Joseph the Mystic..
  14. The first Prophet of Travil
  15. The origin of the Ogres
  16. New Mounts - Question
  17. Does the Elemental Planes only exist as a connection to Telara or other worlds?
  18. Maelforge PoV and ancient Eth
  19. Anything in the lore that explains why Defiants are blue?
  20. Dragon tails
  21. Kain makes it to the future!?
  22. A Rift Community Chat
  23. Vlad lore?
  24. VERY interesting PoV from Maelforge.
  25. Egalitarian Elves?
  26. Whats with teh march warden at Freemarch?
  27. Storyline Without Breaking Lore?
  28. Little Lore
  29. Porticulums
  30. New Parade leaders (Phase 3 CotA)
  31. Races, Lore, and Classes
  32. How's about this for Eth clerics?
  33. Infernal Dawn
  34. Port Scion book referances ember isle...and Shi-Ming?
  35. Quick, possibly stupid, question.
  36. Of Sourcestone
  37. what does Uriel speak of?
  38. What do the Vigil plan? (fate of the Ascended)
  39. Looking for a reference to the extended prophecy
  40. I find myself wondering again, how deep the writers of Trion go..
  41. Eboni, 'lost city'
  42. Relics are Evil
  43. Is the Vigil
  44. Does Sylver have a sister?
  45. A Hypothetical Question
  46. Why the hell is there a fetus in a jar in Meridian
  47. Idea - Zereph Faction
  48. Zareph: Is he Guardians or Defiances?
  49. Faceless Man is still faceless 20 years into the future!!
  50. Lore Compendium
  51. The story put together?
  52. Are ascended attuned (secondary) souls actually in the body?
  53. what if the Vigil wanted magitech to run rampant?
  54. Ascended, Souls, and death.
  55. Lore source
  56. Thomas Penthas
  57. Wait, as a Guardian, did I die twice in the begining?
  58. Defiant vs Guardian: What did you pick and why?
  59. Could there be somebody in the lore more powerful than the dragon gods and the Vigil?
  60. RoS Chronicle laying a Foundation?
  61. The Defiant... and Clerics?
  62. Are the Vigil the only known gods in Telara?
  63. Proposal for a RP Workshops on Faeblight.
  64. Guardian Communications ?
  65. Day/Night Cycle
  66. Why does...
  67. Location of Whitefall?
  68. Weddings, soulmates, and the ascended
  69. Valmera: Any lore regarding them?
  70. Background Lore of Alsbeth in Dungeons?
  71. Dwarves rule of course but,
  72. Discussion: Joint AH- a violation of lore?
  73. When did the shade happen?
  74. Port of Scion: City, Map ??
  75. Trion - keep a steady focus on the story.
  76. Reason for Kelari Leaving?
  77. dragons together
  78. Drowning in Snow is complete
  79. Quantum (Stream) Mechanics -Limitations, or Limitless?
  80. Davek and Defiants
  81. The Dwelaris
  82. Will a Rift lore character ever reach these heights?
  83. Who is Maelforge's Lieutenant?
  84. Hidden Lore?
  85. Porticulums in Mathosia
  86. Are Kira Thanos and Uriel Chuluun gay?
  87. Hammerknell Lore
  88. What new things would you like to see installed into the Lore and Game environments?
  89. Underwater Zone
  90. Rifts gone wild in Stonefield
  91. Nalthema
  92. rift creatures
  93. Day/Night Cycle
  94. ZAM interveiw and Ember Isles (Possible Spoilers)
  95. mathosia starting area
  96. Ember Isle Lore: Conflicts with current lore
  97. Lore and quest questions from a new player.
  98. Loyal guardian ascended in lore?
  99. Ember Isle Lore
  100. Potential Spoilers about Leathys
  101. Is this new lore?
  102. Question About The Noteable Characters Section
  103. Are the ascended biologically alive?
  104. [Lore] Racial Factions - Why?
  105. Just curious
  106. A Time of Peace
  107. Asking about RoS Lore
  108. Possible to bypass starting area?
  109. only
  110. Just need some quick questions answered
  111. Will there be books?
  112. who is Caldera looking for?
  113. How much time in Telara has passed since the start of the game?
  114. My Dream Was RUINED!
  115. The Adrianna Weaver quests...
  116. Thoughts
  117. Question
  118. What do the Gods of the Vigil look like?
  119. I love all the new lore added :)
  120. Konstatin
  121. A link that has questions and answers from the Lore Team
  122. Why towers no help?
  123. Guardian not as midevil as we thought?
  124. Guardian side lore?
  125. Shyla and Hylas
  126. Vigil As One? Or, Alliance of Gods?
  127. Does Trion have Half Races in the lore?
  128. Locale
  129. game time paradox
  130. Black and White
  131. Defiant body and soul matching
  132. Continents and size
  133. End of mathosia(spoiler for new players)
  134. An add-on
  135. Life beyond death.
  136. My Guardian char meet a Defiant girl in Stillmore....
  137. I wonder what happen to Prince Zareph
  138. Lore Wise Sentinals fight with 1hander Swords, how come we cant?
  139. (Slowly Growing Colder) how come we are sent into the same place to kill the ally?
  140. Whats the deal with Defiant bases having a fetus inside a glass? what they doing?
  141. Does the Vigil prohibit sex before marriage?
  142. Bags (their capacity) and any supporting lore
  143. imbalance between Defiants and Guardians
  144. If you had to join a Dragon Cult...
  145. Orphiel not with the Defiant in the future: was this a retcon from the lore change ?
  146. Are the dragons actually evil? The second Dragon Theory.
  147. Ships!
  148. Lorewise are Shaman melee fighters or Casters?
  149. The dragon theory
  150. Lore Conflict? I SAY YES!
  151. Fae from a Death Rift? whats the lore behind that?
  152. (Airships/Blimps/Zeppelin/etc) any flying vehicles in the lore of Telara?
  153. Gilded Prophecy
  154. What year is it?
  155. How are Defiant Ascended chosen?
  156. Dragon Names & Cult Followers
  157. Whitefall Steppes: Escalation and the Guardians
  158. Best mages: Eth or Bahmi
  159. Who was the first Defiant Paladin?
  160. The King became the Avatar of Regulos, but we destroyed the avatar in starter area
  161. Where in the world is Terminus?
  162. Templar Delsin
  163. Where the hell was farwind in the future!?
  164. 'Mortals'
  165. Pre-Shade Kelari
  166. Dragon Death(?) or Banishment?
  167. What is the overall Timeline?
  168. Defiant Clerics
  169. So... are we(the awesome Defiants) making our own Ascended now in the present?
  170. The Dragon Prisons or: Where the hell is Maelforge?
  171. caelia the stormtouched
  172. Sylver and meaning of ...............
  173. Scarwood Reach?
  174. A question on High Elven age.
  175. What's the story behind the estate where the charhounds are in Stilmoor?
  176. Kelari Isles
  177. Joseph
  178. How would you rate aspects of Rift's lore?
  179. The Vigil pulling back from Telara
  180. Why Guardians Don't Get Free Speech (ENORMOUS Post)
  181. Strange stones everywhere....
  182. *Spoiler* Water Saga Quest Question in Lore
  183. Need some info on sourcestones...
  184. Would lore support a playable cultist faction?
  185. Deeps
  186. Things I Didn't Know (About Rift Lore)
  187. Death of Gods?
  188. Any novels on the horizon ?
  189. comics, novels, etc.
  190. Lord's Hall
  191. Wait, what?
  192. Racial Languages?
  193. Sky Sigil in FC and Freemarch?
  194. NPC conversations tht make you wonder....
  195. Lore bits on Thontic
  196. About Scarwood
  197. See the start of p4?
  198. Lore Q&A 2.0
  199. Defiants take Meridian
  200. Are There Other Continents?
  201. Lore Discussion: Possibility of New Races?
  202. Faceless Man's voice...
  203. Trion...you actually dropped this hammer?
  204. Maelforge location...
  205. What does a Shard Stone actually do?
  206. In-Game Lore
  207. Guardian Starter Zone - Regarding Orphiel's presence
  208. Why Wasn't Orphiel at the Failsafe?
  209. Does anyone know what happened to Rift Lore?
  210. Question form a noob !
  211. How unique are the ascended?
  212. Some questions
  213. The Boar Spear - Just read.
  214. Gloamwood- Date of settling and other events?
  215. Ascended, and Sources of Power
  216. Rich Yummy Lore... Yrt Lack of its Representation In-Game = No Bueno
  217. Meridian description error
  218. Alsbeth carrying around a grudge still?
  219. How far back in time did I travel?
  220. Defiant Ascended numbers?
  221. Guardians Vs Defiants -Major Lore Issue - The don't seem to be at war really
  222. Marshal Kain's Story *SPOILERS*
  223. Questions... Where do our Souls come from.. Soulstream i know i know Defiant side
  224. Inquiry regarding the war status between Guardians and Defiants
  225. "Good" vs. "Evil"
  226. Starting Zone: You never actually "Go back in time"
  227. Question about Guardians
  228. The Plane of Light?
  229. Dragon Cults need more flavor
  230. So if it`s so easy to corrupt/raise people... why hasn`t Regulos won?
  231. Primal companion question..
  232. Reposted from general discussion. Questions about Ascension and the nature of souls
  233. Lore Question: Kelari Society.
  234. Greenscale and Regulos
  235. How many planes are there?
  236. Speculation on the new object in the middle of Meridian
  237. Can Ascendants Revive Non-Ascendants?
  238. Thorvin's Mighty Hammer
  239. Slivers, would-be :Spoilers:
  240. clarification please!
  241. Freckles
  242. Can non-Ascendents have Ascension powers?
  243. Defiant Starting Area Lore Books Gone?
  244. So defiants can build a time machine but
  245. Rift Lore Timeline on www.dipity.com
  246. Heirachy Of Dragons
  247. Cookie cutter races?
  248. How many days in game for each real life game?
  249. where in the world is mathosia?
  250. A question about the lore