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  1. This is what you call war?
  2. Community dying out?
  3. So nb/rs is overpowered, and gets nerfed, but now warriors get the same type of build
  4. Recommended PvP spec?
  5. Ferboten's 38 Para 2H DPS Calculator
  6. Weapon Master Talent
  7. Math on Block Soft Cap?
  8. HUGE threat issues
  9. LF 38RV/28VK Rotation or macros
  10. Warriors in PVE
  11. need help with warrior
  12. Nerf warriors.
  13. New planar essences simplified (Warrior perspective)
  14. Way of the Wind
  15. Trion I honestly think I hate you as a company
  16. so val, still thinking warrior dps is top? :P
  17. Sweeping Strike=The Answer
  18. 4pc Rotation
  19. warrior dps spec
  20. Warriors are bad but not awful
  21. Tired of Rift Blade Yet?
  22. Empowering Strike Question
  23. Seperate forums for pve and pvp please.
  24. [BUG]: Mighty Blow not hitting mobs
  25. smalll question, what is causing the -1 armor in this screenshot?
  26. PvE Leveling Spec?
  27. Trions item customization is so laughable...
  28. Crowd Sourcing Changes to the Warrior Synergy Crystals
  29. Mob Magnate 1.6 Warrior Tanking Spec & Macro by Sashimi
  30. can anyone tell me where to get this chest?
  31. We are not dead yet. Have Hope!
  32. What value does the VK's Surge ability have in PvP?
  33. Starting Tank Theories, Options, etc...
  34. A warrior killed me in a warfront (nerf!)
  35. It is just me or Elemental Resistance doesn't work on PVP?
  36. /rant on
  37. Warrior/BM questions from newbie
  38. 1.6 Warrior tanking spec for Lord Greenscale?
  39. Simple Warrior BiS Tank Gear Sheet
  40. I get owned..4k crits are funny
  41. Is this competitive enough to resub?
  42. binding of death mitigation
  43. New 50 - PvE grinding and dps
  44. If our pure dps specs get so easily dropped at ranged by castors
  45. Quick fix to Warrior PvP
  46. Trion if i choose lowest survivability dps build i should NEVER be in a position....
  47. OLD pal/rif/reaver build and got laughed at
  48. Secret guide to dealing with mages/clerics in pvp!
  49. If we are to be on equal ground in pvp
  50. Just stop listening to everything you hear on here and you will be fine in PvP
  51. Low level dps issues
  52. Looking for advice for Warrior vs Dominator
  53. LOOK!!!!!!!!! HERE is one of the highest PVP builds ^ ^
  54. Before i go This is a build off of what lamboi made but for max aoe on defiants
  55. The Silent Majority, should speak now.
  56. Macro Lag - Questions
  57. Remeber all you are the class trion laughs at
  58. Tanking soul tool kit
  59. warrior ability cooldown question
  60. Warrior DPS Gear
  61. Levelling As A Tank
  62. tanking: if it ain't broke, why fix it?
  63. How to make 38 VK damage not suck?
  64. "New" player, warrior and rogue tanking, cooldowns and mitigation troubles
  65. Feel like my warrior exists to feed blue bars in PVP
  66. Warrior PVP Series Video #4
  67. highest war aoe parse?
  68. Best Warrior PVP Team Build
  69. Level 29 been gone since 1.2... How hard is tanking nowadays?
  70. Best augmentation for bow?
  71. Petition for multiple grades of oilstones.
  72. Warrior PvP Balance: Inflexible but not as broken people make it out to be
  73. Atrius, open up an official public/private channel for Rizaz, Valth, Kronos, et al
  74. Warrior tanking - 1.6
  75. Something to look forward to
  76. 1.6 - Leveling guide, no drinks allowed.
  77. Elemental Destroyer Build (28 RB, 12 Pal, 26VK)
  78. DPS advice please
  79. gratz trion!..!...!
  80. What do you want for Riftmas?
  81. dont worry what i perdict in 1.8
  82. dont worry what i predtic in 1.8
  83. Three things bugging me about Warrior DPS Souls - bad design
  84. B's tips n tricks thread
  85. Once in a while it has to be brought up, the core of all warrior problems...!
  86. Touch of Life still only healing half with debuff in PvP
  87. Do reaver/vk/pally heals proc trinkets/greater essences?
  88. What is the Middle ground?
  89. Lingering Wounds is cleansable now
  90. Fun 2h Spec for a new 50
  91. Rant's obnoxiously effective Onslaught tagging build and grind guide (3 PA's/Hour)
  92. over geared tank doing plutonus in dsm with only 2 bards
  93. need help with 40's leveliing spec.
  94. pvp they going to fix war's ever?
  95. Lesser Essence Spreadsheet
  96. Ember Isle mobs
  97. Please fix finishers so Fiery Burst isn't the best
  98. False Advertisement: Money Back Guaranteed!
  99. Ideas for warrior changes(repost)
  100. solo/dps builds?
  101. Useless therad to wish my fellow NA Warriors a happy Meleagris Holocaust Day
  102. Major Warrior Bug: AOE Attacks don't hit if you move.
  103. Petition for some soul overhauls and warrior changes
  104. nurgle
  105. Post your epic hits with Holy Champion up or in PVP
  106. Luci's Ikki Tousen SnB Farming/Anti-Rogue Build
  107. Luci's Ikki Tousen SnB Build (Strength of a Thousand)
  108. My Warrior is Broke!
  109. Vampyra's Ember Isle Grind Spec (gank resistant)
  110. Soldier's bearing/binding of affliction bug
  111. VK Residual Absoption broken in pvp
  112. Sebb Redo's warrior trees...
  113. PvP Tactics - Mid ranged Fighting
  114. The tank burster
  115. Tanking
  116. Cannot wait for a better mmo
  117. Dalgar Confirms... no more soul overhauls
  118. Looking for a DW spec
  119. Verification of Axe PAs adding to 2h dps?
  120. Question for Wariior PvP Build?
  121. Paladin Preservation bug
  122. Can we get a sticky for Warrior PVP videos?
  123. Major Reaver Exploit!
  124. 51 Warlord a good idea?
  125. Which 2nd tier attunement to aim for?
  126. ~Rain's BiS update
  127. Threat generation against high end dps.
  128. @Trion there is way to many ranged attacks/classes over melee it's way to one sided
  129. Possible Champion ability glitch???
  130. Deathknight PvP build V1
  131. Beastmaster's aren't actually useless!
  132. Tanking Leveling Spec
  133. 1.6 End-Game DPS Specs
  134. Warrrior PvP 1.6 Discussion
  135. Minus Armor?
  136. Best Warrior Tank Spec
  137. Best Warrior Tank Spec
  138. Fire Resistance Building: Is it worth it?
  139. Too many soul combinations = impossible to balance
  140. Is the R8 guardian 2 hander considered a polearm or axe?
  141. Your suggestions for a dps spec please.
  142. lulZ
  143. Why dont bms use the bm crystal
  144. Just desubbed my level 50 warrior as of 1.6
  145. Warrior T2 PA abilities. @Atrius
  146. Paladin/Champion: An excellent Solo spec (30 Paladin/29Ch/7RB)
  147. Warrior DPS planar attunement of fire
  148. My 1.6 Warrior Builds: Part 2 Raid Tank
  149. Idea for a more supportish Warlord.
  150. Trion nubmskulls... Warlord Tanks... Free respecs now please.
  151. Trion needs to fix the 2h Drop rate in HK
  152. Has Trion even Acknowledged the problem with Warrior Energy Refresh Rate?
  153. Please undo the warrior pvp damage nerf.
  154. Any recommended PvP builds for a R5 Warrior?
  155. The Control Freak PvP spec
  156. Knockout's Sweeping Strike 2h PVP build
  157. [BUG] Concussion doing physical damage
  158. My 1.6 Warrior Builds: Part 1 Raid DPS
  159. Warrior AoE dps PvE build
  160. So Rasmolov's or Zardoni's
  161. could use some help please
  162. BM 4/4 HK crystal bonus
  163. OP warrior solo spec
  164. The Warrior
  165. Yep this is totally balanced
  166. Warrior tank threat generation?
  167. New try out, tell me how it goes, wanna hear your opinion!!
  168. Dear Trion: Fine Oilstone
  169. My take on a 2H dpser...
  170. Number Cruncher Experts, I have a quick question!
  171. The change for purge and cleanse cd.
  172. Apparently if I wanted to be a front line fighter I should've rolled a mage
  173. Death Burst
  174. We all specced for 2-handed PA (air/death), but..
  175. 65k from r8.. if I have Estrode's Sword, is it still worth getting Vanguard axe...
  176. The amount of ranged dps in wf's...
  177. Riftreaver Soloing build - Or PvP. (44RB/22RS/0Void or Vind)
  178. 2h PVP?
  179. [PvP] Warrior DD dots The faster killer
  180. PVP: Warrior vs Pyro
  181. Ferathers Warrior Tank Builds & Rotations for 1.6 *Updated*
  182. Warrior's song!
  183. PVP-ing mages as Void Knight/Champion
  184. Hey guys. New warrior here
  185. Has ANYONE seen a new warrior DPS 2H in RotP?
  186. Subdue 1.6 discussion: problems with the ability
  187. Give us more survivability in pvp, most specifically our dps spec... NOW
  188. low level specs
  189. Soloing: Chronicles, Ember Isle, Quests, Etc.
  190. Warriors, if you have time, please read and give feedback on my cleric thread. Thx!
  191. Old player back and need advices.
  192. RW Build - Where am I going wrong?
  193. My Expert dungeon spec
  194. LW is now cleanse-able....ouch
  195. Bernie into rotation
  196. Looking for a dungeon dps guide
  197. New Paragon
  198. Rift Summon?
  199. ~Rain's Updated BiS (Now with proper DPS weights)
  200. I'm New. Why Does This Game Have So Much QQ About Plate-Wearers Not Having Best DPS?
  201. Post your ember isle grinding spec!
  202. Can someone teach me how mitigation works.
  203. Solo Speccs
  204. The Warlord: A great disappointment
  205. War ROTP Loot Thread
  206. The elemental reaver solo spec
  207. Enraged Essence + Enraged Companion Stacking?
  208. Buff or a clever trick in 1.6 ( non-Physical damage)
  209. 51 BM rotation
  210. Yet Another Tank Build
  211. MAJOR Reaver Tank Bug
  212. So... You can get Rogue HK Pieces now.
  213. The numbers made me a believer. Reaver is the way to go.
  214. Looking for 2H PVP Build
  215. 1.6 Against All Odds Build pvp
  216. Glad 2h pvp still sucks.
  217. I see a lot of tank threads and I got a question more about design....
  218. List of Warrior bugs (You input required)
  219. Mitigation Question, take few minutes of your life.
  220. [BUG] Insatiable Hunger - Void Knight
  221. anyone else actually enjoying 1.6?
  222. My initial findings with 1.6 warrior tanking
  223. Warrior dps 1.6 Theorycrafting
  224. Atrius: Crest Mastery tooltip incorrect per patch notes
  225. All Purpose Tank: 38 rv / 28 vk
  226. I called it almost a month ago about Mages in 1.6...
  227. Please post raw DPS number when saying spec X > spec Y
  228. 1.6 Sweeping Strike and Cyclone Strike Broken?
  229. Any good leveling builds using a shield and NO reaver?
  230. Any decent 51RB specs still?
  231. 1.6 "**** I'm tired of re-learning this class" tank spec
  232. So can i remove vk51 now?
  233. Thanks for the free respec
  234. I love patch 1.6 so far. Pvp have never been better for me!
  235. Reaver|Riftblade -> Grisly Works + Planar Blade Broken
  236. Something just seems "off" about the melee combat in this game. My review
  237. Bringing the pain near you soon........
  238. shifting blades and aoe styles
  239. Orakk's 1.6 Physical Mitigation Build!
  240. Someone link me to a good rage storm build
  241. 1.6 One step forward Two Steps back
  242. is invigorating runeshard affected by the soft crit cap?
  243. 1.6 2h PVE spec with simple rotation?
  244. any viable tank spec for 1.6 T1 Gear?
  245. No more free Ap
  246. New view on Warriors
  247. The warrior PvP challenge thread
  248. So any1 tried any new pve DPS builds yet?
  249. Windspear & Stonespear share the same cooldown.
  250. [PVP] The Whirling Dervish build