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  1. Let's Make Prime Warfronts Great Again!!
  2. Prime warfronts Friday the 12th 6pm Server Time
  3. Codex is missing from the Prime - Vigil warfront queue
  4. Do level 50 WF's que?
  5. Chaos Rising hosting Port Scion Sunday Prime Vigil 6pm Server Time
  6. about pvp changes
  7. Lvl 50 Warfronts... DO THEY EXIST?!
  8. Prime Warfronts need some attention, please!
  9. Level 50 PVP Gear
  10. Holy crap do something to fix healing in PVP.
  11. Catching Coriolis Pokemon
  12. Catching Coriolis Pokemon
  13. PVP Last weekend was extremelely fun. PVP this weekend was slightly less fun
  14. Am I missing something, pvp....?
  15. Back to the same horribly balanced state as release
  16. When can we do Library again?
  17. Ok guys you got us, can we not have it so extreme the other way now
  18. PvP is BACK!!! Come try out the changes
  19. Which PVP spec is most OP overall, and which spec is best for each class in prime?
  20. Best Support/Controller souls for PvP?
  21. Why was prime released without any playtesting 40+ in pvp?
  22. Insane KD Scores with my Mage ST DPS
  23. Comparison Picture of Healing vs Damage in the 40-49 WF's
  24. Idea for Healing in Warfronts
  25. Removing bolstering in 50 pvp is a great start, but....
  26. Original Whitefall Steppes as a bonus weekend
  27. Suggestion for 40+ WFs
  28. Defilier is OP
  29. 40-49 bracket is horribly unbalanced
  30. Dear people in charge of Rift pvp!
  31. Codex Issues
  32. Warden in PvP
  33. Escalation: Whitefall Steppes - Bug or intended?
  34. Why do heals, heal for less value in warfront than in the world?
  35. Wtb Conquest
  36. [VIDEO] Warfront gameplay
  37. Recon Vials
  38. LFM Returning PvPers from either Briarcliff or Seastone
  39. Bug or working fine
  40. Best part of Rift gone why?
  41. How does Mercenaries work?
  42. Pvp souls?
  43. Black Garden!!
  44. Warfronts at the launch of RIFT Prime