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  1. Faeblight in Warfronts
  2. It has come to my attention
  3. Might be migrating but..
  4. New to server? Sign up for a welcome to server goodie bag. (Defiant only)
  5. Wardrobe/Appearance Tab inc.
  6. The Defiant 15th Musket Brigade
  7. Bored? Try turning on your PvP flag!
  8. The Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community Launches RIFT Maps & Guides
  9. 4/20
  10. Guardian or Defiant?
  11. Hi there! :)
  12. Hello new to Rift here.
  13. Nerf Azmond
  14. A trail of breadcrumbs(RP thread)
  15. The Telara Saga: Chapter 4: The Securing of Scarwood Reach - 4/19 & 5/3 @ 6-9PM PST
  16. New to the server (and game) just inroducing myself.
  17. Recap of River of Souls Final Stages [VID]
  18. Potentially silly question...
  19. Themed RP chat channel for Defiants
  20. Looking to start a regular T1/T2 group
  21. So I am working in San JOse now, looking for some suggestions
  22. Faeblight Canadians!
  23. Faeblight down? Population low?
  24. I waited over an hour
  25. Status of Phase 2?
  26. Server full?
  27. Possible reroll hear!
  28. Event Reports
  29. Starting to doubt.
  30. Telaran Artistry Traveling Craft Fair Stop #4, Silverwood 4/24 6pm PST
  31. So! Now that Expert Rifts yield Corrupted Souls....
  32. Music to battle to
  33. Escorts needed!
  34. Vote for my kid! >.>
  35. A "Thank you" thread
  36. What I wake up to.
  37. Invasions? Yep There's A Channel for that...
  38. Looking for guild!
  39. Laughter's Live Stream.
  40. Introducing The Faeblight Community Channel!
  41. More fliers!
  42. Protectors of the Ward now recruiting all Classes
  43. Any Guardian Warfront Premades looking for a healer?
  44. Rolling Here If I Don't Plan to RP?
  45. I cant play guardian anymore.
  46. Defiant Greenscale Raid Friday 4/15 at 6:00pm ST
  47. New to Game/Server looking for guild
  48. New to the game and this server
  49. Hey there, Faeblight!
  50. Hullo Fae -- You've secured 2 more :)
  51. Oceanic Guild for Light RP and FUN
  52. Thaldur the Heretical - Night 1
  53. Thinking of Rolling Faeblight :)
  54. How many Sunrest rerolls?
  55. Looking for an RP guild
  56. Looking for a new Home
  57. I have a confession to make.
  58. Defiant Greenscale Raid, Friday 4/8 at 8:00pm ST
  59. Thanks for the fun Defiant! Hats off to ya! :-)
  60. Telaran Artistry presents Hide and Seek 4/15 7pm
  61. Amagad! I need some help with concept builds.
  62. Just entered the game last night
  63. Hey Guardian Buttheads in Stillmoor
  64. Thinking of rerolling? Come to Faeblight!!
  65. Hello! New Faeblighter... sort of.
  66. Stillmoor- Bugged Zone/World Event
  67. The Telara Saga: Chapter 3: Battle Rages in Scarlet Gorge - Apr 5th & 12th @ 6PM PST
  68. Defiant Oceanic weeknight players?
  69. Post-Invasion Vending Machine
  70. My PvP video! Patch 1.1
  71. Stonefield arti trade (Defiant)
  72. Level 21 cleric healer looking for guild
  73. Ur's healing specs!
  74. Guidelines for Play (for the New/Curious)
  75. If you quit Rift and play on the Guardian side
  76. Tobris seeks guild
  77. Ok (might be a ''repeat'' thread)...but
  78. What do you wish "in training" players knew?
  79. If you get turned into a sheep ...
  80. Farewell and Good Luck, Faeblight and Trion!
  81. From General Forums...
  82. Thank you to the Guardians who came out to Gloamwood last night!
  83. @Guardians Faeblight
  84. Defiant: Need artifacts?
  85. Pie
  86. Important Invasions
  87. Artifacts PSA!
  88. Present for Faeblight (QQ I rage quit)
  89. Defiant Guild Leaders Contact Me
  90. Telaran Artistry Traveling Craft Fair Stop #3, Silverwood 4/8 7pm PST
  91. Looking for Guild
  92. Dead forums are dead....
  93. Type /join CommunityEvents if you would like to be notified of public events
  94. River of Souls/Telara Wide Dynamic Event Planning
  95. Defiant Greenscale raid, Friday 3/25 at 8:00 PM ST!
  96. Big Thanks to Shyusti! Life Raid Rift
  97. LF Guardian guild for rp Event on Tuesday
  98. Forming a consistent group for T1 and T2 xDungeons
  99. Community Events & Faeblight
  100. The Velvet Order RP Get together FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY March 25th!
  101. In-game OOC RP Channel?
  102. RP Event Interest Check
  103. Any EU based guilds/players out there?
  104. Oceanic Players please read
  105. Riddlemaster
  106. Oh oh, now you've done it
  107. Knock-Knock
  108. just had to show proof =)
  109. PvE?
  110. [RP-Klog] No Sign of Garm in Freemarch
  111. Guardian PvE Progression: Let's Kill Crap
  112. My job here is done.
  113. My work here is done.
  114. WTB Scroll of Happiness and Tome of Enchanting
  115. What to do when someone tags your quest mob!
  116. The Telara Saga: Chapter 2: Advancing to Gloamwood - 3/22 & 3/29 @ 6PM PST
  117. OSS Proposition 001 : Stop Rolling Need on Everything
  118. Seeking RP Guild - details inside.
  119. To any casualties in Telaran Artistry's Rift Smashing tonight.
  120. @ a certain member of Gaiscioch!
  121. Defiant Assualt on Sanctum
  122. Friendly Warning
  123. Hey defiant *******s in stillmoor
  124. Home Sweet Home
  125. Official St. Patrick's day joke thread!
  126. Hello Faeblight
  127. Longer PVP Queues after 03/16?
  128. PAX Prime - August 26-28th - Who's Going?
  129. Any fellow Faeblightians in the Chicago area?
  130. A Bahmi's Journey (or what I did this evening....)
  131. I've tried, but it always come out wrong!
  132. The Blunted Quill (RP)
  133. Greetings from Menace!
  134. Thinking about moving to Faeblight
  135. Guild Serving Regulos?
  136. Telaran Artistry Craft Fair Second Stop- Gloamwood Pines, 3/27 1pm PST
  137. Shimmersand Quest: Miracle of Modern Magic
  138. <Fortress> Presents: A Quicksilver Gala 4/2 6:30pm
  139. Well met Guardians of Telara, Seems I'll be accompanying you for a while. - (RP-MA)
  140. The Telara Saga: Official Video & Final Schedule
  141. Don't forget about Open RP.
  142. A Response to the Gaiscioch Family: The Defiant Strike Back
  143. All those against Menace:
  144. Bound by Blood
  145. Join menace
  146. I'm a bit drunk and...
  147. Thinking about rerolling to here.
  148. Choosing a server
  149. An Comparative Evaluation of the Faeblight Community...The 1st 20 Levels
  150. @ Faeblight WF's participants (Kudo's thread)
  151. TNN Report- Giant Spider, Urthura Squished in Scarlet
  152. Is there such a thing as...
  153. The Sleeping Beauty (Bounty Board) (Defiant) (RP)
  154. * A note addressed to those Defiant in Argent Glade last night *
  155. Coming home
  156. Chaos at the Fair: An RP-PvP Event (March 12 @ 8 PM PST in Argent Glade, Silverwood)
  157. Faeblight Server Down?
  158. PvE Progression Thread
  159. Trivia brought to you by Brigata Di Morte!
  160. Concerning RP Guilds.
  161. *Raises his coffee cup in honor of Japan*
  162. PvP Mechanics on a PvE Shard
  163. Slight Dilemma
  164. @Alethos
  165. Glory to Faeblight!
  166. Do You Want Rid Of Lotham?
  167. New Player LFGuild! :] (Also a Hello! xP)
  168. A Defiant response to the Telara Saga invasion
  169. Rifts and Contested Zones
  170. A friendly face from Sunrest :)
  171. Queues?
  172. I wonder if Trion will give us a model viewer.
  173. Looking for late nighters and Oceanics/E Asians
  174. Defiant-side RP centers
  175. Helooo Faeblight! It's nice here..
  176. <A note is stuck to a board.>
  177. Hell Faeblight
  178. the 26 poor Defiant souls
  179. Resignation
  180. Faction choice dilemma
  181. Defiants to Silverwood
  182. Faeblight Guild Coalition?
  183. @Scarwood Reach Individuals/Calydon Downing
  184. curious
  185. No more world pvp on a pve server!
  186. DORF: a Dwarven RP Group (Not a Guild)
  187. The Telara Saga: The Battle for Silverwood Part 1 - Presented by the Gaiscioch Family
  188. Looking for a particular RP guild.
  189. RIFT! DANCE! GO! (video)
  190. New "Invasion" Channel
  191. Pet names, what are they and why?
  192. Loot Question
  193. *Shakes her fist at Defiants*
  194. @Konstantin
  195. To the lovely Fiona, who slew me 'in' Meridian, and met me near a well/pool
  196. defiant side guild leaders.....
  197. Share your Rift pictures!
  198. About that RP.
  199. Faeblight Defiant
  200. Moving back
  201. Good Morning Faeblight! ((Coffee w/ Donuts))
  202. Defiant/Guardian population
  203. PvE and PvP in same cluster??
  204. Pulling my hair out!
  205. ** Public Mumble Server Reminder **
  206. Any Former Asheron's Call players on Faeblight?
  207. Gummy Bear Club Raid Alliance (For the rp guilds)
  208. @Shyusti
  209. The officially unofficial I'm off on Friday and the servers are down /cry thread!
  210. Since most of us ARE nerds.... COSPLAY PICS =D
  211. Couple hours late but,
  212. [Trade] Defiant Artificer, Open for Business!
  213. Faeblight Artifact Trading thread
  214. Do you look like your avatar?
  215. /Appluad
  216. [RP] SEEKING: Someone Real Good with Dark Magics
  217. The Role-Player's Test.
  218. Inaugural Communty created World PvP Scenario
  219. Maniac Mondays....Encouraging Max Open world PvP participation
  220. So Faeblighters... What are you listening to while you Rift?
  221. Public Groups
  222. So I haven't looked at "general discussion" forum in awhile and wow.
  223. Snake Tears
  224. Lack of animated emotes.....
  225. How dare you attempt to attack Sanctum!
  226. Be Kind.... Dismount!
  227. If you're waiting for a mob to spawn and don't have public grouping turned on:
  228. Can't edit posts
  229. A Public Service Announcement: Your Mount and NPC's
  230. The Feckbeard Manifesto
  231. Guardian Class/Soul Inquiry
  232. Recognizing the opposition
  233. Using 3rd party programs on a RP Server
  234. Join the call for more RP servers!!!
  235. A little something about the recent complaint threads.
  236. interest in RP guild
  237. *sips his coffee waiting for the server to come back up*
  238. hugs server to keep it safe!
  239. RP-PvP Interest Check
  240. Once again, I have to make a thread on this one. Need help with a question!
  241. Dedicated RP Channels
  242. *An official dispatch from the Silverwood Fortress*
  243. Some food for thought
  244. We are the Vigil; the Gnostic ramifications?
  245. Lillian Dunst!!!
  246. I love this server:
  247. The Queue; An Play In One Act
  248. Role Player Community Site and Resources
  249. Well Guardians...
  250. A beginner's guide to RPing