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  1. Millrush = Medium
  2. <Sunder> Server First Akylios
  3. Shard Being Converted to Trial Shard On 1/18/12
  4. Official Guild Transfer Thread
  5. Oh Brother, Where art Thou (where is your guild going?)
  6. Belmont to be turned into a trial shard, post comments.
  7. Belmont to becom a trial shard?
  8. I want to thank Sunder!!
  9. New to Rift
  10. Happy Holidays Belmont!
  11. **Any small defiant guilds want to raid in HK on the weekends?**
  12. From Reborn Destiny, Happy Holidays! :)
  13. <Unknown Chaos> Starting HK Progression
  14. Official server progression thread 2.5
  15. HK in 14 Days or Less
  16. WTB (GUARDIAN) Rift Raid Farming Group (Heart of the Tide)
  17. <-- Reborn Destiny --> Recruitment Open for Raiders and Casuals (Defiant Guild)
  18. <Pinnacle> Defiant - Secondary GSB/ROS recruitment
  19. in b4
  20. <Banished from Stormwind> Casual family oriented guild recruiting.
  21. server progression
  22. Do Defiants Raid HK anymore?
  23. Looking for Casual Guild!!!
  24. Official server progression thread 2.0
  25. Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
  26. Rift Extra Life Event
  27. Looking for Casual Guild
  28. <Divide by Zero> Casual Guardian Guild
  29. WTB Your (guardian) sandcovered robe.
  30. Defiant 42 Warrior, Looking for Guild
  31. Looking for Defiant Guild
  32. <Flatline> Guardian Guild Seeking Raiders
  33. Refugees Guild from Gnarlwood is looking to finish Raid Force
  34. Master DD
  35. New 1.5 MM Spec!!!
  36. Very new to this game
  37. Looking for Defiant Side Crafter: Spirit Beacon
  38. Malecondrius for President!
  39. Defiant DPS/Tank Warrior LFG GSB
  40. Any Guilds recruiting for Afternoon Raiding...
  41. Downtime enDulges!
  42. Gsb pug sign up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  43. {TOXICA} Defiant Guid (Social/Casual) recruiting
  44. Guardian Queue Times
  45. defiant or guardian.
  46. GSB PUG Sat/Sun 12-3pm ST
  47. Artificier wanted: Sign of the keeper
  48. @ Blankaa, Guardian Rogue in xCC
  49. Cleric tanking shield - Ward of the Keeper
  50. Population Imbalance
  51. Server down! Cluster down!
  52. 3 Guardians, Seeking New Home
  53. I have an embarrassing question!
  54. Belmont down
  55. Open World PvP
  56. Hi all, new player here, looking for a good shard to move to from trial...
  57. Questing
  58. Trion Event?
  59. Hello from Reborn Destiny!
  60. Introduction
  61. New Level 50 Guardian DPS Warrior Looking for Guild
  62. Just started Rift
  63. Looking for a guild or players for evening raids
  64. Skilled Warrior LF Guild.
  65. Looking for...I dunno yet.
  66. good shard to transfer to?
  67. Help a brotha out
  68. LFGuild- Experienced Players- 2/50s War/Tank & Mage DPS, 2 lvl46 cleric alts Tank/DPS
  69. Damsyl is a Man
  70. lf guild
  71. 3 transfer questions.
  72. Rubberbanding/Lagging in Belmont
  73. Order of Shadows Bugging Herald for there kill
  74. Looking for a Defiant guild
  75. Happy I chose Belmont.
  76. Small Defiant Guild Needs Small Defiant Guild for Raiding
  77. Anyone know any Eastern Time Zone Shards?
  78. Belmont survey!
  79. 2 Players Looking For Guild!
  80. Peak Time
  81. Podcast NOW based from your server ANd guilds Transfered
  82. Server Population?
  83. Gaurdian: PUG raids and LFG queue times
  84. Population of our Server?
  85. Group of friends looking to server transfer
  86. <Heretic> seeks a raid alliance
  87. Achievment Scores?
  88. Low Server population?
  89. Welcome to OUR cluster Belmont
  90. Belmont Guardians
  91. Dear Belmont Defiant
  92. 5-6 5/5 GSB Players are coming to Belmont.
  93. Black Company looking for Archon
  94. Looking for place to level Defiant
  95. Former EQ Player on Tholuxe
  96. Hello everyone, was wondering (guardian)
  97. Dedicated Rader LFGuild 10-2am est
  98. casual player looking for alt friendly guild
  99. Defiant Side Class guidance
  100. Belmont Consolidated Guild Recruitment Threads
  101. Attention
  102. OFFICIAL Server Progression Thread
  103. Implacable Steel Greaves - Defiant
  104. Belmont server crash?
  105. Belmont just crashed ?
  106. Defiant Curiosity
  107. So how was the event?
  108. You Looking for more people?
  109. Absolute looking for small guilds to merge with us or members.
  110. Progression Report
  111. Warmaster DOWN for Ez0
  112. Hey,Aigis...
  113. WTB: New Hamster for Belmont.
  114. Server locked as phase 3 ended?
  115. What zone will you/ your guild be in when Phase 2 starts for boss's
  116. Hello, Belmont!
  117. Aigis is now on Twitter!
  118. Beat, Destroy, or Contain
  119. Ez0 Kills Greenscale
  120. Mage LF Mature, Semi-casual guild (Guardian)
  121. Question about WFs here
  122. Guild recruiting
  123. Healers (Clerics) needed
  124. Cleric 'n Warrior LF Late-ish Night
  125. Who is the best
  126. 50 Rogue (Guardian) looking for Cst/Pst guild
  127. Mage LF guild
  128. Question about game mechanics on PVe server and Dcing
  129. Thinking about rerolling to Belmont - Questions.
  130. Mature Raiders LFG
  131. Looking to join a casual guild.
  132. Looking for a large guild with PVP premades
  133. GM's on this server
  134. How are the guardians doing in PvE here?
  135. Rogue duo seeking Guardian guild
  136. [Crafting] Spellstaff of Raging Lightning
  137. T1+T2 Dungeon farming
  138. Elders of the Covenant “Nice to meet you”
  139. Looking for old wow friend....
  140. New to the Server - Hello
  141. Progression information.
  142. Props to Devilman
  143. Gold seller
  144. Belmont Music Thread
  145. RIFT! DANCE! GO! (video)
  146. Looking for a friend from WoW
  147. Laaate Night Guild(s) Anyone Interested on Belmont?
  148. How are the queue's here?
  149. Any Australian / NZ players on Belmont?
  150. PST and Old-People friendly...any guild like that here?
  151. Hello
  152. Pure Distillate on Defiant side
  153. Weird... Help Please
  154. Seems okay
  155. Unable to update Guardian/Defiant guild list.
  156. GOOD Morning Belmont
  157. Moving to Rift from WoW
  158. What makes Belmont so special?
  159. A thread dedicated to complainers.
  160. Character stuck and can't log back in
  161. Patcher hanging at 99% cant log in!
  162. Cool RIFT Day on Syfy
  163. this might be the worst server
  164. we need a new gerbil!!!
  165. WTF with Belmont server
  166. Good day to you all <3
  167. First lvl 50 "JUDGE". What ya think
  168. Defective Server?
  169. Rift Early Access Danceathon
  170. Is the newbie area down?
  171. Too many guild posts are missing important information
  172. Eleventh Hour Guild Open for New Members
  173. Severs down?
  174. Server just die on everyone?
  175. QQueues
  176. Recruiting casual/mature members!
  177. rift patcher wont work
  178. Queues can suck it.
  179. SERVERS ARE UP NOW!1 gogog
  180. Server's are UP, Whats your new Char names? Welcome!!
  181. Severs down?
  182. I think i was first in the server.
  183. Server crash?
  184. Our Ques for Belmont?
  185. Looking for a guild
  186. Once servers are up and chars are created
  187. Lets make this server the best server (PVE)
  188. Looking for an Aus/NZ guild :)
  189. OFFICIAL SERVER THEME MUSIC. In Simon We Trust ^^
  190. Sig Testing
  191. Whats your time zone
  192. Free VIP Keys!
  193. Experienced team of 3 looking for a weekend raiding guild
  194. Progression information.
  195. Infamy, Guardian raiding guild
  196. LF mature PVE Guardian guild that plans to raid 8-11ish PST
  197. LFG with eve raid times
  198. Affinity is coming to Belmont!
  199. Introduce yourself to the server!
  200. What time zone was this shard on during beta?
  201. First Server on the List
  202. LF 3 people!
  203. Someone post a Poll in this area
  204. Element Zero says hey!
  205. Black Company salutes the Belmont shard
  206. Heretic looks forward to seeing everyone in Belmont!
  207. Bard Looking for work =)
  208. Hello
  209. Welcome to Belmont