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  1. Just returned
  2. So long Keenblade...
  3. Coming back to RIFT
  4. New Keenblade Raid Progression Thread
  5. T.A.S.C Server Wide Social Events
  6. T.A.S.C of Keenblade Server Wide Social Events
  7. <Pak'Cafan> has moved to Faeblight
  8. <Ethereal Shadows> moved to deepwood
  9. Keenblade Raid Progression
  10. <Trinity> moved to Greybriar
  11. WTB 2x Crystalized Souls and 1x enflamed soul!!!
  12. Rogue LF ID Raiding
  13. late night raiders!
  14. Gearing Up And You
  15. Raid Monday Wednesday & Fridays!
  16. UDH Trio Seeks Guild
  17. Adamintine - Guardian
  18. LF Weekday RotP
  19. Any Guilds needing to fill some spots for HK?
  20. What makes a group or person Wimpy?
  21. <Gods of OLYMPUS > Loyal Rift Players! A group NOT going to play other games!
  22. Guardian : Conviction Hosted Cash Run
  23. Hired gun/dps looking to raid ID for a few weeks.
  24. Warrior DPS looking for Raiding Guild
  25. Bernardo
  26. Hello Keenblade
  27. PvP Brawl
  28. just joined keenblade
  29. Raid Monday Wednesday & Saturdays
  30. Looking for 2 more for RotP Static Group. DPS needed!
  31. @ Stealths
  32. tokiedokie saying bye to 30-39 bracket was fun
  33. achievement partner
  34. The unofficial RL picture thread! Post 'em here =)
  35. LF Guild
  36. Late Post, Shard First! LOL
  37. 10/11 HK Geared Warrior Looking for a Guild
  38. 4/4 hk Tank LFG
  39. Sons of Ro bids farewell to Keenblade
  40. Alt Hk Run- Hosted By Breaking Bads
  41. WAR|DPS|LFGuild 388hit HK geared know all fights,
  42. Tanking site in the making!
  43. so even after leaving Shatterbone GDE is still wimps
  44. Hello Keenblade.
  45. Looking For Guild
  46. Hello, Keenblade!
  47. WTB> Rare Artifacts
  48. "Texas Hold 'em" Tournament, community crafting & rifts ....
  49. Sanctifactum, semi-geared healer looking for progression guild.
  50. TASC Server Wide Crafting Event
  51. Guardian HK PUG was fun
  52. Congrats Pak'Cafan - Server 1st Guild Level 20 !!!
  53. Server-wide "Texas Hold 'em" Tournament!
  54. Raid us more!
  55. Hola Keenblade
  56. looking for my i wanna play raid friends from wow
  57. How is your server?
  58. Rare Spawn Help
  59. Achievement Seekers Unite!!!
  60. Server is full???
  61. Defiant Mages
  62. For those needing crafting mats...
  63. Keenblade - CRAFTING RIFTS - Tonight!
  64. Keenblade Raid Progression
  65. new old man
  66. Ancient Murdantix Spawn Question (Defiant)
  67. Merry Christmas!
  68. Guardian world pvp?? Where is everyone?
  69. Akylios down :)
  70. Lords of Honor Recruiting
  71. Happy Thanksgiving Keenblade!
  72. new player looking for home
  73. Crafting Rifts Anyone?
  74. Raid with T A S C
  75. Open World PVP
  76. Sanctus Covenir - Rebuilding core raiding team
  77. WTB Enchanted Goblin Kuckle Ring
  78. mage LF casual raiding guild
  79. Looking for an active guild
  80. Level 13 guild looking to merge.
  81. <Fovus> is Recruiting!
  82. Dark Aggression - Alsbeth - Defiant
  83. <Mayhem> is Recruiting!
  84. Keenblade Raid Progression (cont.)
  85. @CoS
  86. Bye all - fun pvping against you defiants :)
  87. Mayhem Recruiting
  88. New lvl 50 looking for a home
  89. @Ona, harassing the tank in a T2
  90. {Abyss} recruiting for casual PVE/PVP guild
  91. @pishka
  92. Where are the Defiant Keenblade Players?!
  93. @Broseph
  94. Anyone interested in putting together a run to kill Baron Krevic?
  95. Rogue DPS/Bard looking for Raiding Guild
  96. Shoulder to Shoulder ...
  97. Guardians pvp guild?
  98. Guardian crafting
  99. New Rift player here.
  100. AByss [defiant} Recruiting
  101. Looking for Paper
  102. Considering Guild Xfer to here
  103. Mage looking for PVP group
  104. New Mage Looking For Defiant Guild (Mostly Social, But Flexible)
  105. Mayhem looking for 1 bard and 1 ot/dps warrior for raiding.
  106. How's the dungeon queue on this server ?
  107. Looking to move here
  108. Privately Hosted Ventrilo Server for Keenblade Guilds
  109. Interested in a tournament on Keenblade?
  110. LF someone w/the Deathbringer ring recipe
  111. Mad props to Black Hearts!
  112. Late night guild?
  113. Defiant Guild <Freedom Limited> Looking For Members. EST
  114. If I bought 140 pounds of pudding, would Keenblade come back online?
  115. Keenblade wants life
  116. Shots at Applebee's for the first tech to get Keenblade online
  117. Keenblade server? (question mark)
  118. Did it go back up?
  119. ONLY Keenblade is down?
  120. Keenblade files discrimination suit against Trion
  121. WTF is going on with the server?
  122. Retribution Accepting members Casual LvL 11 guild in rebuild mode
  123. Low Population or is there something else going on???
  124. Casual and fun guild looking for new members! (DEFIANT)
  125. Hello SWG Refugee Looking For Former
  126. Watch out for thieves
  127. 50 Warrior looking for Keenblade Raiding guild
  128. bard LF raiding guild
  129. NeoGenesis is Recruiting
  130. [Guardian] WTS List of Influential Debtors
  131. PvP Fight Night
  132. Guardian <-> Defiant Plat swap
  133. LF Geared people to do T1/2 Achievements, AM EST.
  134. [defiant] buying game breaking exploit
  135. GUARDIAN: Looking For Artifacts...
  136. The Eternal Watch is recruiting
  137. <Perfect Little Accident> is recruiting raiders.
  138. [G] Looking to Transfer
  139. [D]<Synthesis> Transfer guild from a dead shard, recruiting for dungeons and raids!
  140. Any Eastern of Central Timezone based Semi-Casual/Raiding Guilds Looking for More?
  141. beginning quests in Freemarch - anyone else having problems
  142. Late Night Guild Recruiting-Defiant
  143. Nephilim - Guild Open to new members! (DEFIANT)
  144. Australia Guilds
  145. @ Aeetes
  146. I Wouldn't Expect Anything More From Keenblade - Exploit (with video proof)
  147. <The Hellbound> Late Night Defiant Guild
  148. Serious Guardian Raider looking for a RAIDING GUILD
  149. Project Follow Through
  150. Defiant casual adult guild recruiting all classes and levels
  151. @Alpha's premade from deepstrike
  152. Bal Maethor Recruiting (Guardian)
  153. Looking for raiding
  154. Dedicated Raider LFGuild 10-2am est
  155. Keenblade Premades
  156. Warfronts
  157. DOMINION is recruiting!
  158. Hello from T A S C !
  159. Keenblade Raid Progression
  160. Mithril <Guardian> is recruiting!
  161. TLA Recruiting for Raiding (EST|Guardians)
  162. All purpose Defiant Rogue LF Guild
  163. Defiant Cleric Looking for Guild
  164. Couple Looking For Late Night Guild
  165. Be a part of the -MAD- family, we're recruiting!
  166. Keenblade, don't be afraid to join Warfronts
  167. <Forgotten Destiny> Recruiting (Guardian)
  168. PST Primetime - Defiant
  169. Eternal Destiny <Guardian> Recruiting
  170. Global channel
  171. Mithril (Guardian) Raiding Guild is Recruiting
  172. DOMINION (guardian) is recruiting!
  173. The Most Interesting Man On Keenblade
  174. Looking for shard
  175. <Trinity> is recruiting. Defient side EST guild.
  176. Guardian or Defiant
  177. Clan of Shadows is Recruiting Guardians!!!
  178. <For Science> Recruiting (Casual raiding, Defiant)
  179. @Sithius <Blood Wrath>
  180. +++ Storm Watch +++
  181. Keenblade Screenshots - post em!
  182. To the lovely Guardians at Sanctum!
  183. Experienced Raiders looking for a future Raiding guilld [Guardian].
  184. Crafters list
  185. /Join Trading for Guardians to trade items and artifacts
  186. Hello, my (game) name is.....
  187. Keenblade Guild Progression
  188. Looking for Guild
  189. @Kalte
  190. TLA Recruiting for Raiding, End Game PVE & PVP Focused [Guardians], EST
  191. Syntax Recruiting
  192. [G] Justified!! US-Keenblade
  193. Zandrox
  194. @people gouging apothecary mats
  195. Guild Perks!?
  196. LF pvp grp
  197. LFG Channel For Keenblade?
  198. Our server makes me sad
  199. 50 war/clr husband/wife combo seeks folks in similar situation
  200. dad-nerd looking for a guard guild that can put up with this long, dumb post
  201. Kingswood nodes broken in Moonshade Highlands
  202. [G] Warrior DPS/Tank looking for guild...
  203. Sorry, it has to be said.
  204. Group LF Adult Defiant Guild
  205. Defiant - Looking for Cinerium Bar / Polished Shadethorn Lumber
  206. [VIDEO] Rift Running - Old Timers Style!
  207. [Guardians] Old Timers Guild Opens Recruitment
  208. RIFT! DANCE! GO! (video)
  209. Order of Darkstar Enlist Now!
  210. Any Late Night (12am EST+) Guilds out There?
  211. Merchant guilds?
  212. Why is our server so lame?
  213. Serious Lag!!!
  214. Guild Search!
  215. [Guardian] Player Looking for guild (Outlaw)
  216. Grats to our new lvl 50s!
  217. For Science! [D]
  218. Guardian - Armorsmith & Runecrafter LFW
  219. Ascendence is recruiting (Guardian)
  220. Music
  221. Armorsmith for Hire ... Defiant
  222. Hello, Keenblade
  223. Pally/Reaver macros
  224. [Guardian] Templar Knights recruiting
  225. SWAT here on Keenblade!
  226. Silly Defiant Player giving us Achievements :)
  227. Stability
  228. Nexilis Guild looking for members [Defiant]
  229. Looking for Serious PvE Progression Guild [Defiant]
  230. Que Times??
  231. 30 minutes til Head Start!!
  232. Thanks for all the guild names you guys are listing!
  233. Defiant Guild? CST ?? Over 30???
  234. Am I ready? Need Approval by all PLEASE RESPOND BEFORE 10am
  235. [D] Eulogy
  236. Twitter Hash Tags
  237. What will you be eating/drinking during launch?
  238. Calling all Defiant Leaders
  239. Lets do a quick head count
  240. LF mature PVE guild that plans to raid 8-11ish PST
  241. LFG with eve raid times
  242. Headstart Eve...
  243. <Plan B> (Defiant) Announces Merge
  244. The Eternal Watch comes to Keenblade!
  245. What time zone was this shard on during beta?
  246. PvP based on PvE
  247. Welcome to Keenblade
  248. 2 Guardian Sides No Difiant Side
  249. Time to play the game!
  250. House of Scorpio Moon - Defiant - Casual Style Mature Guild