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  1. Slow combat pacing 50+
  2. Harmonisation planaire
  3. Twitch drops on Prime
  4. So how does prime complete the 20 IA quest for Harvest event?
  5. IRC Issues
  6. Guild Roster not showing Zone members are in
  7. Missing Upgrade Components
  8. Possible attunment bug
  9. Mercenary Margaret
  10. Another problem with crafting dailies
  11. Ranger Greater Razorbeast bugged?
  12. Bug Report? World Event: Tempest Rising
  13. Tempest Bay Daily crafting quest turn in issue.
  14. Bug Report: Automentoring needs *urgent* fixing
  15. EI: Heal the Tenders Bugged?
  16. Bug : Quête "'Emissaire à l'Oeil Glacé"
  17. Shadestone still on my back
  18. Greater fairy healer bugged?
  19. Bug Report: Ember Isle sourcewells
  20. Bug Report: Someone left the door to PF open
  21. Bug Report: RNG Loot system for raid bosses
  22. Bug: Fire Saga Quest "Potting out the fire"
  23. Mystic Archer abilitys on immune targets like Thalguur, Johlen, and Alsbeth
  24. Some bugs among hellbugs
  25. Necromancer Crystal
  26. Pool on LGS Still borken?
  27. Ember Isle quest - The Past Aflame
  28. Island Cove dimension item limit
  29. BUG REPORT: Zone Specifics
  30. Zone event bosses giving NO rewards
  31. BUG REPORT: Twisted artifacts not 'collecting' properly
  32. Crafting Bug?
  33. Summerfest Bracelets not attainable for Prime
  34. Ember Isle Underwater zone Events appearing
  35. Bug : Quête "Contenir l'enfer" (Ile de Braise)
  36. Ember Isle Achievements
  37. PA XP not working
  38. Is quest "Collecting Evidence"?
  39. Terrain paint doesn't appear to be working....
  40. MAGE-elementalist skill
  41. STILL BUGGED: Expert Iron Tomb: Ragnaroth
  42. Sky Blue Dye not applying...
  43. Guild quests near impossible to be completed now, please change/fix.
  44. SHIMMERSAND : Quest "Explosive Awakening"
  45. Stillmore "Cast Back to the Shadows"
  46. SHIMMERSAND - Broken Quests
  47. Paragon Precise Strikes
  48. Combat is not terminated correctly if you flee from a fight
  49. Prime Challenges not fair and badly organized
  50. Blighted Cabalist Crystal
  51. GSB item stats incorrect?
  52. Blighted Pyromancer Crystal uses deprecated Combust
  53. Floating Torch
  54. GSB: Lord Greenscale safe zones
  55. GSB: Duke and Prince boundaries
  56. Multi Druid Bug With Nature's Force
  57. The Saga of the Endless: Tombs of Old bug
  58. Droughtland bounties impacted by forced mentor to a level that is too high
  59. Rare Mob Issues
  60. new equipment gives worse values
  61. No "close" button on reward chests
  62. Despawn of enemies in the middle of a fight
  63. Faulty follow-the-leader implementation for invasion groups
  64. Group loot is lost when the group changes
  65. Returning a returned mail causes it do disappear
  66. Way of the Mountain does not work...
  67. Soulwalk during Iskaal fight
  68. Dimension Tycoon Achievement Requires Item Not in Game
  69. Zone Event "Winged Horror" in Scarwood not generating invasions
  70. Not seeing ground effects on Ultra Settings on expert bosses
  71. Quest: Stillmoor "What's your poison?"
  72. The Mount i received from the trove got 110% speed although my fastest mount got 90%
  73. [BUG] No Trove of Mounts
  74. Heroic bottle of spellstrikes stronger than major bottle of spellstrikes
  75. New Mage oder Rogue stuff or both
  76. Rifts in Droughtlands not counting toward guild quests
  77. Coda of Jeopardy/Spotters Call
  78. Runeshaper Bug
  79. [BUG] Ragnoth in Expert Iron Tombs
  80. Skarn's hide not dropping in xDD
  81. Quest: I'll Just have a sip
  82. No raid currency
  83. Daily Calendar Mistaken About Inventory
  84. AH: Stat Range
  85. Failure to send crash report, error #2001:0512
  86. Unable to set Master Looter in Raid
  87. Sabatour talents not active after death
  88. Accord of Resilience/Shield of the Hero calcs non VK/Pal dmg broken on some skills
  89. Candle fire not showing (dimension)
  90. Wrong tooltip german client
  91. Ignore fuction
  92. Achievments missing for unlocked content
  93. Ignore
  94. Charmers Caldera Expert
  95. Saga Quest Damming the Stream Bugged?
  96. Rydremac the Librarian
  97. [BUG] Cockatrice Fight in Shimmersand
  98. Saga of the endless, garden of death
  99. Bug: Void Knight, power reduction soul tree branch not working
  100. Droughtlands Story Quest- In The Image of My Enemy
  101. Hailstone Tideshard not proccing
  102. Many Boss Ability AoEs not showing unless at a specific range or dead
  103. [BUG Report] Some high level construct mobs are not harvestable for mining
  104. Freezing up during the Sand Worship Zone Even in Shimmersand
  105. "Charging the Forge/Find Your Own Truth" IPP Quest Missing
  106. Mage Tanking Gear!
  107. Race Change Unavailable?
  108. Beastmaster Pet missing hit
  109. Sentinel underpowered abilities
  110. LFG and joining public group
  111. Vanilla recipes disabled
  112. Saga quests broken!
  113. Apothecary Recipies Seem to be Disabled
  114. There is some odd things on Prime's Buy Orders
  115. [BUG] Weekly Quest missing since latest hotfix.
  116. Wrong Game VErsion since patch today
  117. Pet bug on Tyran the Armbreaker
  118. Dcing since patch
  119. Sab Time Bomb Catalyst......
  120. Quests bugged for MA
  121. CLERIC - RUNESHAPER Seal of Pain
  122. Pet Unit Frame + Pet Bar disappeared
  123. Intell main stat on Cleric gear?
  124. Fall of Lantern Hook Instance
  125. Even Justice grants too many convictions
  126. Stillmoor quest "Galenir's Last Answer"
  127. Sab - Chemical Mixture
  128. Sources of the Stone (Quest)
  129. [Quest] Kains Hunt
  130. Wardrobe from starter zone items
  131. Blighted saboteur crystal synergy crystal
  132. I can't stay connected for more than a few minutes
  133. Ranger: Divert rage not working
  134. [Quest]Dabbling In The Forbidden
  135. Constant spell lag in dungeons
  136. [Quest] Stealing Their Fuel
  137. Elementalist Soul - Cycle of Elements bug
  138. Dungeons - Can not replace with LFD if someone drops group. It is broken.
  139. Dimension Items Disappearing
  140. Quantum sight death bug
  141. In game youtube upload function crashes game and loses video
  142. Fall of Lantern Hook
  143. Setinel's Wrathful Exuberance is not impacted by the damage reduction
  144. Eldritch Armor proc consumed by instants
  145. Illusion Items Instantly falling off
  146. Wardrobe Missing
  147. [BUG] Binding macro to middle mouse actionbar
  148. Cannot mentor down to do Realm of the Fae
  149. Bug report :crafted items with the wrong stats
  151. Expert Merchant Sorting
  152. A lot of Tool-tips are incorrect...
  153. PVP runes need to be disabled, they are not in line with current gear levels
  154. List of Saboteur Bugs
  155. Reactive skills missing
  156. Blighted Pyromancer Crystal
  157. Crashing - sending report & log back in fails
  158. Items not added to wardrobe after equipping
  159. Profession daily quests
  160. Warchanter - Cannot Cast On Target
  161. Forced Mentor issue, mentored stats too low
  162. Forced Mentoring Prevents Quest Completion: Make Him Sing (42)
  163. Endgame Scaling
  164. Bombs Away! Bug
  165. Netcode is not acceptable!
  166. Mentor problems, can't set mentor level lower than max level for zone.
  167. Missing NPC?!?
  168. Client crashing
  169. Stonefield Zone Event
  170. Quicksilver College/Scholars
  171. Iron Claw Trinkets
  172. [BUG REPORT] Nameplates stop functioning after /reloadui
  173. Can't buy credits.
  174. [BUG REPORT] PvP flagged players can attack and kill non-flagged characters
  175. Not a bug more feedback
  176. Patron Status For My Prime Account not carrying over from Main Account?
  177. Player loads in fallen underneath the map
  178. Where are my 15 day vouchers?
  179. "Daily" Quest Limit-Crafting quests associated
  180. [BUG Report] "Combat Arming" does not reduce the cooldown of Time Bomb.
  181. Auto-mentoring Breaks Bard Buffs
  182. [BUG Report] Explosive exit does not fling back if you have knockback immunity.
  183. [BUG Report] Level auto scaling on zone bugs out on safe havens.
  184. [BUG Report] Explosive exit not effected from damage modifier buffs.
  185. [BUG Report] Stun grenade stuns dungeon bosses.
  186. crafting bug
  187. My daily quest bag under map is bugged
  188. [BUG Report] Synergy crystals and sourcestones have boosts for old abilities.
  189. [BUG Report] Fragmentation clusters procs without specing into it
  190. [BUG Report] Battle multitasking does not give charges when in combat with invasions.
  191. Sigil of Valor possible bug?
  192. Character not showing up after crash.
  193. Crash
  194. Source of the Control Quest
  195. 300 skill workorder has no turn in.
  196. RiftConnect Crash!
  197. Appearance Set - Embroidered Cloth
  198. Random Unlock of Embroidered Cloth set appearances (Minor bug)
  199. Constantly being disconnected
  200. Unable to Mentor
  201. Sigil of Valor
  202. Extreme scrolling upon trying to edit anything.
  203. Possible issue with wardrobe unlock changes
  204. Experiencing lag
  205. Character stuck continually loading into Battleground
  206. Soul Mend Issue
  207. Planarite Bug
  208. Deleted char
  210. Not seeing the Shard ????
  211. Anyone else getting this error message when trying to create a Rift Prime character?
  212. Forum Access - Blocked Outside Of Patron Access