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  10. Returning Player / Addons/Class/Faction?
  11. Carnival
  12. No Carnival on Prime :(
  13. Mutually exclusive patch for Live/Prime?
  14. Dungeons
  15. Dungeon Retuning
  16. 4.4 Hotfix: Boosting exp and increasing daily calendar rewards - Wrong direction
  17. Korean like Grind & Hammerknell reworked to 65
  18. Insane Input Lag
  19. Prime / EU patching (a warning to dual EU live and Prime players)
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  21. Max on Daily Quests
  22. Is Artifact Hunting on Rift Prime Possible?
  23. Prime Store
  24. Addons on prime
  25. Can Openworld PvP be forced upon you on Prime??
  26. Top dps?
  27. So... about PVP....
  28. Why does Prime still have the SFP loading screen when booting up the game?
  29. The Questing XP Problem: Why People Are Annoyed
  30. Dungeon loot charges
  31. LOTS of potential but...
  32. Store bought mounts only for one character?
  34. Thank you Devs/CM's for actually playing the game and monitoring chat!
  35. Rift Prime - Known changes coming for the 3/14 patch
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  38. If you still have this, then you really loved Rift classic!
  39. A proposal on how to merge Prime and Live in 2019
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  41. For those Complaining about lack of PvP Server
  42. Why are people so upset about XP?
  43. Mystic Archer
  44. Quest daily limit turn in.
  45. Vigil is Full..
  46. Game Crashes and puts us into the queue. That's BS
  47. wait time
  48. Vigil Shard and the fact that everyone there is a paying member.
  49. Shard Full ...
  50. Please nerf the plat cost on buying new roles.
  51. Everyone deserves second chances...
  52. For those of us enjoying Prime. this is a good sign.
  53. Rift Logs (alpha)
  54. Why are weekly limits still present on a sped up progression/challenge server?
  55. Rift Prime Server Closure/Merger to LIVE after 1 Year
  56. Why does fps drop drastically when there are more than 20 players on screen?
  57. Dungeon Difficulty
  58. Prime Package - another question to your RIFTstream answer
  59. Exp solution suggestion
  60. Gone but not forgotten. I hear he is still looking for MORE MEAD!
  61. Please EU pvp server :)
  62. Skill Points
  63. Shared bank?
  64. Lack of PvP content
  65. Keep Rift Prime XP The Way It Is
  66. Saga of the Endless
  67. Thoughts on Individual Reward Tokens for Normal Dungeons?
  68. Only 2 slot character.. -.-''
  69. From good to bad what is the healing ranking in prime?
  70. Sigil of Valor?
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  72. Mounts
  73. Chance for EU Prime ?
  74. Inadequate Quest XP: Bug or a "Feature"?
  75. Cosmetics in the store?
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  77. Update us please!
  78. PVP Server?
  79. You Can Import UI and Keybindings from Live
  80. So when will the server actually be up xD?
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  82. Any guides for zone treasures/borderstones?
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