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  1. <Vinco Bellum>, originating in vanilla, with a main focus on PvP.
  2. [PRIME] <Extra Life> Casual Guild! Both Factions & All Players Welcome!
  3. ¿¿Jugadores españoles?? (looking for spanish player)
  4. <Soulkeepers> ITA casual guild on prime
  5. Rift-Raiders (EU) .. Recruting all player types
  6. Neue deutsche Gilde <Hartz Fear> sucht dich !
  7. Any old ABL Allstars trying Prime out?
  8. Dark Honour is returning!
  9. <Organized Chaos> Recruiting All Player Types
  10. <Afterlife> - A Raiding Guild Returning to Rift Prime
  11. <Titans of War> is back and recruiting. Rebuilding with some original officers.
  12. Knife & Lantern - Hardcore Raiding Guild
  13. [Manker And Commander] Spanish Guild - Clan Español
  14. <Tunic> Now Recruiting
  15. <Mainfest Destiny> Not for the faint. Seeking experienced raiders.
  16. [FR] Carpe Diem
  17. <died of dysentery> INTL social chill adult guild (defiant)
  18. [EU]Critical Failure
  19. <Death Before Dishonor> - NA Based Guild - Recruiting Members - Dungeons, Raids, PvP
  20. Super Rad is Recruiting!!!
  21. Any RP guilds out yet?
  22. (The Seekers) Extremely Casual Guild Recruiting
  23. shotglass
  24. [PRIME] <Eyes of Eternity> European PVE Guild
  25. Siberia [RU]
  26. The Chosen® - An Online Gaming Community
  27. [NA] Chromaticity is a community and PvE-focused guild recruiting new players!
  28. - Akatsuki - die deutsche, familiäre Raidgilde
  29. Aussie Rifters wants YOU!
  30. LF PvE Focused NA Guild
  31. <Ruthless> [NA] Recruiting Active PvPer's
  32. <Immortal Tyrants in Crisis> EU/NA Alliance
  33. deutsche Gilde
  34. <Consortium> EU Based Guild
  35. <We have to go back> Oceanic Raiding Guild and PVP/Casuals
  36. Sin Filled Afterlife
  37. <Rift Prime> Welcoming Raiders, Casuals, & Socials for all aspects of Prime.
  38. ~<ContEnd>~ recruiting raiders and socials