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  1. Individual loot for raiding is the smartest thing you guys have ever done..
  2. The Lost City of Telara
  3. Possible Fixes in the Future?
  4. Random Normal/Expert Dungeon daily rewards
  5. Dota 2 - Invoker Wardrobe :)
  6. Raid Currency invisible or are we not receiving it?
  7. Trion, are you going to allow your game to stay this way?
  8. Zone event tracker now working for Vigil
  9. SLIVERS - some snags, ongoing update thread.
  10. LFR Disabled?
  11. No balance changes this week?
  12. Patch NOTE!!!!!
  13. CS (appears to have) failed. Any advice on reaching a human?
  14. Tricorne of the drowned thief
  15. Bit of *Class* Balance Before Raids
  16. SERVER FIRSTS! Lets see them folks!
  17. Request to rename the shard "Virgil"
  18. Please no!!
  19. Clarification on Rift Prime Test Dummies
  20. DPS
  21. Purchasing new souls
  22. I like the game
  23. Could professions be re-evaluated? Profession gear vs The ease of getting expert gear
  24. Updated Class Balance @ level 50 chart
  25. Endgame is dead for roleplayers
  26. Sagas chain quests
  27. Charmer's Caldera normal needs some realistic balancing
  28. Saga Quest: Damming the Stream
  29. Cabalist Rework
  30. mmogames - Article !
  31. Got muted by Trion for defending myself
  32. Longevity/Playability in the Saga quests and related world content on Prime
  33. Warrios , open world solo - TRION
  34. Stylist Problem???
  35. Reduce Plat Prices Please (With Nutella on top)
  36. Mage Tank Equipment
  37. Trion, thanks for turning all us defiants into dungeon aholes....
  38. Life Saga
  39. Gear from T2 Experts same as T1 Experts
  40. Why so much nerfs?
  41. Credit->Plat Ratio on Prime
  43. Can Guild & Dimension costs please be reviewed and reduced?
  44. Challenge 1 Winner annoucements?
  45. Resistance of NPC
  46. Letter to Trion
  47. Threat Issues
  48. access
  49. Life saga
  50. Saboteur Plans?
  51. Prime World Events?
  52. Greenscale's Blight will be 100hit.
  53. Conquest Master's Source Engine~
  54. Some parity in expert weapons?
  55. Costumes question
  56. Why Testing is important and Required
  57. Fondest Memory of "real" level 50
  58. Trion, can we revisit how hard some ground AoE effects are to see?
  59. I would like to tank. When should I be able to get 20k planarite?
  60. Mount droprate in Dungeons
  61. Shimersand/Stillmoor Questing this weekend?
  62. How are people progressing after level 40?
  63. I'm still having fun on Prime, Trion!
  64. [Guide-Rogue] Do YOU Want to do 1400-1500 Sustained ST DPS From Ranged?!
  65. Are the items dropped from the exploited T2 raid rifts going to be removed?
  66. Suggestion: Calling change scroll
  67. Souls that get no attention.
  68. I'm enjoying Prime. Sorry, not sorry
  69. Threads specific to clas/archetyppe
  70. Trion - zone event request (massive invasion with elites)
  71. The burning through content, yet wanting this to last forever conundrum
  72. Raid lures
  73. Patch Notes
  74. Still no endgame
  75. Forum section idea
  76. weekly quests for master craftman's mark seem to not occur for each profession
  77. Please bring back time outs for AFKers!
  78. Disconnect disconnect disconnect
  79. Lantern Hook is an absolute mess
  80. Mentoring in dungeons
  81. Trion, Wednesday*
  82. Prime schedule?
  83. Why is Mystic Archer so easy to buy?
  84. Level 40+ questing
  85. Why I am hovering over the unsub button
  86. Mystic Archer and Saboteur need balance ASAP
  87. General UI Question
  88. Must everyone be force mentored in low level zones?
  89. Mage player asks the devs.
  91. Facebook Connect
  92. Charmers Caldera - Caelia the Stormtouched
  93. Are CREDITS Account Bound or Server Bound?
  94. [Solution] Make warfronts great again with simple fix
  95. Falling Damage?! (April Fools...)
  96. End Game questions for devs (Next Livestream maybe?)
  97. OK so serious talk here
  98. 40-50 quest xp ?? TRION !!
  99. how do you earn master craftsman marks
  100. Instances back on Vigil instead of Orphiel?
  101. Rift Prime - Class Balancing
  102. Mage nerfs, when?
  103. Quest XP fine, Rift/Invasion XP is not
  104. Would a 12-month sub be appended at the end of activated 15-day promo
  105. Warrior Threat Broken
  106. Ground AEs practically invisible?
  107. Crashing issues on Prime
  108. Account bound mounts
  109. Defiler Nerf of 03/29/2018
  110. Devs/players please read this! Lets smash this!
  111. Gifts re-enabled yet essentially no nerfs?
  112. What are you guys doing at 50?
  113. State Of Warriors - Feedback & Review
  114. Is Trion using outdated server infrastructure?
  115. Instance mentor levels adjustment
  116. Need help to buy my primogenitor pack with my Steam Wallet.
  117. Rogue/warrior expert set weapons missing base hit?
  118. How quest XP SHOULD work
  119. How do SHOULD work
  120. Issues with wardrobe system
  121. Rift Store: Lets help improve it!
  122. 1H and 2H weapons cost the same in expert NPC
  123. Daily Rewards Calendar reset?
  124. The quest experience buff was too much.
  125. Wardrobe shop
  126. Character Slots
  127. Separate sub-topic
  128. Account wide mounts not working?
  129. Dye's
  130. About Future content of Prime and Some Suggestions.
  131. Why do rifts and footholds give very low XP?
  132. State of 50 PVP
  133. Clearing Up The Pvp Confusion
  134. Win trading okay?
  135. Poll - Is using Windows 10 The Cause of This Ability Lag?
  136. Crashed in a warfront now game is unplayablem character dead in town
  137. Unable to use chat due to being harassed by being reported
  138. Resubbing but...
  139. Can we get Elemental Barrage reenabled yet?
  140. The server lag isn't a major/widespread issue?
  141. Guys I need a little help ~ will love you long time.
  142. Why is always like this in mmorpgs
  143. EXP progression
  144. LFG reque was broke today
  145. PVP working as expected
  146. Mystic Archer Glitch
  147. Dye, what do I need to buy to unlock
  148. Ember Steed
  149. Real Talk - This is unacceptable
  150. How is the faction population?
  151. Class balance
  152. Scarwood Reach Trophy Hunts Temporarily Disabled
  153. Were all the crafted earring recipes removed?
  154. Rift. And Rift Prime. The Bottom Line
  155. Player Feedback on Prime Timeline :)
  156. Vaiyuu and Yarnosaurs
  157. Why i feel Trion has delivered with Prime, Devs pay attention.
  158. Starting to wonder
  159. fun was detected
  160. Reduce low level XP
  161. Question to the pime community.
  162. @RoughRaptors @TrionBrasse @Tacticus This has gone too far.
  163. Refund?!
  164. Vendor Error
  165. Suggestion/Request: Collectors edition digital content
  166. Ignore list broken?
  167. Ground Spawn Quest Items Too Slow
  168. prime forums
  169. Wardrobe missing !!
  170. Missing NPC in Whitefall in Iron Pine Peaks
  171. Personal Loot feedback
  172. Its time to compensate your players for this beta test
  173. BOOM its gone again.
  174. Random server crashes
  175. Constant lag and crashes
  176. Vigil down?
  177. RIP Sweet Vigil
  178. Server down
  179. Vigil server unavailable
  180. Anyone else up for a swim around Telara ;)
  181. Lightning Torrent Broken
  182. Expert/Normal Dungeon Gear Nerfs
  183. Ohh man...
  184. Help here
  185. The ability lag is really getting out of control
  186. Does Trion do anything about extreme harassment?
  187. IX-1 Defender Scarlet Gorge broken
  188. Dungeon LFG support role queue issue
  189. Weekly reset - No individual rewards- rewarded
  190. Expert Vendors
  191. Crafted gear
  192. warfront bs
  193. @Devs Some crafting recipes removed?
  194. And now what is the plan ?
  195. Elemental Barrage Re-Enabled
  196. Expert gear vendors. Cannot find in meridian.
  197. Thanks trion, at last.
  198. Xp buffed 3x
  199. oOoooo ORPHIEL PRIME SHARD ooooOo
  200. The sad reality of a DPS rogue.
  201. Faction Armor
  202. 20 men raiding in this state will be near impossible
  203. Is it true that Storm Legion will release in 3 months?
  204. ASCT addon
  205. Steam Wallet Issue?
  206. Trion, solve this 3 urgent issues and everyone will be happy
  207. How hard would it actually be to power up some unused souls?
  208. The lag is getting unbearable
  209. Dungeon Balance
  210. The reason class DPS is so far off for some classes
  211. Please reduce zone event timers
  212. Please NEVER add instant adventures in Prime
  213. Vigil Character Create
  214. Trion, Please don't wait to patch
  215. Why are Dungeons so Inconsistent?
  216. We need an EU server
  217. Oh God... This is beyond messy
  218. My breaking point:
  219. Calendar Notoriety Bundle
  220. PVP teams/scoreboards suggestion.
  221. Shard First Epic Eviscerator on AH1
  222. Suggestion for the exp nightmare
  223. Why did Trion nerfed all the zone invasion events?
  224. Devs interfering with World Events
  225. Update
  226. Address the XP issue or this server will die out within the next 2 weeks.
  227. Severe lag and unstable dungeon servers
  228. How to level in rift!!
  229. Prime Rare Mobs
  230. Minor Catalyst. In game yet?
  231. Can't do it. Sorry Trion
  232. Trion: By the time you increase experience gains everyone will be gone
  233. How are people progressing after level 30?
  234. Please nerf dungeon trash XP
  235. Why the XP curve is on the money...
  236. How can Wardrobe work?
  237. PVP gear vendors for low-level
  238. Where did all the quests go?
  239. fluffy destroyer of worlds <most wanted> boss down!
  240. Beyond A Joke
  241. Anectdotal Feedback and Data - XP needs an Increase
  242. Wich faction is the undergod?
  243. Why are invasion events so rare in high level zones?
  244. Assassin needs Serpent Strike again
  245. My day of grinding
  246. only 2 char's?
  247. Question about the progression
  248. Prime Dev Tracker
  249. Only 2 Character slots on Prime?
  250. Prime Exp Lacking