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  1. Early State of SL
  2. Characters to Tempest Bay
  3. Well, I think we know where this is going
  4. Storm Legion Experts - coming next week!
  5. Trion: Make raids & group activities great again
  6. Question about scaling
  7. crafting problem need fix
  8. Notoriety Vendor in Tempest Bay using wrong Sigils
  9. Raid Lockouts
  10. Exodus of the Storm Queen
  11. Prime feature likes/dislikes
  12. Problem with new crafting recipies
  13. A Glimpse.
  14. Trion: Delay Storm Legion expansion
  15. Where are the patch notes?
  16. Phase 2:Cold Wave missing Chronicles
  17. Event Date
  18. Old Asha's Orders
  19. Dear Dev Team
  20. Is the population holding on? Returning
  21. General Silgen.
  22. broken zone event
  23. Possible T1/T2 Raid Rift runs
  24. Hit requirement for upcoming raid
  25. Returning to Rift
  26. lifter
  27. What is current mindset of the Prime community?
  28. Looking For Dedicated Dungeon Runners
  29. Prime Poll: Why don't you "dim"?
  30. I'm patron and can't login into Prime?
  31. Defiler T2 Crystal
  32. Buy souls for Rift Prime again?
  33. Timing of SL release?
  34. LFG Thread?
  35. So, is there some other use planned for egg shells?
  36. Cold Comfort Quest
  37. RoS Drop Rates for Relics
  38. Thank you for leaving the Vendors....
  40. Will Hellbug Vendor remain for a few days on Prime....
  41. Summerfest Cosmetic Runes
  42. I can't bring myself to log in, sorry.
  43. T2 Lessers Over Priced for Prime. Can we please get a reduction in price as T1's did?
  44. Complaint about Hell Bug event
  45. T2 synergy crystal
  46. Plutonus done RIGHT
  47. How is the population?
  48. PRIME store
  49. Grim vendor gone - why?
  50. Currency Exchange
  51. Prime Challenge winner rewards and costs of T2 lesser
  52. No warrior healing crystal? Or greater essences?
  53. Has a single Grim Remembrance zone event been competed on Prime?
  54. Rogues, the new elephant in the room
  55. thank you
  56. into the abyss
  57. Summerfest Capture quests
  58. Surf Board
  59. summerfest bracelets
  60. sigils of primal valor and ember isle notoriety
  61. BUG REPORT: PA Not Working!!
  62. nyx's crystal from patch notes
  63. State of the Loot Sytem
  64. PTS
  65. What is the quest Freedom Sparkle Festival
  66. If you are leaving Prime for good, please donate.....
  67. This is seriously unprofessional, Trion.
  68. Guild Leader Promotion
  69. People are leaving, fast! Devs we need SOMETHING, talk to us!
  70. Vigil Raiding
  71. Rift App
  72. My request was processed and resolved within one day. Thank you very much. :)
  73. Please, don't trash you dimension items.....
  74. General Questions.
  75. Guild Quests. Defiants have it easier.
  76. Prime: Vigil Challenge II Winners issues.
  77. Mage TankSouls
  78. Any Crafting news?
  79. Plz gives us a 50% or more bonus weekend to all sources??
  80. State of Rift Prime
  81. Dimension Contest - Please tour
  82. Bounty Artifact Challenge Sadness...
  83. Leveling is the epitome of a joke.
  84. Do Warfronts and Dungeons Pop Fairly Fast at Level 50?
  85. Lvl Grind!
  86. exp weekend?
  87. Trion and GDPR? Devs?
  88. GP 3rd boss crystal broken
  89. Synergy Crystals for newer souls?
  90. Patch Notes and xp
  91. I love this game but its dying...Prime ...
  92. Three Questions from a New Prime Player
  93. Will Ember Isle be released this week
  94. blighted gear
  95. Warrior class. Worth giving Prime another go?
  96. Will we be getting a SHARD VAULT?
  97. Rift is amazing, but really underrated, could it happen?
  98. BUGS in expert dungeons since last patch
  99. I guess I'm search challenged....
  100. patch well done, I'm missing just a little thing
  101. 3 Character Slots Is Bad For The Crafting Economy
  102. World First Achieve Reset
  103. Eternal Planer Dust
  104. Congratulations Lord Hikos on World First GSB!
  105. Disabling World First and Achievements for GSB
  106. Benefits of 3rd Character Slot....
  107. Today's balance change
  108. OFFICIAL: Soul Patch Feedback! [PRIME Version]
  109. A question about the 30 days included with the Primogenitor Pack
  110. Am I late to the party? Going to Rift Prime a go
  111. Mage Raidequip stats vs. rest
  112. Thoughts on bringing back Hammerknell-50
  113. Their is active guilds still in prime!! Not all guilds are dieing out!!
  114. IRC cap increase
  115. Dear Dev Team, Mentored stat math
  116. Why am i leaving RIFT !!
  117. Extra character slot?
  118. Uruluuk hp nerf why ?
  119. Add Raid Marks to Experts/RR
  120. void stone drop?
  121. Leveling dungeons are overtuned. Fix. Now.
  122. Cleric's need help
  123. GSB drops going to be higher item level than DH/GP
  124. Bank Vault Extensions
  125. Hello :) can we get a bonus WF for the weekend pls
  126. Auctions OK? Or is there something bad going on? This got me scratching my head.
  127. Request: Reduce the XP per level in Prime
  128. Self Mentoring
  129. Tactician missing something
  130. Do Prime Credits grant loyalty to my account?
  131. Beastmaster Only Warrior Use
  132. Mage Tankequip Locations
  133. Rings of Cultivation/Evolution
  134. How many Individual Reward Charges per week?
  135. GSB/Balance
  136. Are people who falsely report going to get banned?
  137. Class Balancing Prime and Live
  138. We need more character slots, and I'm going to tell you why.
  139. From time to time you have to praise sometimes, not just complain.
  140. When can we see changes to balance?
  141. What happened to the Razorback mount speed?
  142. Expert Loot Changes
  143. Raid gear costs/Prime timeline
  144. No low level PvP? =(
  145. The State of the Game (Before you buy and other discussion)
  146. Missing synergy Crystals
  147. Suggestion: Normal dungeon queue incentives
  148. Before we talk about balance issues, lets understand why we have it.
  149. Expert Equipment Nerf
  150. 3rd World Firsts
  151. Scarwood Reach zone event / Winged Horror
  152. Missing Vendor!!
  153. Farming Void Stones on Prime....
  154. RIP Warriors
  155. State of Clerics - Feedback and Review
  156. Feedback for someone that wont be continuing
  157. Reason for Prime?
  158. Quest / Prgression .. Please Trion !
  159. Starting Defiant Q's...
  160. Future of Prime, or lack of it more like.
  161. Some questions about Rift Prime...4 players starting up
  162. You know what would be neat?
  163. Invasions
  164. Class balance?
  165. Trove of Mounts problem .. can't claim .. why ??
  166. Suggestion for the inis and the balancing.
  167. Auction house logging
  168. Character Slots
  170. Getting kicked from dungeons for not playing MA
  171. OFFICIAL: Prime Sliver feedback thread [Drowned Halls, Gilded Prophecy]
  172. Suggestion: Incremental raid loot
  173. Why raiding is fun
  174. Does tank gear actually even matter?
  175. Individual loot for raiding is the smartest thing you guys have ever done..
  176. The Lost City of Telara
  177. Possible Fixes in the Future?
  178. Random Normal/Expert Dungeon daily rewards
  179. Dota 2 - Invoker Wardrobe :)
  180. Raid Currency invisible or are we not receiving it?
  181. Trion, are you going to allow your game to stay this way?
  182. Zone event tracker now working for Vigil
  183. SLIVERS - some snags, ongoing update thread.
  184. LFR Disabled?
  185. No balance changes this week?
  186. Patch NOTE!!!!!
  187. CS (appears to have) failed. Any advice on reaching a human?
  188. Tricorne of the drowned thief
  189. Bit of *Class* Balance Before Raids
  190. SERVER FIRSTS! Lets see them folks!
  191. Request to rename the shard "Virgil"
  192. Please no!!
  193. Clarification on Rift Prime Test Dummies
  194. DPS
  195. Purchasing new souls
  196. I like the game
  197. Could professions be re-evaluated? Profession gear vs The ease of getting expert gear
  198. Updated Class Balance @ level 50 chart
  199. Endgame is dead for roleplayers
  200. Sagas chain quests
  201. Charmer's Caldera normal needs some realistic balancing
  202. Saga Quest: Damming the Stream
  203. Cabalist Rework
  204. mmogames - Article !
  205. Got muted by Trion for defending myself
  206. Longevity/Playability in the Saga quests and related world content on Prime
  207. Warrios , open world solo - TRION
  208. Stylist Problem???
  209. Reduce Plat Prices Please (With Nutella on top)
  210. Mage Tank Equipment
  211. Trion, thanks for turning all us defiants into dungeon aholes....
  212. Life Saga
  213. Gear from T2 Experts same as T1 Experts
  214. Why so much nerfs?
  215. Credit->Plat Ratio on Prime
  217. Can Guild & Dimension costs please be reviewed and reduced?
  218. Challenge 1 Winner annoucements?
  219. Resistance of NPC
  220. Letter to Trion
  221. Threat Issues
  222. access
  223. Life saga
  224. Saboteur Plans?
  225. Prime World Events?
  226. Greenscale's Blight will be 100hit.
  227. Conquest Master's Source Engine~
  228. Some parity in expert weapons?
  229. Costumes question
  230. Why Testing is important and Required
  231. Fondest Memory of "real" level 50
  232. Trion, can we revisit how hard some ground AoE effects are to see?
  233. I would like to tank. When should I be able to get 20k planarite?
  234. Mount droprate in Dungeons
  235. Shimersand/Stillmoor Questing this weekend?
  236. How are people progressing after level 40?
  237. I'm still having fun on Prime, Trion!
  238. [Guide-Rogue] Do YOU Want to do 1400-1500 Sustained ST DPS From Ranged?!
  239. Are the items dropped from the exploited T2 raid rifts going to be removed?
  240. Suggestion: Calling change scroll
  241. Souls that get no attention.
  242. I'm enjoying Prime. Sorry, not sorry
  243. Threads specific to clas/archetyppe
  244. Trion - zone event request (massive invasion with elites)
  245. The burning through content, yet wanting this to last forever conundrum
  246. Raid lures
  247. Patch Notes
  248. Still no endgame
  249. Forum section idea
  250. weekly quests for master craftman's mark seem to not occur for each profession