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  1. Forced Mentoring Prevents Quest Completion: Make Him Sing (42)
  2. Endgame Scaling
  3. Bombs Away! Bug
  4. Netcode is not acceptable!
  5. Mentor problems, can't set mentor level lower than max level for zone.
  6. Missing NPC?!?
  7. Client crashing
  8. Stonefield Zone Event
  9. Quicksilver College/Scholars
  10. Rogue saboteur "charges" and "cloud maker" stacks not regenerating in combat
  11. Iron Claw Trinkets
  12. [BUG REPORT] Nameplates stop functioning after /reloadui
  13. Can't buy credits.
  14. [BUG REPORT] PvP flagged players can attack and kill non-flagged characters
  15. Not a bug more feedback
  16. Patron Status For My Prime Account not carrying over from Main Account?
  17. Player loads in fallen underneath the map
  18. Where are my 15 day vouchers?
  19. "Daily" Quest Limit-Crafting quests associated
  20. [BUG Report] "Combat Arming" does not reduce the cooldown of Time Bomb.
  21. Auto-mentoring Breaks Bard Buffs
  22. [BUG Report] Explosive exit does not fling back if you have knockback immunity.
  23. [BUG Report] Level auto scaling on zone bugs out on safe havens.
  24. [BUG Report] Explosive exit not effected from damage modifier buffs.
  25. [BUG Report] Stun grenade stuns dungeon bosses.
  26. crafting bug
  27. My daily quest bag under map is bugged
  28. [BUG Report] Synergy crystals and sourcestones have boosts for old abilities.
  29. [BUG Report] Fragmentation clusters procs without specing into it
  30. [BUG Report] Battle multitasking does not give charges when in combat with invasions.
  31. Sigil of Valor possible bug?
  32. Character not showing up after crash.
  33. Crash
  34. Source of the Control Quest
  35. 300 skill workorder has no turn in.
  36. RiftConnect Crash!
  37. Appearance Set - Embroidered Cloth
  38. Random Unlock of Embroidered Cloth set appearances (Minor bug)
  39. Constantly being disconnected
  40. Unable to Mentor
  41. Sigil of Valor
  42. Extreme scrolling upon trying to edit anything.
  43. Possible issue with wardrobe unlock changes
  44. Experiencing lag
  45. Character stuck continually loading into Battleground
  46. Soul Mend Issue
  47. Planarite Bug
  48. Deleted char
  50. Not seeing the Shard ????
  51. Anyone else getting this error message when trying to create a Rift Prime character?
  52. Forum Access - Blocked Outside Of Patron Access