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  1. Unable to purchase Tarjentian Seal of Int
  2. BP and World Event quests going invisible
  3. Tough Celestial Seal
  4. Temple of Ananke Expert (probably standard too) Bug Report
  5. BUG REPORT: Patron purchase did not activate properly.
  6. [Exploit] double eternal proc on some classes
  7. Can't use Summon Friend after referring/ascending friends on some characters
  8. Kingsward puzzle is bugged
  9. Login Problems
  10. Summerfest: Cannot complete Mathosian Scavenger Hunt Part 1
  11. Missing Comet of Destruction
  12. Fae Yule Bagling Mount will not add to mount collection
  13. Planar fragment issue (infuse button greyed out)
  14. air instances
  15. Dimension Spontaneously disapeared
  16. Runic Carousel Ram
  17. Celestial Tales instance quest bug - Echo of King's
  18. EU Zone Event API not working [2020-07-09]
  19. Quest in VP - Source Decay
  20. why no tears
  21. Mystery Box: Landquarium Wonders -> skin texture bug: Living Great Oak
  22. VP Rift Rips
  23. RR bugged
  24. bugg..Sell vendors not apear sell icon,i cant sell sometime work
  25. new Toon falls through floor
  26. Lost Attributes
  27. Storm Legion puzzles broken?
  28. [Quest] Tuatha'Don't Even Try It
  29. The Forgotten Forest in Vostigar Peaks has a FPS problem
  30. Battlepass Weekly Bugged
  31. Opie's Artifact Stash (Purple) Epic
  32. minions
  33. Primalist Primal Avatar Wind Serpent
  34. Today 06.11.20 Wrong Version of the Game
  35. weapons removed during raid
  36. vostge hights not herer
  37. Bug: Prismatic Parade Earring
  38. Disappeared Bag
  39. Primalist buff problem
  40. weapon stones armour and such liken runes gathering or not
  41. Freemarch Graphics distorted and shadowy
  42. Virus checker flagged a bad file
  43. nightmare 1 instance lure not working
  44. Character screen issues, toon won't load into program
  45. Game crashes bug
  46. No daily gift from Rift store today 5/26
  47. Scarwood Reach Puzzle
  48. Game Shuts Down Upon Clicking Play
  49. butchering rune and other
  50. camera spinning around and around preventing movement anywhere else
  51. Reaper supply chests
  52. Alittu bug
  53. Rift doesnt download fully?
  54. cleric locked in limbo
  55. BUG BUG BUG everywhere.....
  56. Make event mobs quest items lootable by all
  57. BUG: VP quest They Need Healing still broken, no credit, needs action item for heals
  58. Weekly Work order: Witchweave Stitching
  59. NPCs not loading in, shard interaction issues
  60. My character does not emote/shout when on character selection (anymore)
  61. Golden Lust Power Pack - Orb of Loyalty bugged
  62. Another Golden Lust Power Pack NOT giving Loyalty
  63. Asset Loading
  64. Briefkasten / Maileingang
  65. [BUG REPORT] - Auction House Mai: My Last Price optionl BUG
  66. [BUG REPORT] - Take All Mail BUG
  67. [BUG REPORT] - Guild Promotion BUG
  68. TAKE ALL Mail BUG
  69. Auction House Mail BUG: MY LAST PRICE Option
  70. Scarwood Reach Puzzle bugged?
  71. Eternal Custodian (39) quest not updating
  72. Kalert Addon Completely hosed the pc
  73. [Bug Report] - Stun abilities not working as intended
  74. rhen of fate weekly on battlepass
  75. Battle Pass 1
  76. server lag
  77. Vostigar Peaks Glitch/Bug
  78. Char is level 46 but only has 30 skill points - not getting skill points when lvl
  79. zaz
  80. This Game Is SO Broken Now!!!
  81. Game crashes when hovering over some icons in buff bar
  82. Quest: Running with the Herd (Seratos)
  83. Guard buff causes DC
  84. Quest not working: What's Yours Is Mine
  85. Mage: Harbinger's planar shield no longer falling off.
  86. Battle Pass: Hammerknell Raid Didn't Give Credit, Customer Service Says "Tough Luck"
  87. Saboteur Not producing damage per tool tip description
  88. Battle Pass Zone Events not giving credit
  89. toot
  90. Race change
  91. Unlikely Alliances ZE in Moonshade Highlands bugged
  92. NPC's becoming unresponsive at Fort Antapo in Steppes of Infinity
  93. bought Golden Lust Power Pack - Did not receive Loyalty Points
  94. No level 66+ Air Invasions
  95. No NPC's on Deepwood
  96. Bug Report Guild Roster
  97. Char select screen is very slow this week
  98. Seafood Delight (Battle Pass)
  99. Submit buttons on account pages(ALL) not working
  100. loyalty points not received
  101. Forget the horrible lag, now it won't even load the game....
  102. Rift Support Ticket SUbmission Not Working
  103. Lagging
  104. About the mage build bug
  105. About the primalist MV bug
  106. New Patch Problems
  107. Golden Lust Power Pack - Loyalty Orb Absorbed but Not Applied
  108. itrop for Tae
  109. Shimmersand Quest bugs
  110. Carnival bugs
  111. No translation on carnival's earrings
  112. No NPC/questgivers/mobs
  113. Ornate Tuskar Chest empty
  114. Duplicate BOP items from one minion mission or loot box
  115. Tactical Advance sometimes fails to refresh CDs
  116. BUG - Raining Indoors
  117. can't see artifacts
  118. Legendary Ward of Fire not properly benefitting from bonus Absorption
  119. zaz
  120. Harrow Crypt Cobweb Wall
  121. infinite DoT in Archives of Flesh
  122. RIFT [Faeblight] Tempest Bay Carnival Quests
  123. Fae Yule minion missions
  124. Rift store issue at carnival event
  125. Taking infinite dmg without reason
  126. Carnival Quests auto-deleted
  127. Bug/Suggestion? - New dimension key Tenebrean Pocket Plane
  128. Building Block - Name bug
  129. Minion Wicket upgrading bug
  130. Mob "Oxidizer" in VP Spawning Under the World
  131. Wreck of the Endeavor quest bugs
  132. BUG REPORT : Ember Isle - Story Line - The Pyrkari Menace - Jace
  133. Bug: Chrysalis keeps appearing on my character
  134. Very bad droprate of Rift Loot below level 70!
  135. Plz Add Exact Match Minions
  136. Glyph No End Running when exit game
  137. Failure to level up
  138. Hello again--Bronze Tomb Dim and Character deletion and loss of character slot
  139. Achievement - Planes - Nightmare - Nightmare 1
  140. Call to Action quest "Off to the Races"
  141. Bug in Runic Athenaeum (Moonshade Highlands)?
  142. Missing Soul Points?
  143. Strongholds don't complete change to Empyreal Strongholds
  144. Celestial Adventures
  145. pvp lessers
  146. Constantly get external IP address has changed message!
  147. Block not showing under stats when planar fragment set loaded
  148. Instance: Echo of Mael Salach
  149. Nether Protection
  150. [Quest] The Once and Future Rhen - Tarken Glacier
  151. Dim: Bronze Tomb
  152. planar variation hided skill
  153. Bugged Raid Rift: Egg of Destruction
  154. ToA Fix
  155. Primal Planarite Cache contained nothing
  156. Defiant's Flare not working in Planetouched Wilds
  157. BUG: Unable to capture Veras's Spirit in quest Fly On the Wall.
  158. Rogue Eternal Did not Upgrade properly
  159. Crafting quest bug - Defiants
  160. Cleric Purifier Flash of the Phoenix sometimes bugs out
  161. Empyreal command - mech and stronghold disapearing
  162. One of These Things is Not Like the Other
  163. Missing Dormant Core dimension
  164. Crifting rifts, Cost 1 - Individual Rewards when solo
  165. IROTP bugged
  166. Cleric Abilities Not Working
  167. BUG: In Expert Iron Tomb, the ways to Fetlorn and Ragnoth are blocked.
  168. Opie's Whistle not working
  169. BUG REPORT: Not receiving in game purchases of REX and Credits
  170. Mouse Bug - Camera spins randomly by 180 degrees
  171. Mind of Madness IA
  172. Bioluminescence Quest bugged
  173. Lineage Aflame quest broken
  174. Quest: We live in exciting times.
  175. Bug Quest, Grinding To a Halt
  176. bug on Storm's Queen's saga n6
  177. Quest: Mother's Day, Bailghol.
  178. Character creation bug
  179. Dominator Arresting Presence (literally does nothing)
  180. 'Celestial Tales' daily quests are ticking 2 daily quests per instance run
  181. BUG REPORT: Missing Battlepass Credits - posting per Claire instruction
  182. Temple Of Anankhe Expert
  183. Patchy blank graphics
  184. Yuletide Exchange
  185. Defiler Legendary Miserly Afliction & Greed's Calling.
  186. Morri em outra dimensão e não consigo chegar em meu túmulo
  187. Leisten Bug
  188. Frostcaller: Legendary Ride the Wind consumed on Legendary Earthen Renewal
  189. Mystic Archer: Legendary Ride the Wind does not make Summoning quiver instant.
  190. players can't start SAGA "War of the Wanton Maw" at adept dinoce
  191. Firestorm from other players shows red even with other player hit fx turned off.
  192. Loading Overload
  193. Zone Event API not working [2019-12-23]
  194. "Dimensional Overkill" achievement doesn't trigger?
  195. Quete "sur le vif" buggé
  196. Quest Bug, Tempest Bay, Upgrade Cloak
  197. TDnm bugged to impossibility since fae yule week 2 patch
  198. Mystic Archer: Elemental Barrage (never 10 of 10 always 7/8 of 10)
  199. Typhiria shard
  200. Wreck of Endeavor Quest Bug?
  201. Map chuncks and items doesn't appear (invisible)
  202. Items that were BoA, suddenly soulbound
  203. BUG: PTW Mob Spawn
  204. Saga of the Storm Queen - Storm Cipher quest
  205. Aktions Leisten Bug
  206. Rex consumed, no credits gained
  207. Loyalty gone, daily gift gone, vault gone.
  208. Bank Vaults Broken
  209. Spiritual Guidance Quest Bugged
  210. Silverwood Mech Week
  211. Zone Events "Unstable (blank)" Announced But Do Not Appear
  212. Quest Biolumineszenz buggy
  213. Missing event in Ashora
  214. November 27, 2019 Issues
  215. Mount Catagories out of order
  216. Red Hue Graphic Bug
  217. EU Zone Event API not working [2019-11-24]
  218. Item duping
  219. BUG REPORT: Love and Mead - Satyr Tyrant Not Spawning
  220. Constant Server Side Latency
  221. Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Plate Bundle not counting toward Wardrobe Achievement
  223. Autumn Pinatas bugged
  224. Hell Bug does not open
  225. Bug: NPCs not behaving normal
  226. Troll Exploit?
  227. Bloodfire Stronhold, make it go away
  228. Indoor/Outdoor flurrifier preventing logout
  229. Bug: Broken Achievement
  230. "Hinder Ahnket/Crucia" daily wrapper stuck in an incompletable state
  231. Autumn Harvest dimension bug
  233. Bug Quest: "The Divine Engine Tour"
  234. TDem
  235. Autumn Harvest store not loading properly on GB in Storm Legion and Celestial Lands
  236. QA. while u friend in eoa press o it display in open world
  237. problem with upgrade path
  238. Codex base infiltration
  239. Minion Scam
  240. No price for giftable mounts in affinity section?
  241. Silverwood Quest Series: A Vision of Danger
  242. Greater Earth Elemental Lagging.
  243. Not always able to get loot from corpses
  244. WF Issue
  245. Autumn Harvest Gloamwood Adventures Crashes
  246. Site and App Builders / Data Discoveries Dump link broken + out of date
  247. Heavenly Adventures on NA
  248. Gear degrade
  249. pumkin head alignment issue ...
  250. Autumn Harvest Items and the Rift Store....