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  1. There are still useless grey items from Minion Missions in game
  2. 8 hour minion notoriety mission reward bugged
  3. Ascended Essentials souls missing, and some can't buy anyway
  4. Bugged - Temporary Autonomous Zone Quest
  5. kicking AFK
  6. Rift store prices for Patrons
  7. [EU] Vostigar Dailies stuck on Landing
  8. Character profile (where the health bar is) does not show correct level.
  9. Lvl 15 Ascended's Lesser Signet Token bug
  10. Quest Faeligth sparkles bug
  11. Riftstalker soul fixes
  12. Currency gain from calendar only show Bonus, not base
  13. Can't buy reagents via crafting menu.
  14. Crafting Reagents: Blank Page in Dimensions
  15. Missing NPC: Keeper Ivan in Tempest Bay
  16. Dev's any feedback on crash reports? Ive sent in many
  17. Primal Avatar: Ram not being reduced correctly in PvP
  18. Lots of overall server lag
  19. Daily Calendar Void
  20. Pyromaster
  21. All the level 70 lesser planar tidestone essences say they have air resist, not water
  22. Carnival Twisted Mount
  23. DW Carnival Ships are missing and below waterline
  24. Killing Zone in Tempest Bay
  25. Tooltip error on "Binds to Account" items
  26. PRIME: char cheevo score not the same as guild cheevo score
  27. Level 48 Warlord Buff Bug.
  28. Patch Updates to Live and Prime are mutually exclusive - EU
  29. Falling Through Ground When Joining Carnival Adventures
  30. Joining chat channels
  31. Gelidra - bugged mobs for achievement in Ashenfell
  32. Crumbling Ivory Magus Bow
  33. BM pet buggy?
  34. Lost connection to dimensions.
  35. Guild Dimension Acces
  36. --/say and vp daily not working
  37. Unable to Collect Cosmic Particle for Quest: Bad Energy
  38. Mystic Archer; movement abilities usable in warfront while holding objectives
  39. Missing Primal Carnival Mask/ Mask of the Firebird
  40. Missing Crafting Daily Quests
  41. Soul Stream self healing in PVP doesn't work
  42. Seastone Pinatas not giving loot
  43. Launcher Update (error 1004)
  44. Patcher not working after 4.4. update
  45. Two bugs with Golem Foundry
  46. No Core drops during Parade!
  47. TDez Beligosh glitch
  48. Several wardrobe bugs from 21 March patch
  49. Pet buffs disappearing [Elementalist] when shard switching?
  50. Ability lag - PRIME only?
  51. Weekly Patron Gift
  52. Druid missing
  53. [Esoteric Bug] Downtime RSS feed is labeled with the wrong time zone
  54. No transport from Terminus to Freemarch
  55. "Quantum Possibilities" - Alternate Orphiel, Asha and Zepher missing
  56. Poison/Burning/Nightmare Artifacts in Gloamwood
  57. Death Storm hits insanely hard after patch
  58. Grandmaster Crafting Marks missing as reward option on TB Crafting Dailies
  59. Issue with Wilds Mage preset - Can't spend more then 5 points?
  60. NPC Lycini Ambassador Hunell Padillo missing from Meridian; can't get to SL content
  61. Can not re-queue as Support in Dungeons
  62. MAJOR Graphic Issues in Freemarch
  63. The Ethernal weapon/Echo of king's fall
  64. PRIME - Mage - Mystic Archer
  65. Square Lines on snow
  66. EXP Sharing When Group Leveling
  67. stacking quest completion + max daily limit
  68. Stuck, can't advance
  69. Anyone else experiencing consistent crashing on Prime?
  70. Launcher issue on RIFT
  71. EU Live dont launch after patch today, marts 7.
  72. Atavus Paket not working
  73. [4.3] Storm Breaker Protocol BUGGED
  74. "Beast of Burden" Quest in Silverwood
  75. Skullduggery quest portal invisible
  76. NPC loot drops not to correct level
  77. Temple of Ananke Expert Second and Third boss BUGS
  78. Ascend A Friend Summon
  79. npc
  80. Tok's Proving Grounds - Pyramid's Enigma
  81. Passive healing in Warfronts
  82. Support Class not “working”
  83. Vostigar Source Decay Quest
  84. Mathosian Mill overlappong objects and camera bugs
  85. PTS Crashing
  86. Patron Purchase Issue
  87. Can't get Vostigar Peaks artifacts
  88. Saboteur "Bombs Away!", detonate not granting CP
  89. NPC dialog during quests not showing in chat box
  90. tyrants throne mentoring
  91. Wicket
  92. Guard tooltip
  93. Dimension pot plants still missing
  94. Wicket Minion Card Reset After The Eternal Weapon Fix
  95. BUG with Crafting Vendor - multiple recipes of same name missing
  96. Game Crashing
  97. After new hotfix Can't log-in
  98. Unable to get past character select screen after patch
  99. Legendary Fated Blades unpurgeable?
  100. Lovely Cappie listed under 155% not 160%
  101. Tok's Proving Grounds rats existing in 2 places at once, unlootable.
  102. PTS Error 1011
  103. Controlled Blaze, IROTP
  104. [Bug Report] Zone event boss Chlorotyrannus keeps you in combat forever
  105. This seems to be counter productive
  106. Chats not showing on 5/7 shards
  107. Many Prophecy of Ankhet Achievements are not Updating Properly
  108. crafting recipes in rift store
  109. Guild Log data missing
  110. Bloodfire Behemoth in Silverwood
  111. PTS Crashing
  112. Phenomenal sparkles quest reset date
  113. Disconnect issues after 1/31 patch
  114. Bombs Away!/Fragmentation Clusters bug
  115. Lucky Staff / Frosty Fae Rune
  116. Stillmoor Quest: In a Quiet Place
  117. Bug: falling through the ground in Mind of Madness
  118. Vostigar Peak - ore nodes
  119. Bastion Of Steel : Isiel : Vindicator Mk1
  120. [Bug Report] NA event API server is broken 20 Jan
  121. Stuck in a cycle after disconnecting
  122. [BUG] Apparently Primalist Tanks Have An Exploit...
  123. Lessers
  124. supply crate missing
  125. Character Portraits
  126. [Bug Report] Rogue buff "Charges" ,from sab, conflicts with Yule cosmetic transforms
  127. Bloodfire Behemoth in Iron Pine Peak can be pulled out of player reach
  128. [Bug Report] Gedlo Curry Pot overwrites Bogling Souprise
  129. [Bug Report] Cleric eternal conflicts with Yule cosmetic transforms
  130. [BUG REPORT] T2 Vend Helm Won't Upgrade
  131. 4.3 Mage Bugs & QoL
  132. Faith's Reward + Seal of Pain
  133. break free doesnt always work
  134. box of bogling bounty
  135. sidekick
  136. The 7 Year AFK
  137. JOURNYMAN guild perk not working
  138. Savant trainer apothecary missing?
  139. Getting Duplicate EMails from CS
  140. [BUG REPORT] Getting Ascended Disgrace after client crash
  142. [Bug report] Aggressive Avarice
  143. No more guild quests from Emby?
  144. Daily Fae Yule quests are not trackable for 2/3 chars in my account
  145. Challenger's Marks from Packmaster's Reward Caches count against weekly cap
  146. [ BUG REPORT ] Plants and trees missing from dimension store
  147. Eternal weapon issue :) HELP
  148. [Bug Report] NA event API server is broken 22 Dec
  149. Puppet: Greatfather Frost as Minion Mission loot
  150. ursine tenacity
  151. earthen barrier
  152. main 61 mastery
  153. Sparkles-old and new
  154. [Bug Report] Rime and Frostkeeper's Armror
  155. Issues with PA portal recalls and artifact portal recalls
  156. [BUG REPORT] Lamassu-type mobs ignore any crowd control and continue casting.
  157. in game mail send/take all buttons
  158. [BUG REPORT] Resource nodes on Ahnket's Tail at Vostigar Peaks is not reachable
  159. Artifacts disappearing while taking them from mail after auction expired
  160. [Rogue] Marksman's Rapid Fire shot
  161. bind on pickup fae yule mounts
  162. HORRIFIC LAG!!! Come on already!??
  163. 30 adventure quest bug
  164. Orphiel's mount crate
  165. Faelight sparkles stuck at 496
  166. [BUG REPORT] Nameplate mechanics disables when accepting battleres on BoS encounters
  167. Abyssal Precipice (Maybe a bug, not sure)
  168. EFFECTIVE BUG REPORTS: on Forums & in game
  169. Warchanter - Comradery not reducing CD
  170. Puppet-Companions having a huge head
  171. Faelight Sparkle Extravaganza/Sparkling Shard of Fae Yule
  172. BoS T2-Chest upgrades to Feet oO
  173. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of December 8, 2017 (Players Edition)
  174. Eternal Weapon Bug
  175. Faelight Sparkle Extravaganza problem
  176. [Bug Report]
  177. Ground textures, dimension UI do not load in Kilcual dimension.
  178. Merga, Greatfather Frost's Assisstant and Light the Way
  179. [Bug Report] Commander Isiel
  180. token boost for lockbox currency
  181. [BUG] Fae Yule Store seems to be last years
  182. Where is Fragment of Kaaz'Ra?
  183. [But Report] Legendary Ward of Fire (Purifier)
  184. [BUG] Infused Chondritic Helmet Upgrade
  185. I'm with you! + We Stand United!
  186. [BUG REPORT] Zone event API does not work for Moonshade Highlands on Brutwacht
  187. [BUG REPORT] Stonesource greaters do not have Unique property
  188. [BUG REPORT] Seething Core doesn't lose Seething Charge stacks upon wipe/disengage
  189. [BUG REPORT] Upgraded T2 vendor helm for any class having upgrade path to itself
  190. Orphiel spelling mistake (VP spoiler if someone cares)
  191. [Bug Report] Achievement: Seldom Seen, In the Stream
  192. [BUG REPORT]Commander Isiel and Vindicator MKI double acting their phase transition.
  193. Same prefix ring & earring
  194. Fragments RECYCLE often gray
  195. Unable to shard hop to Faeblight (homeshard) while in Celectial Lands
  196. Fatal error. Renderer failure. Compatibility renderer will be enabled on next launch
  197. [BUG REPORT] Relist All option in mailbox breaks when there's expired buy order
  198. [BUG REPORT]Empowered Shot not firing on party member's target
  199. [BUG REPORT]Sentry Battery fires but does no damage when used on raid members target
  200. [BUG REPORT] Character Screen Not Working?
  201. VP ZE Boss was friendly
  202. [BUG REPORT] T1/T2 raid vendor chest pieces not having equal weights for all classes
  203. [BUG REPORT] First Strike/Opening Strike trinkets ignores CC immunity of raid bosses
  204. Auction errror?
  205. [BUG REPORT] Players can pull Lanaria out from his fighting circle
  206. [BUG REPORT] High level consumables not receive effect decrease when mentored.
  207. [BUG REPORT] Max Health stat from fragments stays in effect when mentored
  208. [BUG REPORT] Players can do up to 10 hinder dailies on vostigar peaks
  209. [BUG REPORT] Warrior and Rogue self healing masteries not effected by pvp penalties.
  210. [BUG REPORT] Players can join warfronts with transform effects.
  211. [BUG REPORT] Voice actings of certain instances not stopping after leaving them
  212. [BUG REPORT] Crafting runes causes learning recipes higher than actual skill level.
  213. [BUG REPORT] Game randomly asks spending IRC without any information on it.
  214. [BUG REPORT] VP daily quest On Guard has levers with no drone spawning.
  215. [BUG REPORT] Stun grenade from saboteur ignores CC immunity of raid bosses.
  216. [BUG REPORT] Expired auctions can't be relisted all when chosen my last price option
  217. [BUG REPORT] Reflective abilities ignore unattackable status of VP idols on foothold.
  218. [BUG REPORT] Necrotic engine toggle status conflicting with Legendary Curative Engine
  219. [BUG REPORT] Rift monsters from Iron Legion doesn't disappear on rifts closure
  220. [BUG REPORT] Saboteur sticky bombs getting double dipped by eternal proc.
  221. [BUG REPORT] Scourge of Darkness double dipping from eternal proc.
  222. Cannot Load RIFT
  223. [BUG REPORT] Achievement [Fated Victory] from TD NM Council awarded with people dead
  224. Missing dimension items from Rift Store
  225. [BUG REPORT] Mystic archer pathings ignore pvp carrier status.
  226. Tarken Glacier storyline quest: Metaphysics / One and the Many
  227. T2 Helm Upgrades to T1
  228. Infinity Gate active in Shimmersand
  229. 20 minute disconnects in BoS
  230. Bug with Blindside
  231. Bug with Font of Obliteration
  232. Lvling Up Shows Different In Instant Adventure then In Game
  233. NB: Hellfire Blades hits multiple times with AoE effects
  234. [BUG REPORT] Barbed shot effecting each Marksman in raid.
  235. Bug with Legendary Living Aegis
  236. Bug with Crystalline Missiles
  237. Bug with Legendary Prismatic Volley
  238. Bug with Conduit Power and Water Elemental
  239. Bug with Elementalist Cycle buffs
  240. shiny shenanigans time frames
  241. Bug of Legendary Neddra's grasp
  242. Dimension bug: Able to see through solid objects in first person view
  243. [BUG REPORT]Vostigar Zone Events don't reward when not logged when ZE finishes
  244. Rest State and exp bonus
  245. Expert: Nightmare Coast
  246. Affinity points
  247. [Bug] Rep token purchases showing the wrong cooldown time
  248. Artifex Zaviel bug
  249. Odd Credit Cost for Dimension Slot
  250. Mage weapon not showing in game