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  1. making plat in the xpac
  2. will rift survive 2017?
  3. Fragging the fragments daily
  4. Zone bosses should give applicable Rep
  5. getting doubles of loyalty rewards when making new characters....frustrations.
  6. Void Stones, Fragments Madness/Darkness - What now?
  7. Thank you Trion
  8. Gearing at 70 mainly in open world
  9. Let The Hate Flow quest
  10. Random Normal Dungeons - post Level 65
  11. Walk Through Rocks
  12. Is there a way to farm Celestial Remnants?
  13. Can't Group For Story Instances?
  14. Underground artifacts in Gedlo Badlands
  15. From 60 to 70?
  16. Just hit 65. Ok to do SFP now? Or finish earlier zones?
  18. Temple of Ananke back online... AND they broke it
  19. You can learn a lot from a dummy
  20. Still no Temple of Ananke??
  21. Tenebrean Mystery Key
  22. The Devil Who Would Be King - bugged quest
  23. Planar Fragment UI suggestions
  24. Level 69 exp...
  25. Heard the latest Starfall Joke?
  26. XP gained at level 65 without SFP
  27. Clerics PVP Set
  28. Alittu Puzzle?
  29. SFP - Rare Sais'cell - Itemization incorrect
  30. Tenebrean Mystery boxes contents
  31. Eldritch Synergy crystal
  32. [BUG] Legendar not working properly with ability queuing and priority selection
  33. servers down again?
  34. Why wouldn't you?
  35. Invasions and Map.
  36. SFP what I'd like what do you think ?
  37. Uber Mobs
  38. Screens closing
  39. Of devils and prophecy
  40. Gedlo Badlands Quest bug: Of Devils and Prophecy
  41. Expert Tanking Q
  42. Instanced daily quest can be bugged to autocomplete
  43. Trion are you going to fix the Acension quest please!
  45. Please Delete Seastone
  46. End of Mael Salach
  47. Tenebrean Scrolls
  48. Xarth Mire Rare Mob: Thassealla the Huntress
  49. Fragments: Guide to the Power within
  50. xarth mire daily: life anchor
  51. instance lockouts?
  52. Commendations of Renown
  53. elementarist tank pet Aggro not adopted to new dps?
  54. Dungeons are way too easy
  55. Quest help - reactives disappeared
  56. Token tablets not working with celestial remnant (world currency)
  57. picking up Xarth Mire starter quest prevents Tasuil from appearing
  58. Quest: The devil would be called king - bugged
  59. Quest: March to War LOST. Please help.
  60. Adventures in Dragonsitting
  61. Quest:Teeny tiny Adventures Unable to complete
  62. Quest The Ascension - Participate in the victory speech.
  63. Soundtrack
  64. Quest: Fora Warfare
  65. Summon friend not working?
  66. Quest Tuath'De blade - Cannot take it (not proposed by NPC)
  67. WTH are Individual Rewards Charges for?
  68. 9hr cooldown on crafting workorders
  69. Minion card :Opie (artifact/assassination)
  71. Starfall turned some inventory items grey (not happy)
  72. Setting your "GLYPH" to 32bit or 64bit
  73. No cd-code of SFP in steam
  74. Breasts on the splash screen.
  75. Top DPS of each class?
  76. Sparkle Quest in SFP
  77. Did the massive adventurine bug get fixed?
  78. Who is ready for some level cap increase shenanigans
  79. Tenebrean Mystery boxes
  80. do sieges compensate for other lack of PvE?
  81. Patron Bonus Not Rewarding Carnage Quests/Xarth Mire
  82. Harbringer Eldritch armour broken.
  83. heroic prophecy pack
  84. Unstable Cache Anomaly
  85. Quartermast for Mages of Alittu
  86. Are all supports created equal?
  87. Quest: Coronation - Missing Cyril
  88. catch a falling star broken
  89. Zhaspae <Specialty Crafting Goods>
  90. twilight of the tuath'de
  91. Level 65 gear upgrade
  92. Assume we won't go live till 17th in Europe?
  93. So.. $200 to get back into this??
  94. Consumables - Are benefits being re-worked?
  95. Today's Patch - EULA - Whoa!
  96. Music in Scatherran Forest
  97. Fortress Siege Playtest on Wed, Nov 9th at 4pm PST
  98. OFFICIAL FEEDBACK THREAD: Fortress Siege Zone Event (Cracking Xarth's Skull)
  99. No main story after Xarth Mire.
  100. Plague Bolt and Epidemic Proc
  101. tower fragments not affected by loyalty or patron token bonuses?
  102. Rift Assault XP gain is way too low.
  103. Boss Text from SPE's
  104. Only 100 million more XP ... LOL
  105. kalerts not working well with Legendary abilities
  106. I know there is a thread already but?
  107. Warrior Legendary Light's Balm / Sergeant's Order bug
  108. Participate in victoy speech at St. Taranis
  109. Opie on diet?
  110. Clerics and Warriors will still need two sets of gear in Starfall Prophecy
  111. Starfall prophecy question about buying.
  112. A couple of quests I can't seem to complete ...
  113. need opportunity to purchase a mercenary that can be equip with loot
  114. "Mother's Little Whelpers"
  115. REd Talon Haressers
  116. 64 bit troubles
  117. Necro Legendary Plague Bolt
  119. Balancing Raid question
  120. weird invisible wall
  121. PTS ONLY: ERROR 3198? Switch to 64-bit version!
  122. Rise of the Kobolds quest broken
  123. ETA 16th November?
  124. Fishing is not active on PTS?
  125. Tempest bay got blasted
  126. Credits on PTS
  127. Eternal Items and Active Upgrades
  128. Small PTS update coming today, nothing to see here, move along...
  129. OFFICIAL FEEDBACK THREAD: Temple of Ananke
  130. OFFICIAL FEEDBACK THREAD: Intrepid Darkening Depths
  132. Developer Feedback
  133. Xarth Mire Storyline Ended - where next?? No story?
  134. Mounts
  135. Storm The Gates
  136. Ahnket Incursion
  137. global chat channels
  138. Mega Manugo Now Doable
  139. XP
  140. Nowt being said, nowt being fixed!
  141. Mega Manugo
  142. rep turn in quest(Notoriety Republic) does not give exp
  143. Aventurine
  144. some bugs still coming across
  145. Guild Features Added for SFP
  146. Is PTS down atm?
  147. Quest - Just One More Turn (Mega Manugo)
  148. Uncle Stan's Super Secret Lure is still bugged
  149. Account Wide Currency Issues
  150. No really I want Starhide, Fishing and Chon dusts please!
  151. XP curve
  152. Feedback after first three zones.
  153. Ashenfell Quest: Cruel Intentions
  154. Some positive feedback on Starfall Prophecy
  155. Bad grave placement
  156. Can't finishe Xarth Mire Storyline - Ahnket Incursion onslaught bugged
  157. Devs: u guys looking at In-game Bug Reports?
  158. no gear drops from mobs?
  159. Xarth Mire Quest: Bailghol Blues
  160. Todays update Cancelled Rift_64.exe
  161. Primalists: Comet Forged Sets
  162. PTS Launcher not working
  163. PTS ONLY: GLYPH 64-32 Bit Switcheroo (temporary!)
  164. Command for changing fragment sets?
  165. Runecrafting mats
  166. RCD´s: Planar Exhaustion WTF?
  167. LV65 gear > LV70 gear in 4.0?
  168. Weekly and daily gift boxes still contain NT currency
  169. Guilds and other stuff
  170. Restricted Loot in Dungeons
  171. Tasuil
  172. simon you're a mystery
  173. Feedback after first two zones.
  174. Xarth Mire quest: Ahnket
  175. Re-hashed Darkening Deeps? =_=
  176. Spiders in Xarth Mire
  177. Quest bug- Mother's Little Whelpers
  178. Quest issue
  179. Gedlo Badlands (The XP desert)
  180. Ashenfell (So far)
  181. Stuck on Showdown in Little Gedlonia
  182. Break up story quests
  183. Crash Loading
  184. Official On Going Rare Mob Thread SFP
  185. Bug - Cleaning up the Badlands quest
  186. Too Much Casual things. Where them raids?
  187. 20 Man Raiding?
  188. Darkening Deeps Expert (70 version)
  189. Story line mobs a bit too hard
  190. Paladin 'Lights Balm' not working
  191. Gap in Terrain
  192. Quest: Pure Heart
  193. Scarlet Night Quest (Instance) - Bug or intended to be annoying?
  194. The Tale of Mael Salach bug
  195. Mobs Taking Lava Damage
  196. Quest: The Devil Who Would Be King
  197. Xarth Mire Zone?
  198. Cooldown reset ability for PTS
  199. Personal loot rewards window not popping
  200. Corrency bonuses not working with celestial remnants
  201. German translation?
  202. [Bug?] I, Razorbeast
  203. LFM SFPE
  204. Fora Warefare bugged
  205. [Quest Bugs] Minor and Major
  206. Mentoring/Sidekicking XP
  207. Patch Notes for PTS?
  208. Gedlo Badlands (So far)
  209. Quests - Scatheran Forrest. Wiches Brew and End of Sacrifice
  210. The Tale of Scarlet Night is not working properly
  211. Screenshot of Issues I have come across.
  212. General Sound Thread (Music, SFX, Voice Acting etc)
  213. Bug: Cache Finder
  214. Saint Taranis in Gedlo badlands
  215. Gedlo Badlands Quest Way of the warrior
  216. Running fine, 64 bit plus some addons, no problems.
  217. huge lack of new cheevos
  219. Forlorn Boar Quest uncompletable
  220. Stuck in a graveyard - SF
  221. Level 65 Quest Access
  222. Rift Linux Wine PTS working fine.
  223. SFP general feedback
  224. FISHING seems to be broken
  225. Quest: Chase the tail, get the horns- Marquis Devias
  226. Quest: Ankhet Incusrion bug
  227. Baleful Spirits and Incorrect (?) Loot
  228. Ashenfell QA
  229. Something to consider
  230. Intro Quest (or lack there of)
  231. Quest - Hide and seek - needs more unicorns
  232. Quest - Destroy Mead Barrels - needs more active barrels
  234. Quest: Adventures in Dragonsitting
  235. Dialoges completly in English?
  236. Zones very small
  237. Ability Tooltips and Legendary
  238. Feilbocan Tree Travels
  239. Archon changes
  240. No NMR?
  241. Legendary Bosun's Blessing possible bug
  242. Gedlo Badlands Quest: Maker Exchange
  243. Bridge geometry
  244. Havesting Opie Pellets
  245. Help Me Enjoy The Expansion
  246. legendary points
  247. Datamining - Voice Overs
  248. Coven Boss 2 bug
  249. Hide and Seek
  250. Ore