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  1. [NON-ISSUE] 8 hr minion dimension mission stashes not dropping certain items
  2. [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] gravemaker npcs in 'in the ground' death rifts not spawning
  3. [NON-ISSUE] Shadow of the Beyond typos
  4. Possibly missing bag slots, bank vaults from Ascended Essentials Edition (Not Pack?)
  5. [NON-ISSUE] Chondritic Weapons no weapons damage?
  6. [FIXED] Celestial IA "Tools of the Trade" quest bugged
  7. Cleric Nature's Protector role
  8. [FIXED] Jetpack abilities not usable with enough source fuel.
  9. [FIXED] Eye of omnox triggers from any ability.
  10. [BUG REPORT] VP zone event cannon(s) not hittable.
  11. [BUG REPORT] VP Boss Cestius has too low HP
  12. Glyph forgets login
  13. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of August 7, 2017
  14. Lock Boxes No Longer Dropping in Open World
  15. Obsolete Currencies from old Zone Invasions
  16. [FIXED] Buttpack errrr Jetpack
  17. Stacks of Emptiness [nightblade bug]
  18. [SUBMITTED CS TICKET] Can't buy Into the Wilds Pack
  19. [Not Sure If Bugs] Shiny Levitation
  20. [FIXED] Low Level Rewards from Vostigar Peaks Events
  21. [FIXED] Mystic ability Bind Life/Air Lash
  22. [NON-ISSUE] Ice Cream Quest
  23. [NEED ADDITIONAL INFO] Lost connectivity, lost plat, artifacts, daily reward
  24. [FIXED] There is no warning message for recycling equipped fragments.
  25. French interface shop
  26. Baryonic Lithium and Vostigar Data Quest
  27. [NON-ISSUE] Farseer's Impending Fate not working.
  28. [Bug Report] Mitch's Task
  29. New patron cache not giving what tooltip says
  30. wardrobe color not rendering as expected on hero outfit
  31. [FIXED] Graphic bug with the summerfest costume
  32. [BUG REPORT] Vostigar Peak story quest companions broken.
  33. Summerfest Plane of Water quest bugged
  34. [BUG REPORT] Can't apply Linger Torment with Healing Expertise
  35. [BUG REPORT] Legendary Perfect Storm costs charge with Legendary Internalize Charge
  36. [BUG REPORT] Channeling non-Legendary Perfect Storm while having the Legendary
  37. [NON-ISSUE] Legendary Internalize Charge and Charge cost requirements bugged
  38. [NON-ISSUE] "Legendary Internalize Charge" breaks macros
  39. [BUG REPORT] Wildfire procs appear twice
  40. [BUG REPORT] Legendary Condemn Expiration stacks stack on successive casts
  41. [NON-ISSUE] Celestial Clean Up Achievement lost count when A Game of Chess reset
  42. [BUG REPORT] DC Stacks from Condemn expiration can't bring DC stacks > 5
  43. [BUG REPORT] Legendary Reaper's Touch TL;DR: spell doesn't work
  44. [Need More] Casting non-Legendary Legendary Reaper's Touch while having the Legendary
  45. [BUG REPORT] Corpse Talon's cooldown is not being reduced by Legendary Soul Bond
  46. [BUG REPORT] Plague Carrier stacks being generated inappropriately
  47. [BUG REPORT] Infuse Magic removing charge cost from Soothing Waters
  48. [BUG] Elemental Forces' Charge cost display increases with Charge generation talents
  49. [BUG REPORT] Rushing Elements and Cycle of Fire don't stack
  50. Legendary Bloom will fail to cast at all if your target's target is out of range from
  51. [BUG] Searing Vitality won't apply stacks to the mage if you have Archon's Bulwark
  52. [BUG REPORT] Archon's Bulwark buff tooltip wrong
  53. [BUG REPORT] Legendary Flaring Power tooltip wrong
  54. [BUG REPORT] Legendary Misdirection doesn't give appropriate charge related buffs
  55. [BUG]Arcane Finesse (Lv64 Mastery) is consumed by some abilities that deal no damage.
  56. Ground Textures in VP
  57. Issues with Summerfest Infestations
  58. [BUG REPORT] cleric's Faith's Reward mastery consumed by Seal of Pain
  59. [BUG REPORT] Queen's Foci unavailable
  60. [BUG REPORT] Return to Sender
  61. world event... scavenger hunt 2...
  62. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of July 31, 2017
  63. [BUG REPORT] Advent Calendar Problem - Affinity for non-patrons
  64. [FIXED] Celestial Adventures missing quest bug
  65. Arakhurn walls stay on after fight
  66. [BUG REPORT] Paragon's Flurry not properly getting range increases
  67. [NON-ISSUE] Sigil of Concentration giving ~2.7% instead of 3% crit power
  68. [FIXED] Tasuil missing- unable to turn in quest
  69. Ongoing rez issue
  70. [FIXED] Raid marks not appearing in raid frames when out of LOS
  71. [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] FPS drops in VP The Lost Circle
  72. [FIXED] Lost Intel Quest Objects Still Appear After Completion
  73. [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] Irresistible Water Snail Lure
  74. [FIXED] World Event tab not showing up inside Tok's Proving Grounds
  75. [FIXED] Dimension item Desert Tailor's Sign Texture bug
  76. [FIXED] Quest: Tank and Spank
  77. [NON-ISSUE] Minion discrepancy?
  78. [NON-ISSUE] Primalist- Vulcanist issues (Specfically Molten Wave)
  79. Can we scale new lockbox UI?
  80. Legendary Shadow Blitz debuff immunity
  81. [BUG REPORT] Tenebrean Agonizing Scanner not looted in bags
  82. mailboxes and rest areas in Vostigar Peaks
  83. [BUG REPORT] gaining convictions from legendary even justice without it talented
  84. [BUG REPORT] Gain benefits of Paragon's Unleashed 41 point talent without it talented
  85. [FIXED] I randomly died standing in Utilla
  86. [BUG REPORT] Eternal weapons sometimes don't proc their buffs.
  87. [FIXED] I gained an extra 12 levels randomly???
  88. Raid Rift Egg of Destruction VFX and audio bug
  89. Weapon will not show in hands from gear nor wardrobe.
  90. [FIX PENDING] Texture splatting & Compass minimap was changed in 4.2 hotfix #2
  91. [FIXED Deploy SIMBOT daily handin location buggy?
  92. Deploy Simbot quest - bugged...
  93. Forum unavailable via HTTPS
  94. [BUG REPORT] Quest: Hinder Ahnket: Tenon fortress disguise are not usable
  95. [BUG REPORT] Quest: Deploy SIMBOT has issue with placing SIMBOT.
  96. [FIXED] Rare monster icons on VP not visible on map.
  97. [BUG REPORT] Tumblr Rift Connect credentials are not saved
  98. [NON-ISSUE] Mage Archon missing timers
  99. [NON-ISSUE] Beach Bash! achieve still tracking
  100. [FIXED] - "Defender of Vostigar" weekly quest not giving rewards
  101. Defender of Vostigar - weekly RR only 4 plat and exp, no notoriety etc
  102. [NON-ISSUE] Dimension: Item Limit Reached?
  103. [FIXED] Eternal weapon buff lost when you wipe on Malannon nm
  104. [FIXED] Iron Legion raid rift not working mechanic
  105. [FIX PENDING] Quest: Power to the Legion
  107. [BUG REPORT] Rift Loot Bag
  108. [FIXED] Graphic change to Shiny Wisps of Zoom
  109. [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] Legendary Rime Not Healing with DPS
  110. [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] Patcher will not exit
  111. [FIXED] Primalist Mystic: support but not a support
  112. [NON-ISSUE] Primalist Pack: Maelstrom Locked?
  113. [FIXED] the enemy of my enemy, WEEKLY QUEST RESET???!!!
  114. [FIXED] Cracking the Mirror needs a fix.
  115. [FIXED] Can't see overhead names.
  116. [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE] Dimension Key Activation Issue
  117. [FIXED] New dailies take too long due to insanely slow respawn rates
  118. [FIXED] Primal Lord's dots
  119. Weekly Bug Squishing Report - Week of July 24, 2017
  120. Bug Reports - A How-To Guide
  121. [NON-ISSUE] For the Dev: Can't see any story quest
  123. [FIXED] Carnages/Butchering Not Working + [NON-ISSUE] Carnage achiv bugged?
  124. [FIXED] Story Quest "The Maze of Steel" bugged, can't progress
  125. [NON-ISSUE] Stellar Trigger -- Stellar moan
  126. OFFICIAL 4.2 Celestial Storm Known Issues & Bug Report Thread
  127. [FIXED] can't target bewitched roots !!