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  1. A sad (but not expected) day
  2. Shard Being Converted to Trial Shard On 1/18/12
  3. Any guild or or even players left out there?
  4. <Raven's Call>, new guild for active players.
  5. So long, and thanks for all the...
  6. And that's a wrap.
  7. Back...for a little while
  8. @Unq
  9. Sunset on Sunrest (RP Movie)
  10. I challenge anybody here....
  11. Warrio PvP Video post 1.6 aka COP getting ownt and running like a baddie he is
  12. Daggerwind's Message
  13. Guardian Guild looking for Defiant RP
  14. Since that AoA thread got locked before I could reply. (#2)
  15. Since that AoA thread got locked before I could reply.
  16. I like to oat oat oat
  17. All the gaurdian PvP guilds still around?
  18. Sunrest needs Guardians.
  19. farwell rift esti efiu
  20. Zoink is Fwosty?!?!?
  21. a salute from <Divine Order of Ascendants>
  22. Truly sad that so many gaurdians have left
  23. <Breaking Bads> of Seastone is recruiting! (Rogue DPS)
  24. Why I left Sunrest
  25. Big Rifts - A New Project
  26. State of the Server . . . . . .
  27. What is everyone going to play come the 20th?
  28. For those of you who know who I am...
  29. Ticklebandits Manifesto
  30. Whitefall
  31. Relaxed Raiding with 10 HK readies and a few raiding readies
  32. Looking for someone to help test somethings on Sunrest
  33. New PvP Video (dedicated to rogues post 1.5)
  34. EU player - should I re roll here on Guardian side? What do you need?
  35. Great World PvP in IPP Yesterday!
  36. For Zipi and Formi
  37. Platinum Exchange Guardian --> Defiant
  38. Goodbye!
  39. New Too server but coming back from a long extended break and want a guild!
  40. Rift Role-play Community Character Bios
  41. I am arrived!
  42. Would Sunrest make a good home?
  43. RP Story: The Trail of Tears <- (pronounced like bears)
  44. Are you nervous your guild won't be here after Star Wars launch?
  45. A Nightmare on Sunrest - your nightmare
  46. Sunrest Facebook Group.
  47. returning player
  48. Age of Aggression recruiting for Hammerknell progression
  49. Defiants, your PVP game S.U.C.K.S.
  50. Where Are You Weeabu?
  51. Just a hello from fresh favor fodder
  52. Came back, now Looking for home!
  53. Warfront accolades may be affecting my PvE performance...
  54. Sunrest Server Videos
  55. Best of Sunrest
  56. btw
  57. hello im going to be new to the game :)
  58. Looking for <We Are Legend>?
  59. Lookin' for a place to call home
  60. I am Moops and I like tacos
  61. Question for the pvp vets.
  62. Dalty's Saturday Morning Cartoon (Raid)
  63. What defiant guild did I see that was selling relics??
  64. In Other News...
  65. Temporary PvP faction balance shift on Sunrest - dont panic
  66. Planarite Plus Planar Focus Alternatives
  67. any we are legend
  68. 387 Marks of Retribution for full Rank 6 set...
  69. just to clarify...Bluejogo is no more.
  70. Ding 40~
  71. Leading PuG raids in world pvp - dos and donts
  72. wtb bugged raptor mount
  73. Greetings From Sanctum
  74. Trion Customer Service Sucks, Calling on Guardians to remove the botter.
  75. The new "bored at work, bored during the day" thread
  76. Mass Server PVP Invasion. All Guild Leaders, Please Read.
  77. Guardians!! Step your PvP Game Up
  78. -.-
  79. dedicated to crymoor, with love. i present to you a video.
  80. A new guardian cleric for you to use and abuse.
  81. <Morag Tong>
  82. Reckless sayz goodbye!
  83. Waiting on Diablo vs. Inwar Darktide video
  84. small clip of stillmoor shenanigans
  85. LF PvP Guild - P5 Rogue
  86. How is the world PVP on this server?
  87. Pugs
  88. motivation....
  89. Denizen PVP Video
  90. So
  91. whos got the biggest epeen i mean best outfit
  92. Looking to do some cross faction currency trading
  93. Heyo, PvP weekend for funzyz!!!
  94. Wtf, Server Stability?
  95. Lag worse or the same after 1.5?
  96. Just to clarfy..
  97. sooooo, trion fooled us again
  98. Faction balance in RIFT and on Sunrest?
  99. Extra Life Gaming Charity Event
  100. @Venge ?
  101. How is the RP here?
  102. ss thread
  103. Hawt Buns Productions Presents: How To Get Slayed (a PVP video)
  104. Undertow & Wave Goodbye - Drowned Hall Achievement Run
  105. Population Imbalance
  106. Trading gold
  107. Tonight 9pm Est, DJ Monster is back and here what we have in store for you!
  108. Fight Club: starting this weekend?
  109. Surprise!!!
  110. Roggo/Oggor playing agian from harrow at sunrest
  111. Sunrest Questions (Potential Transfer)
  112. Midnight last night in IPP
  113. Hello Everyone
  114. Updated: Sunrest Server Raid Progression
  115. bored at work
  116. So who is buying another year of sub-time for the personal mailbox?
  117. How is the Defiant PVP scene?
  118. World PvP ... Saturday Sept 24
  119. To those I see
  120. Motivation(at least for me)
  121. Adios Rifters
  122. Formi Jr. gave my warrior a hug...
  123. Please give Dayblind a try
  124. Where did they go?
  125. Pain Train
  126. Keeping in Touch
  127. where did they go?
  128. Also tempted to xfer
  129. Server Question
  130. ---Tempted to xfer----
  131. Plat Swap
  132. Crymoor's State of the Server Address
  133. Is this shard dying?
  134. PvP rules regarding to constant killing of the same player?
  135. Looking for a PVP guild (Defiant)
  136. Possible rogue transfer.
  137. Tonight's fights
  138. Tonight's Event
  139. Defiant Placeholder guild up
  140. badfish loves you all
  141. Train kepta rollin...
  142. What a joke.
  143. PVP players unite
  144. The Fallen
  145. Looking for better guardian server
  146. my first post!
  147. <Static> Invites you to raid Sat and Sunday
  148. Now is your chance
  149. Hiya everyone
  150. Rift the Space Odyssey: The Second Encounter
  151. Rhiraden's Sunrest Showdown
  152. 5v5 Week Hosted by Sunrest
  153. Questions
  154. Nice surprise at Phoenix Rise, Empire!
  155. Worth Coming to Sunrest?
  156. Why Trion needs to start taking PvP more seriously
  157. A Word to my "fans"
  158. I'm Sorry
  159. The Death of BofaDee, his bizzle and his mistress (an RP Event)
  160. Saying Hello
  161. Support my thread on warfront boards
  162. Saying Good Bye
  163. WTB Sandcovered Shroud - PM Valthirus (Guardian Side)
  164. Morning everyone...
  165. Dragon Con Rift Meet Up?
  166. Waste
  167. Anyone out tonight
  168. \+/ The Chosen
  169. Can i transfer to this server as a guardian?
  170. @ cinc
  171. IPP 29/Aug/11
  172. Dear *******, (Guardians)
  173. 8/27: Great pvp tonight in IPP guys!!
  174. Aug 27
  175. A Short Film of PvP while doing daily pvp quests
  176. @ Davion's premade
  177. To much butthurt on this server
  178. Guardian PvP Tactics
  179. Plat Swap!
  180. Formi's Hug and Kisses
  181. Pros Only Transferring?
  182. \+/ A Missing Finger and a Plan
  183. Bored of warfronting over and over?
  184. \+/ Clerics and Swan Dives
  185. Guardian to Defiant Platinum Swap
  186. Who run barter town?
  187. \+/ A Band of Street Thugs
  188. \+/ Cloaks, Lutes, Rain, Among Other Things
  189. New permadeath guild
  190. To the Guardians rolling in IPP last ngiht (Fac n' Friends)
  191. The Arrival of LiD to Sunrest and it's FUTURE
  192. Laying it Down's arrival
  193. \+/ Just Another Thief...
  194. So I kicked Hagmilk in the whispering eye the other day.
  195. Guardian looking to transfer to Sunrest
  196. PSA to Guardians of Sunrest:
  197. Ganking at the porticulum
  198. Just hit 50 for the first time!
  199. Dear Meridian... Sorry for killing you all on 11/Aug/2011
  200. Hot Pink THE MOVIE. My 2nd PvP Video dedicated to HoT PinK
  201. Fix the cue times
  202. To The Past Evils
  203. Feed the Guardians!
  204. What are the Guardian Q times like for WF's here? And win/loss ratio?
  205. Que Times for Defiant
  206. <Esti Efiu> GDKP Runs - Saturday 4pm Server
  207. Looking for EST raids
  208. I am worried about the server
  209. Who can craft
  210. Guardian or Defiant?
  211. question
  212. Where Did <Pain.> Go?
  213. Why is it always the Sunrest server cluster?
  214. Good to see the game cant handle even minor oRvR
  215. Let's talk about PvP Rifts
  216. LF defiant armorsmith
  217. Hagmilk first to Rank 8
  218. Wanted to shout out to all the MM on sunrest!
  219. Troll Radio 1.4 and Whitefall PVP Contest
  220. 75-0
  221. To those on the defiant that love world pvp!
  222. How is the open world action here?
  223. HaHa @ New PvP "Feature"
  224. Quakecon livestream while the servers down!
  225. @Guardians
  226. Server still down?
  227. Murdantix 35%...
  228. Server crash 6:10 PM 8-3-2011?
  229. Returning player
  230. Cross-faction RP? How the...
  231. Shard first
  232. Zin Really IS Sunrest's #1 PvPer!
  233. @Hagmilk and the rest of Hot Pink
  234. Lets Promote MORE PvP on this serer
  235. < Masonic X > and < The Illuminati > have reached an agreement...
  236. Hail from the Old World
  237. Currency exchange
  238. What EMPIRE is Really All About.....
  239. < Masonic X > Revealed...
  240. Another great World PVP fight
  241. Slayers vs Empire
  242. Fun with PVP
  243. @Therai
  244. Congrats to Age of Aggression!
  245. Role Playing the Story line
  246. Congrats, Sunrest stalkers!
  247. Any Actual Need?
  248. Any Defiant GSB or GP Pugs going on
  249. 1st Round Ambassador Picks Chosen
  250. How RP heavy are you guys?