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  1. Masteries: Is There a Point?
  2. Nightmare Tide Tanking Spreadsheet
  3. cleric: what build to heal?
  4. Which Class To Play
  5. Base Health multipliers are bugged
  6. Nightmare Tide: State of TANKS
  7. Warriors, the class that can only play one healing role.
  8. I have a class idea
  9. Which class to boost to 60?
  10. Couple Math questions
  11. Bank account hacked!
  12. Returning Player
  13. SL Souls Not On Boosted Character?
  14. Hybrids Testing
  15. Healing vs Shielding for Support
  16. Current Melee Game State
  17. Hello new here, haven't played MMORPG in 4-6 years since school/army
  18. EQ2 Shadowknight equivalent?
  19. My solo builds
  20. Cleric is best class overall for 3.0
  21. Cleric Defiler
  22. To macro or not?
  23. Pet classes are second class citizens
  24. The skills in Rift are boring
  25. Few questions
  26. Guard ?
  27. New souls and lore
  28. Dungeon Dream Team!
  29. Mind bogling low level balance
  30. Best PVP & PVE healer builds?
  31. Cleric or Rogue?
  32. Just starting out, what class please?
  33. New race Frog and Toad
  34. Current state of dw vs 2h
  35. Other class souls similar to Tactician
  36. Support role
  37. Nightmare Tide new soul abilities
  38. In need of a good soul architect
  39. Strongest PvE class at the moment?
  40. Do I Need Hit?
  41. Curious for rogue top melee and ranged DPS
  42. I've been gone for a few month's now. Is there anything new for open world PvP?
  43. Complete formulas ?
  44. which class? (endgame pve)
  45. Best survivable PvE tab-DoT build
  46. What class should I do next?
  47. All-around Solo PvE ranged options?
  48. Curious on best DPS classes currently.
  49. Why not make TURRET MELEE
  50. Is Defiler Healing Good?
  51. Class Wardrobe Compilation!
  52. Rogue HP: This is a serious problem no one is talking about
  53. I don't have a PET!
  54. Current cookie jar status
  55. Class balance and 2.7: any class can play any role, is it sttill balanced?
  56. Need help deciding on class
  57. Teleport back from instance?
  58. Riftstalker or Justicar - help me decide
  59. What class/souls to return with?
  60. Planning of returning
  61. Warrior Vs Rogue
  62. What's the prevailing opinion on the current (and upcoming) tank and healer souls?
  63. Calling switcheroo
  64. What is The Top Dps Spec ? (all callings )
  65. Deciding what class to play
  66. A new calling idea
  67. Class/Soul Recommendation
  68. less skill button class
  69. [Help required] I need your opinions about Warrior & Cleric tanks.
  70. Pets Still Dying In Dungeons
  71. Wow spell equivalent
  72. Non-tanks pulling, wiping group?
  73. Help to choose a class
  74. Rift dps rankings
  75. Soul Comparisons (Looking For Information)
  76. ? re: Current BIS list/Cleric Healing Sigil-lessers and greaters
  77. Mastery (thoughts, discussion, feedback)
  78. Choosing a profession for pvp
  79. Class names changed?
  80. Why do tanks macro taunts to their spam button
  81. Is there a way to reduce the cooldown of Angelic Flight?
  82. most fun class for someone who will not play a lot
  83. 3.0 Class Points / New Skills at 65?
  84. Confused about classes (where are they?)
  85. Problem with class
  86. Best All Rounded Class *Opinions*
  87. Funniest healer?
  88. Causal Treatment>Crucial Invocation
  89. Charred Flamesource is next to worthless
  90. Reasons behind soul reworks
  91. Need help :/
  92. New to Game
  93. Hi, New to Rift
  94. Shadowed Courtly Cape
  95. Suggestion: Remove DPS icon from Druids and replace it with the Tanking symbol
  96. Holy Clerics Batman. Class ratios?
  97. After a 12 month break
  98. Bard vs Oracle
  99. Do You Think There Will Be Any More Souls?
  100. Need help [ new player]
  101. Suggestion: Attrition Mechanic for tanks.
  102. Easy Class to Play?
  103. Not sure which Class to choose
  104. Guide of Choosing Classes
  105. [Help] Tanking as a Warrior
  106. Newbie in Rift - don't worry, it's not another "i don't know that to do" thread :)
  107. Where to get beastlord
  108. Relic Cape Upgrades
  109. Crit vs CP question
  110. Testing AE healing
  111. New to Rift: a WoW refugee.
  112. Update!
  113. New to Rift - Looking to heal
  114. Harbriner or Oracle
  115. Rogue ranged specs VS. Other classes and their ranged specs
  116. Sin solo build questiin
  117. differences between tanking souls for all 4 classes
  118. Need help picking out a new mage spec
  119. Strengths and Weakness of 2.7 Healing Souls
  120. Bard being Replaced by Oracle?
  121. Any suggestions?
  122. Favourite Role
  123. Are the new souls going to be required for "best specs"?
  124. Don't Like Mixing Souls That Have Nothing To Do With Each Other?
  125. Bladedancer for PvE
  126. Spears and Glaives?
  127. Beastlord?
  128. Supports in 5 Mans (Please bring math)
  129. New to Rift!
  130. Fun Classes To Play: Help
  131. Old WoW player, new rift player, looking for help with class choice
  132. Is there any viable spec that makes use of 3 souls?
  133. Classes (I'm Confused)
  134. most lag friendly class?
  135. What types of gear is best.
  136. Warrior or Cleric? (Yes, that question again)
  137. ROGUE RANGED SPECS WAY TOO NERFED (developers please read this)
  138. warriors are melee dps kings
  139. Tanking Training Dummies?
  140. Energy/Charge Management
  141. Purposes in Character Creation are different
  142. i have a Questions about the "New" soul pre-sets for Mage
  143. which is the safer bet, warrior or cleric?
  144. I want to be good at DPS and healing. Which class and souls?
  145. Another question about builds
  146. Lack of Tanks, gear problem?
  147. Viable specs require soul trees maxxed now?
  148. Do the other classes have anything like harb?
  149. Best tank class thats for end game
  150. Purchase new classes "Help Please"
  151. Me and friend need help!
  152. Melee dps builds with pets?
  153. New souls,Defining a class question.
  154. Another "help picking a class" thread =|
  155. Is there lifesteal in Rift?
  156. HELP PLZ! Where are the trainers?!
  157. Solo PvE Class
  158. 3 new players: what's a good combination?
  159. Cleric Healing / Cast time
  160. Not finding warrior fun.
  161. Whats the dps breakdown between the different classes
  162. Rift Scene Best In Slot tool/calculator
  163. Fastest paced Class
  164. Need Help Building Class
  165. If you had to choose...
  166. Little help choosing a class.
  167. Most loved calling/class
  168. Mage gets no love.
  169. Reaver
  170. Is there a soul adoption bonus?
  171. Tanking buffs?
  172. Full tempest or tempest paragon
  173. Resource Revision
  174. Tanking stats
  175. Help to pick a class?
  176. Class question for veterans
  177. [Help] choosing class
  178. DPS Spam Macros...
  179. Valor Damage Reduction at 84% was perfect.
  180. Question on Toughness
  181. What is the most enjoyable tanking soul?
  182. Harbringer vs warlord/champion build.
  183. Class Question in general.
  184. New to game, cleric or mage?
  185. Justicar or Paladin?
  186. Almost ready to give WF away for good.
  187. Self heals query
  188. What class to play?
  189. BEST DPS class for PvP/PvE/SOLO
  190. tanking cleric vs warrior
  191. Mage vs cleric for dps and pvp!
  192. New player from wow here
  193. Support roles?
  194. Looking for a melee class
  195. new player class help
  196. Class Help: Open to Most!
  197. Mandatory souls?
  198. DPS Rogue, Looking toward Tanking SLEDs.
  199. Mage skill ice bolt ?
  200. Returning player
  201. Returning old mage
  202. Difference between classes?
  203. Returning Player
  204. mechanical pet class?
  205. Havn't played in a while, but I exclusively played Tempest before 2.5
  206. New player class help?
  207. help me im lost and I dont know where I am!!!
  208. About class presets
  209. How much freedom do I have in soul tree choices? (and other questions)
  210. New player! LF Magic melee dps guide!
  211. [Newb] Which class to choose
  212. Stats, increase stats, stats on 60 lvl.
  213. Nothin' but crits!
  214. Cleric Tank Starting Raiding Requirement Help!
  215. Highest DPS Soul/Build in Entire Game Currently?
  216. Does anyone feel that allowing every class to be able to take every role is bad?
  217. Are Tempest Broken?
  218. Tempest: Seriously?
  219. Help a new guy out!
  220. Unsure of which to choose
  221. Group leveling with friends
  222. Couple of questions, mostly regarding gear.
  223. What class should I be
  224. New warrior pvp build 48/28 wl para
  225. Viable Warrior Tank Specs?
  226. 99999th noob looking for advice
  227. Old player player looking for class advice
  228. 40 Plus Sin build pvp suggestions.
  229. LFG Tool - Auto kick AFKers
  230. New player looking for class advice
  231. Returning player... from a 4 month break...
  232. About Rogue (some help would be appreciated)
  233. What Soul combo would this class description be?
  234. Another new player here
  235. Can someone help me with a simple question?
  236. Ranged souls: A... perhaps controversial idea.
  237. New player here
  238. Curious what the best combo class wise is with 4 people for pve/pvp
  239. Solo build for mage
  240. question about necro soul bond
  241. new player, mage question about getting PA abilities to the action bar
  242. Shaman, Riftblade, Harbinger
  243. Instead of just adding new souls, maybe a new Calling?
  244. Can't Wait
  245. New player
  246. Ascend Into the True Class
  247. Class for PvE, duo with gf :)
  248. Warrior or Rogue?
  249. Warrior or rogue
  250. CONTEST: Build a Better Preset - NOW JUDGING!