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  1. Rat in wall in Tok's proving grounds
  2. All Blue Toucans are gone!
  3. Tok's Dungeon rat
  4. Icon dumps out of date + 2 incorrect icon paths
  5. Bugged Zone Event
  6. R23-jk Minion's stats don't improve with leveling
  7. Need help unbinding item
  8. Crafting Shop Changed - Bugged?
  9. Forum Bug "you do not have a Charachter above lvl 10"
  10. Glyph isn't working?
  11. "Rising Storm Power Pack" bugs
  12. pls someone help me with this bug i whant to play pls
  13. Cannot complete Draconian Solution
  14. Mech minions
  15. Defender of the Elements not awarding sparkles.
  16. Mech parts for CTA quest not dropping properly
  17. Exodus of the Storm Queen event quests not working
  18. Hawk Vox Dim Item
  19. Necropolis Elevator
  20. Anisotropic Filtering Bug
  21. Trove of Mounts causes Rift failures (this toon has no luck with mounts!)
  22. Guild Did Not Transfer
  23. Mathosian Guildhall/Mathosian City Forge
  24. Twisted Artifacts
  25. Warmonger's Symbol
  26. Old Completed Crafting Quests
  27. Graphic bug going on
  28. Mount "Planecrawler" no longer changes color based on hair color
  29. Unable to update
  30. Event Stickie Dates
  31. Productive Dreaming Quest
  32. Important: German tooltip of new Power Pack states 15 days patron incl. but it's not
  33. Leaderboard bug
  34. [Mage] Archon: Lava Field buffing pets instead of players
  35. Big brother hazing Quest - invisible ennemies
  36. Crafting Bug
  37. Eternal Armor bundle not available on EU
  38. Damage Reflect Across Classes
  39. Titan X
  40. Problems we have encountered in rift
  41. Mobs in Tower of Dawn, Kingsward, don't drop anything
  42. unable to "hop" back to Brutwacht" server after "hopping" shards in mathosia zones
  43. Daily Quests
  44. Primal Planarite Cashe
  45. Legendary Primal Avatar Drake
  46. Hellbug Zone events are no longer running
  47. Hunting Minions
  48. Curative Remote tooltip bugged
  49. Crafting Bug - upper level reagents vanished
  50. Some keyboard types can't use "@" in in-game chat
  51. Automentoring in RotP (old) on LIVE
  52. Archievement requirements "Grey Matter Splatter" inconsistent
  53. Primogenitor Portrait frame on LIVE - some have it, others don't
  54. The Dog Days of Summer Are Here
  55. Teleport to Deepwood is broken
  56. Killthraxus crash bug and constant DCs through July/August
  57. Elemental Touch
  58. Pinata Madness?
  59. can't log into europe (solved)
  60. Bug: Reaver Shadow Warp displays Quest/Instance Messaging
  61. Monster Mash Black Garden
  62. My Fae healer pet's abilities are not working in conjunction anymore
  63. Fatestone: Unnatural Speciation does not work in Ember Isle nor Iron Pine Peak
  64. Cannot update Rift
  65. Problems trying to enter in the game
  66. Hellbug Quests not rewarding Motes
  67. The Revenge of The Kings zone event
  68. Weapon disappeared
  69. Summerfest Scavenger Hunt Part 1: Ardent Domain didn't complete
  70. Random Companion Adoption Box
  71. Tools of Destruction quest reset bug
  72. "Data corruption, please repair" every time I change languages in Glyph to play Rift
  73. Caster bar from NPC appearing over my own health bar
  74. Legendary We Won't Falter
  75. Foraging bug?
  76. scavenger hunt 2 shimmersand bugged
  77. Primalist and Soul Mend Issue
  78. Loot Window Blank
  79. Unstable Event
  80. Spectral Carriage Mount From Summerfest
  81. too many bugs, not enough bug repel!!!
  82. Mage Legendary Elemental Burst Broken
  83. Saboteur Bombs dealing less than the stated tooltip damage
  84. Verde companion doesnt summon
  85. Opie and reactives
  86. Grim Remembrance: Exorcising Evil - bugged?
  87. Cannot use quest items on quest stickies log
  88. Silverwood minimap looks weird in Silkweb Pass
  89. Quest Bug: Piņatas are Rift Creatures?
  90. Soul Resets
  91. Devs, please check out the following.
  92. Bug found with Scarwood Reach Challenge: Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach
  93. N/A
  94. Can't log in with all my characters in Storm Bay
  95. Legendary Bloom doesn't give charge
  96. Talking Horses Bugged?
  97. Legendary Punishing Blow
  98. Grim Remembrance event frequency possibly bugged
  99. Scourge of Darkness not working.
  100. Scavenger Hunt Bugged
  101. Legendary Flurry does less damage than normal Flurry
  102. Crafting Lure Quest Guy..
  103. Salias purse buggy?
  104. Mini Map Graphics Bug
  105. Legendary Condemn is broken
  106. Estrodian Travel Wings
  107. high population load balancing not working
  108. Warrior Bug
  109. Moonshade Madness quest bug
  110. Tier 2 rings are not being scaled for PvP for none mana classes - Very big stat adv!
  111. (Mage) Eternal Weapon proc gets consumed by non damaging and non healing abilities
  112. random closing
  113. /cast last resort Bug
  114. Glyph Launcher Not Loading
  115. Authentication codes
  116. Unable to buy credits or spend credits in online store and more...
  117. Loyalty Reset to 0, plat is capped no AH access
  118. Wardrobe Weekend shop broken
  119. Planar Attunment Points are Bugged since Hot Fix this morning!!!
  120. Notoriety minion missions not giving Planar defence
  121. Crumbling Ivory Magus Bow
  122. VP Dailies Bug is Back
  123. new bug update
  124. Show Us Your Snail
  125. Major bugs with normal Lantern Hook
  126. Friend's list Problem - Take 3! Dev Matter
  127. Citadel of Insanity Broken
  128. Grammar - Explosive Infestation
  129. Incorrect IRC reminder message- could be very misleading
  130. Blue Breach Umbrella
  131. Droughtlands - screen turns light purple, unable to see terrain, npcs, etc
  132. After update cannot play game
  133. Improper Scaling of Potions
  134. Paragon's buff "Readiness" (from Unleashed) didnt work on "Fleet of foot"
  135. Instant Adentures only Gloamwood
  136. BUG- Patch notes
  137. dominator all night long [again]
  138. German announcement unclear
  139. Warrior Shadow of Dread Broken
  140. [BUG Report] Legendary flame blitz causing eternal proc to buff fiery spike damage.
  141. Dimension Shop
  142. Greater Razorbeast
  143. Pyro Fireball glitch
  144. Splitting stacks in Octal numbers
  145. BUG- Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath Chronicle
  146. From Greenscale with love
  147. Bug Report: [Addons] Event.Unit.Detail.Focus is missing
  148. Bug Report: [Addons] UI.Native Functions not working
  149. LOOT DONT HAVE X to close ...
  150. Bug Report: Warrior Riftblade Enhanced Burst Combopoints
  151. Bug Report: Warrior Reaver Septic Wounds DoT refresh
  152. Website Error
  153. All charracters gone
  154. Ach "Hailol is having fun"
  155. Tarken Glacier quest Digging Deeper
  156. On which shard am I?
  157. No Notoriety from Planar Defense Force Weekly
  158. Prophetic imperium Rune and such
  159. Spells not working properly on regular mobs
  160. Loot Collection from Minions bugged?
  161. SFP crafting reagents missing in rift store
  162. Harbinger ability working incorrectly since the last update (May 2nd 2018)
  163. patron ability bugs- artifact tracking and currency bonus
  164. BUG-Damage Reduction Bastion of Steel
  165. [Bug Report] Dimension particle effects not working
  166. BUG REPORT RE: Captured Intel in TD EZ
  167. [BUG Report] Ranged attacks doing lesser damage if melee weapon not triggered.
  168. Can't buy Acsended Essentials Pack in store...?
  169. No lomger receiving notoriety.
  170. [BUG REPORT] Zone event API does not work for Stillmoor on Vigil
  171. Magelo integration not working on the forums
  172. Overactive WAF on these forums preventing detailed bug reporting
  173. Class mechanics display
  174. [Void Touched] buff stops working
  175. dead again
  176. Quest bug: The Churning Fates -Disrupt the shadebound monstronsity.
  177. Cant claim daily reward 21.
  178. Game Crashing
  179. Rift Store Reagents Missing Items in Dimensions
  180. There are still useless grey items from Minion Missions in game
  181. 8 hour minion notoriety mission reward bugged
  182. Ascended Essentials souls missing, and some can't buy anyway
  183. Bugged - Temporary Autonomous Zone Quest
  184. kicking AFK
  185. Rift store prices for Patrons
  186. [EU] Vostigar Dailies stuck on Landing
  187. Character profile (where the health bar is) does not show correct level.
  188. Lvl 15 Ascended's Lesser Signet Token bug
  189. Quest Faeligth sparkles bug
  190. Riftstalker soul fixes
  191. Currency gain from calendar only show Bonus, not base
  192. Can't buy reagents via crafting menu.
  193. Crafting Reagents: Blank Page in Dimensions
  194. Missing NPC: Keeper Ivan in Tempest Bay
  195. Dev's any feedback on crash reports? Ive sent in many
  196. Primal Avatar: Ram not being reduced correctly in PvP
  197. Lots of overall server lag
  198. Daily Calendar Void
  199. Pyromaster
  200. All the level 70 lesser planar tidestone essences say they have air resist, not water
  201. Carnival Twisted Mount
  202. DW Carnival Ships are missing and below waterline
  203. Killing Zone in Tempest Bay
  204. Tooltip error on "Binds to Account" items
  205. PRIME: char cheevo score not the same as guild cheevo score
  206. Level 48 Warlord Buff Bug.
  207. Patch Updates to Live and Prime are mutually exclusive - EU
  208. Falling Through Ground When Joining Carnival Adventures
  209. Joining chat channels
  210. Gelidra - bugged mobs for achievement in Ashenfell
  211. Crumbling Ivory Magus Bow
  212. BM pet buggy?
  213. Lost connection to dimensions.
  214. Guild Dimension Acces
  215. --/say and vp daily not working
  216. Unable to Collect Cosmic Particle for Quest: Bad Energy
  217. Mystic Archer; movement abilities usable in warfront while holding objectives
  218. Missing Primal Carnival Mask/ Mask of the Firebird
  219. Missing Crafting Daily Quests
  220. Soul Stream self healing in PVP doesn't work
  221. Seastone Pinatas not giving loot
  222. Launcher Update (error 1004)
  223. Patcher not working after 4.4. update
  224. Two bugs with Golem Foundry
  225. No Core drops during Parade!
  226. TDez Beligosh glitch
  227. Several wardrobe bugs from 21 March patch
  228. Pet buffs disappearing [Elementalist] when shard switching?
  229. Ability lag - PRIME only?
  230. Weekly Patron Gift
  231. Druid missing
  232. [Esoteric Bug] Downtime RSS feed is labeled with the wrong time zone
  233. No transport from Terminus to Freemarch
  234. "Quantum Possibilities" - Alternate Orphiel, Asha and Zepher missing
  235. Poison/Burning/Nightmare Artifacts in Gloamwood
  236. Death Storm hits insanely hard after patch
  237. Grandmaster Crafting Marks missing as reward option on TB Crafting Dailies
  238. Issue with Wilds Mage preset - Can't spend more then 5 points?
  239. NPC Lycini Ambassador Hunell Padillo missing from Meridian; can't get to SL content
  240. Can not re-queue as Support in Dungeons
  241. MAJOR Graphic Issues in Freemarch
  242. The Ethernal weapon/Echo of king's fall
  243. PRIME - Mage - Mystic Archer
  244. Square Lines on snow
  245. EXP Sharing When Group Leveling
  246. stacking quest completion + max daily limit
  247. Stuck, can't advance
  248. Anyone else experiencing consistent crashing on Prime?
  249. Launcher issue on RIFT
  250. EU Live dont launch after patch today, marts 7.