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  1. Lost loyalty tiers
  2. Warfront deserter
  3. Are we down again or...
  4. warlord marks
  5. Error 2017 - Unable to log in issue
  6. Zone events, IA's, etc.
  7. No NPCs in the world again today.
  8. Can't log in, says my IP has changed since I authenticated
  9. Log in
  10. [Fixed] 40 Slot Bag + Credit Pack Hot Fix | CS Ticket Required
  11. Sudden Shard Shutdowns Are Rude!
  12. [FIX IN PROGRESS] Can't buy new Ki Rin
  13. no 40 slot bag in mail
  14. Updated client, server says it is the wrong version and I need to update the client
  15. Dancing Yeti's, danced right out of the bag .... twice.
  16. Tepheal The Usurper not talking
  17. Gamigo Group Support Center didnt help fully
  18. wrong plat return on rift store
  19. Guild dropped all my toons after crash
  20. [Bug Report]
  21. Dimension items lost
  22. Can't reclaim items from returned mail
  23. Bought 3 Papagenio Mounts but can´t take them from Mailbox
  24. Mobs slow to load
  25. Teeny Tiny Adventures bugged ?
  26. Extreme lag between shard hops after most recent update.
  27. AChivements
  28. [Voucher: Summerfest Friendship Bracelet (1)] is a hoax
  29. Cannot enter game after Aug 6 maintenance
  30. Re opening the game places me on wrong shard
  31. Omnox procc blocker
  32. latency - no way
  33. Guild functions not working post-merge
  34. System generated mail can't be collected with Take All
  35. Combat Pets Useless
  36. PC running really hot after this weeks maintenance
  37. summerfest quest stonefield phase 2
  38. NA Zone Event API not working [2019-07-24]
  39. Servers down again or is something wrong with my game?
  40. Won't connect to server
  41. Summerfest Minion Adventures
  42. My Character is stuck in Terminus and can't complete the tutorial
  43. PVP Healing Farseer heals bypassing intended pvp heal nerfs
  44. Game Crashing when talking to NPC
  45. Summercrash !
  46. Reopening of a closed guild?
  47. Mortal Edge ability damage buffs
  48. Summerfest quests randomly abandoning
  49. Primalist: Titan Legendary Primal Avatar Ram
  50. Last year's seal now soulbound???
  51. FPS drop when opening certain menus
  52. Carnage doesn't work
  53. Problem with minions...
  54. Luminescent Conch Shell is broken
  55. [BUG] Guild transfered before EU server merge, character not autojoining
  56. Loss of health when mentoring
  57. Zaviel Shard Locked
  58. Mount that was sellable after merge is soulbound
  59. 3 bugs
  60. Crane de xarth
  61. [EU] old/closed shards and transfer lines still show up in the shard list
  62. cant connect to server
  63. Hinder Ahnket #2
  64. Bug: Cabalist Sign of Asias
  65. Hinder Ahnket
  66. [BUG] "New" Conquest section in achievements
  67. Please fix and re-imburse the """Hot Summer Credit Sales"""
  68. Battle pass: credits reward
  69. Wrong quest description in french (Hammerknell Fortress)
  70. Grandmaster level (375) quests broken
  71. Returned items stuck in mail again
  72. Mailbox "take all" still broken for system mails
  73. [BUG Report] Legendary fiery spike not applied from other fiery spike sources
  74. changed fishing daily-lvl 376-450 can't be turned in with just one type of fish
  75. [Bug Report - Swirling Winds + Infuse Magic + Soothing Waters
  76. Stucked
  77. [Potential Bug] Fragment Recycling
  78. Perpetually stuck on loading screen
  79. [BUG Report] Forced Apathy is not removed on death
  80. Auction House Bug
  81. Missing Soul
  82. crash on teleport
  83. Glyph Launcher
  84. No longer gaining Favor, Affinity, or Rested XP
  85. Carnage Quests not starting/functioning
  86. Curative remote not getting eternal stack healing bonus
  87. Mech week Zone event loot
  88. Battle Pass gives no Loyality
  89. Stuck in Instant adventures resulted in Re-Ascension
  90. Stuck in Instant adventures resulted in Re-Ascension...
  91. Battlepass: Nabbing squirrel thiefs will not tick artifact count
  92. BUG: Settings Not Saving
  93. A Celestial Tale: Scarlet Night bug
  94. Glyph process takes a long time to finish!
  95. Battle Pass Issue
  96. Beoric Oswell
  97. Locked out from making in-game purchases
  98. "PayPal account is registered with a different country"
  99. Meridian
  100. buying laethys pack from store is buggy
  101. No recovery bonus anymore?
  102. Tempest Pack listed in Euros on NA: Unable to purchase
  103. "Not running correct patch"?
  104. disconnect EU + empty shards
  105. [BUG]Rogue ability: Dusk Strike - non legendary version - range bug
  106. EU high latency
  107. [BUG] Transferred Guild has no members in it
  108. Still having problems getting on servers./ char screen etc..after every single crash
  109. Credits are bugged
  110. Fallen into seam between frames and cannot load character now
  111. Harvest levitation supply crates missing
  112. Bugged Quest Emissary to the Icewatch
  113. Game Stalls after Toon Select EU after Patch - May 16, 2019
  116. Ascended Planar Ability not Working
  117. Mind of Madness IA frequency.
  118. EU server game freeze on teleport
  119. Ash Strider soulbound
  120. Quest "Birds of a feather train together", completion issue
  121. In-game feedback / bug report dialog disappeared
  122. Guild disappeared on transfer
  123. CTA; Budgies
  124. Weapon Skins not appearing
  125. EUROPE Server Broken
  126. Guild Chat
  127. Unlock Wardrobe isnt working
  129. Server Issues again
  130. CTA: Budgie Problems
  131. Budgie Store Items
  132. Budgie Zone event Dont reward
  133. Missing UI?
  134. Battle Pass: Fluff items still Soulbound
  135. Bug three - unable to "Take All" from mail
  136. PTW rares and teth - none are spawning after patching
  137. Every server crash/reset removes all Guild Log entries
  138. Says I need to update new patch but it doesn't update.
  139. Issues with buying items on riftstore through steamwallet
  140. No XP from Lethargic Hungerer
  141. BUG: Khort Snakes do not count as critter kills for "Critters Begone!" BP quest.
  142. Bugged Chronicle, Infernal Dawn, Laethys
  143. BUG: Mind of Madness Intrepid Adeventure
  144. twisted artifact hunters tracking vial not work in chronicle -the rhen
  145. Stuck in combat after exiting PVP matches
  146. Rogue bow
  147. Laethys Indulgence Power Pack bug
  148. Bug Battlepass Artifact Collection
  149. Cleric flash of the phoenix + faith's freedom PVP bug
  150. bugged skills in pvp
  151. Mech Events broken
  152. "Freemarch Events" not completing
  153. After patch Notes
  154. EU Zone Event API not working [2019-04-24]
  155. Enclave of Ahnket
  156. Caduceus Rise master mode
  157. No rewards for lvl 67 (mentored pvp)
  158. Enclave of Ahnket
  159. No Character Screen?
  160. BP Quests for The Black Garden.
  161. I still cannt login to the game.
  162. Battle Pass PVP Weekly Black Garden
  163. Still having problems getting on servers..
  164. Cann't Log In
  165. Intrepid Adventures
  166. BattlePass Issues
  167. Unable to log in
  168. log in unstable?
  169. /e chat won't work on Faeblight
  170. cannot log onto my main char
  171. Game Crashing at 122:Loading World
  172. Battle pass bug
  173. Battle daily Ceremony of attunement did not complete.
  174. BP artifact harvesting quest doesn't track
  175. BattlePass quest freezes game
  176. Battle Pass: Ceremony of Attunement not completed
  177. [Battle Pass] Daily "Unhallowed Boneforge" does not work
  178. Different Version between NA and EU
  179. [Battle Pass] No Weekly quests
  180. [BUG Report] Bag locked behind Pay Wall
  181. Battle Pass dailies did not reset.
  182. [BUG Report] PA levels on Prime overwritten PA on NA after Prime to Live.
  183. Battle pass : Clear Temple of Ananke dungeon
  184. Carnival Bugs
  185. The launcher does not run the update April 11th
  186. Enclave cloth gear upgrade path tooltip error
  187. Primal savagery from mystic [please fix it as soon as possible @Dev]
  188. No party boats on Zaviel
  189. Another simple bug to fix
  190. A final plee to fix a VERY SIMPLE bug
  191. Trading
  192. Cannot install game
  193. force mentoring on Ember Isle
  194. Patron Fast Pass ability sharing cooldown with Brevanic Portal Generator
  195. Sergeant's Order on Warlord
  196. Warrior Passives Broken!
  197. Luminescent Conch Shell doesn't work anymore...
  198. "It looks like you're logging in from a new location" error message
  199. Notoriety Dispensary On Strike
  200. Wardstone Quest next to Ashora Port Gate
  201. Emissary to the icewatch
  202. A fall tale
  203. [BUG] Tok's Proving Grounds rat spawn(s).
  204. DEVS: Xarth Mire ZEs
  205. foraging and mining exploit
  206. Achievments not registering progress correctly
  207. Bound to Account in AH!
  208. Glyph new location spam
  209. Mystic Archer Soul pack bugged
  210. Leveling on Prime 50+
  211. mailbox bug
  212. Cant enter
  213. InGame Kauf 30 Tage Stammspieler Fake ?
  214. Chat mute
  215. Legendary molten wave have no line of sight requirement
  216. Blosson shower in Preserver tree
  217. Stand tall double dip on eternal proc
  218. Game not starting
  219. DC's alle 10 Minuten!!!
  220. can't enter EU shards
  221. Glyph/Steam patching problems
  222. Warchanter Soultree
  223. Error 3300
  224. Legendary Condensed Obliteration won't affected rooted targets
  225. [Bug] Returned mail "Failed to retrieve attachments"
  226. Log in
  227. [BUG] No Weekly/Daily Boxes on EU Shards today
  228. vostigar event boss spawns
  229. German Version: Wrong description of Laethys Pack!
  230. Fehlende Aufwertungsgegenstände in Rift PRIME
  231. Fehlende Treuepunkte in dem neuen Laethys Paket
  232. Fire Fire Everywhere in Bastion of Steel
  233. What's the point of reporting bugs?
  234. Mismatch between NA and EU versions
  235. Problem with the inventory
  236. Gelidra/EU don't see my characters on login
  237. On Faeblight
  238. No credit for Vostigar Peaks Carnage Quests
  239. pay for my shard vault again?
  240. Rewards
  241. Lost Mail
  242. No UPDATE PATCH for NA and EU
  243. Jolly Hellbug mount (free gift for $49.99 credit pack) not working
  244. Lag issues for 1week and still there
  245. [2018-12] Zone Event API broken for EU
  246. Not a single yule mission for minions since patch
  248. Constant DCs on NA servers
  249. [EU] Loyalty zero
  250. Shared Vault