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  1. EFFECTIVE BUG REPORTS: on Forums & in game
  2. Warchanter - Comradery not reducing CD
  3. Puppet-Companions having a huge head
  4. Faelight Sparkle Extravaganza/Sparkling Shard of Fae Yule
  5. BoS T2-Chest upgrades to Feet oO
  6. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of December 8, 2017 (Players Edition)
  7. Eternal Weapon Bug
  8. Faelight Sparkle Extravaganza problem
  9. [Bug Report]
  10. Ground textures, dimension UI do not load in Kilcual dimension.
  11. Merga, Greatfather Frost's Assisstant and Light the Way
  12. [Bug Report] Commander Isiel
  13. token boost for lockbox currency
  14. [BUG] Fae Yule Store seems to be last years
  15. Where is Fragment of Kaaz'Ra?
  16. [But Report] Legendary Ward of Fire (Purifier)
  17. [BUG] Infused Chondritic Helmet Upgrade
  18. I'm with you! + We Stand United!
  19. [BUG REPORT] Zone event API does not work for Moonshade Highlands on Brutwacht
  20. [BUG REPORT] Stonesource greaters do not have Unique property
  21. [BUG REPORT] Seething Core doesn't lose Seething Charge stacks upon wipe/disengage
  22. [BUG REPORT] Upgraded T2 vendor helm for any class having upgrade path to itself
  23. Orphiel spelling mistake (VP spoiler if someone cares)
  24. [Bug Report] Achievement: Seldom Seen, In the Stream
  25. [BUG REPORT]Commander Isiel and Vindicator MKI double acting their phase transition.
  26. Same prefix ring & earring
  27. Fragments RECYCLE often gray
  28. Unable to shard hop to Faeblight (homeshard) while in Celectial Lands
  29. Fatal error. Renderer failure. Compatibility renderer will be enabled on next launch
  30. [BUG REPORT] Relist All option in mailbox breaks when there's expired buy order
  31. [BUG REPORT]Empowered Shot not firing on party member's target
  32. [BUG REPORT]Sentry Battery fires but does no damage when used on raid members target
  33. [BUG REPORT] Character Screen Not Working?
  34. VP ZE Boss was friendly
  35. [BUG REPORT] T1/T2 raid vendor chest pieces not having equal weights for all classes
  36. [BUG REPORT] First Strike/Opening Strike trinkets ignores CC immunity of raid bosses
  37. Auction errror?
  38. [BUG REPORT] Players can pull Lanaria out from his fighting circle
  39. [BUG REPORT] High level consumables not receive effect decrease when mentored.
  40. [BUG REPORT] Max Health stat from fragments stays in effect when mentored
  41. [BUG REPORT] Players can do up to 10 hinder dailies on vostigar peaks
  42. [BUG REPORT] Warrior and Rogue self healing masteries not effected by pvp penalties.
  43. [BUG REPORT] Players can join warfronts with transform effects.
  44. [BUG REPORT] Voice actings of certain instances not stopping after leaving them
  45. [BUG REPORT] Crafting runes causes learning recipes higher than actual skill level.
  46. [BUG REPORT] Game randomly asks spending IRC without any information on it.
  47. [BUG REPORT] VP daily quest On Guard has levers with no drone spawning.
  48. [BUG REPORT] Stun grenade from saboteur ignores CC immunity of raid bosses.
  49. [BUG REPORT] Expired auctions can't be relisted all when chosen my last price option
  50. [BUG REPORT] Reflective abilities ignore unattackable status of VP idols on foothold.
  51. [BUG REPORT] Necrotic engine toggle status conflicting with Legendary Curative Engine
  52. [BUG REPORT] Rift monsters from Iron Legion doesn't disappear on rifts closure
  53. [BUG REPORT] Saboteur sticky bombs getting double dipped by eternal proc.
  54. [BUG REPORT] Scourge of Darkness double dipping from eternal proc.
  55. Cannot Load RIFT
  56. [BUG REPORT] Achievement [Fated Victory] from TD NM Council awarded with people dead
  57. Missing dimension items from Rift Store
  58. [BUG REPORT] Mystic archer pathings ignore pvp carrier status.
  59. Tarken Glacier storyline quest: Metaphysics / One and the Many
  60. T2 Helm Upgrades to T1
  61. Infinity Gate active in Shimmersand
  62. 20 minute disconnects in BoS
  63. Bug with Blindside
  64. Bug with Font of Obliteration
  65. Lvling Up Shows Different In Instant Adventure then In Game
  66. NB: Hellfire Blades hits multiple times with AoE effects
  67. [BUG REPORT] Barbed shot effecting each Marksman in raid.
  68. Bug with Legendary Living Aegis
  69. Bug with Crystalline Missiles
  70. Bug with Legendary Prismatic Volley
  71. Bug with Conduit Power and Water Elemental
  72. Bug with Elementalist Cycle buffs
  73. shiny shenanigans time frames
  74. Bug of Legendary Neddra's grasp
  75. Dimension bug: Able to see through solid objects in first person view
  76. [BUG REPORT]Vostigar Zone Events don't reward when not logged when ZE finishes
  77. Rest State and exp bonus
  78. Expert: Nightmare Coast
  79. Affinity points
  80. [Bug] Rep token purchases showing the wrong cooldown time
  81. Artifex Zaviel bug
  82. Odd Credit Cost for Dimension Slot
  83. Mage weapon not showing in game
  84. Legendary Shadow Blitz debuff
  85. [Bug Report] Loot Bag Still Sometimes Autoloots
  86. Bastion of STeel: Primalist Harmony
  87. [FIXED] Can't get out of combat
  88. Bastion of Steel entrance
  89. Molten Wave, Inner Peace, and Spirit Sight
  90. Mailbox - Relist All doesn't relist all
  91. Eternal Chain Gloves not working
  92. What goes up must come down... or not
  93. All transforming or disguise quest
  94. Dropped BoS gear upgrade cost wrong
  95. Necro pet's not attacking
  96. Autumn Harvest still Phase 1?
  97. Check Harvest mount showing I didn't have
  98. Buggend interaction Legendary Light's Balm - Heart of the Berserker
  99. [BUG REPOR] Azranel Missile Storm
  100. Sounds stop playing with eventual crash to desktop
  101. Patch time
  102. BUG REPORT: Typo in World Event Tab (incorrect dates)
  103. Calender Rewards
  104. Mystic Archer movement skill bugs
  105. Mystic Archer bolt spawns
  106. Legendary Elemental Barrage - Discrepancy in number of shots fired to bolts in quiver
  107. Bastion of Steel - Azranel - Buff: Magnetized
  108. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of October 30, 2017
  109. [NOT A BUG] Sabotage Run is not switching to stealth bar
  110. [BUG REPORT] Teleporting abilities usable as Stormstone Carrier on Whitefall Steppes
  111. [BUG REPORT] Not sure if this is a bug or misworded update.
  112. Completing zone event in Vostigar Peaks on Gelidra wont give loot
  113. [BUG REPORT] Individual Reward Charges for Commander Isiel? Bug?
  114. [BUG REPORT] Autumn Eyes and Artis not in bag
  115. [BUG REPORT] VP Rare monster Kanteh ignores incapacitate
  116. Mystic Archer - Paths Rewritten
  117. Rogue: Ebon Blades bug while Mentored (Gloamwood Featured IA)
  118. [Bug Reports] Mystic Archer Bolts, Teleport, & Legendary Arcane Shot
  119. Devs help!
  120. Mystic archer, bug with "elemental bolts".
  121. Unstable zone event ends early
  122. Mystic Archer game crash
  123. [NOT A BUG] Event mushrooms problems
  124. Azranel ability bug
  125. Mystic Archer Visual Bug
  126. Mystic Archer icon is the same as Archon's
  127. Rogue is OP - proof inside.
  128. Falling through the earth
  129. Can't put entire points for preset wild mages
  130. Autumn harvest daily quest disappear
  131. mistic archer
  132. Update loop - game still says it's not the current version!
  133. Fragment Inventory graphical bug
  134. Pet Skin: Spooky confusion
  135. Primalist (qol bug) Harmony of Life
  136. Legendary Unstable Void
  138. Autumn Harvest Neck
  139. [Wardrobe Bug] Flaming Dragon Skull Visage (Autumn Harvest)
  140. Captured Intel stacks
  141. [Bug Report] Crash in dimension UI in 4.3
  142. Essence drop issues
  143. Legendary Rime Autocast not proccing Frostkeeper's Armor shield buff
  144. Stillmoor Puzzle Broken
  145. Can't get game to start
  146. VP Events
  147. Starhide not dropping
  148. Typo in Hinder Ahnket: Tenon Fortress
  149. [Bug Report] Primalist Mystic Hastening Vigor bug
  150. [BUG REPORT] Joining Assault on Bronze Tomb after warfront has started does this
  151. [Bug Report] "Wrath/Heart of the Berserker" trinket, issue near full HP
  152. Bug Report - Neddra's Grasp Issues
  153. Mummefied Power Pack - German tooltip
  154. Patron not having 50% buy order listing fee discount
  155. Bug Report - Abilities ignoring immunities
  156. Bug Report - Stun Grenade
  157. Bug Report - Scent of Blood
  159. Farseer - Call of The Ascended does not reset Materialise Soul
  160. Nyx Bundle and Zardonis Bundle Inelastic Thread Requirements
  161. Comet of Ahnket Crystal Crushing Craze achievement not awarded
  162. Vostigr Peaks Quest - Cracking The Mirror
  163. Missing Rares
  164. [Bug Report] NA event API server is broken 13 Oct
  165. Not sure if intended - Air(?) Essence from raid rifts has water resist
  166. Ember Island Infernal Dawn Laethys Portal Bug
  167. Cancelling Mage Eternal Weapon "Primal Energy" breaks it until reequip
  168. Prematurely ending Heat Wave breaks Fireball DoT
  169. The Quest They Need Healing - BUGGED
  170. [Bug Report] Decay of Ankhet Raid Rift only rewarding lure popper.
  171. Archive of flesh broken
  172. Patron gifts rewards still Bound to soul
  173. Everything Is a Weapon not always proc
  174. [KNOWN ISSUE] Missing plants in new dimension part of the shop
  175. [BUG REPORT] Daily lockouts didn't reset.
  176. [Bug report] Low priority: crafting machine skill level display issue
  177. Uncle Stan's Lure
  178. [BUG REPORT] Callweddi port bug
  179. [BUG REPORT] Archon buffs do not show duration and do not refresh with Patron's rage
  180. [BUG REPORT] Lava Field debuff does not fall off after death
  181. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of October 2, 2017
  182. [BUG REPORT] Sky Projector Bug In Landquarium Dimension
  183. [BUG REPORT] patron notoriety bonus not being applied correctly to quest rewards
  184. [BUG REPORT] Cannot stay logged in on characters in Tempest Bay
  185. [FIX PENDING] Sir Snuffles Von Werecorgi
  186. [BUG REPORT] Store window won't stay open
  187. [BUG REPORT] VP dailies not changing?
  188. Maul of Obliteration: Divine Breath buff
  189. [BUG REPORT]I randomly died standing in Vostigar Peaks.
  190. Getting behind Allittu
  191. Help - bug in dormant core?
  192. [FIXED] Warrior Eternal Boots not working properly.
  193. constantly losing stealth
  194. Minions gave me obsolete crafting ingredients
  195. [Bug Report] Captured Intel still not being boosted by Distinguished Gift/Token Gear
  196. Shadow From the Beyond Chronicle not resetting.
  197. Temple of Ananke not finishing properly
  198. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of September 25, 2017
  199. [BUG REPORT] Egg of Destruction raid rift didn't reward group except opener.
  200. [BUG REPORT] Raid rift lure consumed but no rift summoned.
  201. [BUG REPORT] Summon group ability doesn't work on Egg of Destruction raid rift.
  202. [BUG REPORT] Affinity Points
  203. [BUG REPORT] Warrior Ability Issue with Warlord
  204. Jetpack in celestial adventures.
  205. [Store Bug] Dimension carpet tiles gifting as plat only.
  206. Bug: Celestial Tale: Mael Salach - Daily Quest
  207. [FIXED] Today's Dailies not counting towards weekly
  208. [Bug Report] Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix final boss: Add crystal buff not applying.
  209. Ascended Essentials Pack Bag Slot/Special Bank Vault
  210. Bug: Celestial Tale: Mael Salach - Empty Instance
  211. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of September 18, 2017
  212. Various issues with VP Zone Events
  213. Server reaction slow down during battle
  214. [BUG REPORT] Raid respawn mechanic
  215. Tuath'de Coven bug - Mossclaw untargettable
  216. [FIX PENDING] Daily Hinder quest from VP autocompleting
  217. [BUG] Maze of Steel bugs: Double-boss attacking, Crucia not spawning, Ahnket hitbox
  218. [WORKING AS INTENDED] Dim Guildmasters Not Giving Margle Palace quests?
  219. [BUG REPORT] Ascended Trove Issue
  220. [NON-ISSUE] Daily and Weekly Patron Boxes on the Fritz?
  221. [FIX PENDING] Fortress zone events VP and event rewards
  222. Farseer Battle Ressurect (Materialize Soul) does not get reset by CoTa
  223. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of September 11, 2017
  224. [NON-ISSUE] Stopped recieving Marks of notoriety
  225. [BUG REPORT] Celestial IA's "Wall of Iron"
  226. [BUG REPORT] Healing debuffs permament
  227. [NON-ISSUE] Wands not working for me
  228. Shiny spawning behind a barrier in VP
  229. Saboteur sticky bombs don't need charges to cast.
  230. [BUG REPORT] The Vigil is still dropping statues
  231. Elevator in Gyel Fortress
  232. Broken trinket
  233. [NOT A BUG] This Little Piggy Achievement Bugged
  234. Teleporting in "Library of the Runemasters"
  235. The Respawn button is broken!
  236. Bug Report - Celestial IA's
  237. [FIXED] Can't progress "The White Tigress" quest in VP
  238. bug report ia's
  239. [FIXED] Ceremonial hero's wardrobe not dying as it should
  240. tasuil minion chain quest complete but still getting quests
  241. Wardrobe piece bug.
  242. cool graphics bug
  243. [FIXED] Firestorm graphics follows me wherever I port to.
  244. Predator Ability, killer Assault bug
  245. Can't connect to Patron account, non-Patron accounts work fine
  246. Cant even play / Cant connect / "Incorrect version"
  247. Soul Bond has not been fixed as you suggested.
  248. Sigils of Valor
  249. Distinguished Gift (Silver Tier Buff) still not fixed
  250. [BUG REPORT] Huge FPS drops/game freezes when selecting planar fragments