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  1. Fix Clerics in PvP
  2. Soul Builder Help/Testing
  3. Would love to see.....
  4. Support class sugestion?
  5. The ammout of WHINEING on this forum is really getting to me, must be to devs also
  6. Race/Calling Combinations
  7. "Necrotic Rage" Why does EVERY Guardian have it and use it ? Another OP Imbalance?
  8. Comprehensive List of Buffs and Buffs. What stacks and what doesn't.
  9. Buffs
  10. We need some Support Class fixin' love.
  11. build of ultimate pwnage NEEDED
  12. Bugs with damaging abilities w/ built in CC's post patch.
  13. This doesn't exactly seem like balance attempts to me, Trion...
  14. Can anybody advise me on a build to solo lvl 50 Rifts ?
  15. looking for best t2 DPS spec.
  16. Physical Crit cap?
  17. Just resubbed, curious...
  18. It happens in every game
  19. Pyro's are out of control
  20. Magic Vs. Physical Damage, part of the problem (kinda long)
  21. Can't decide what to play....
  22. 1300 single target dps
  23. Turn off LFG checks when joining as a party
  24. Bull rush up hills/walls
  25. Best Solo Class? (serious question)
  26. Alot more Balanced now then ever
  27. reparation not working?
  28. Eradicate for Everyone
  29. do you people honestly think trion..
  30. This new patch has been very exciting!
  31. 1.2 - Patch of 2 mage specs.
  32. What 1.3 Needs To Do
  33. Most Warrior and especially Rogue souls need massive nerfs in anti CC
  34. Trion. CC.
  35. Something is wrong.
  36. Patch goes live, people react
  37. Warrior vs. Cleric - First character
  38. What is the difference between Healing and Eradicate?
  39. Level tolerance for LFD is way too tight and it's one reason we cant find a group.
  40. The problem with Tanks and Mages in PvP, and perhaps a solution:
  41. MM by the Numbers.
  42. Trion, why do you always create 1 Overpowered soul each patch? You should know better
  43. What Class Now?
  44. Should all CC be subject to DR / Immunity?
  45. WTB buffs!
  46. Your class isn't unbalanced, you just suck.
  47. Why buff the coward class?
  48. Question about AOE farming and mob reset range
  49. Cutting Distraction is making NPCs attack me in neutral towns
  50. NEW lvl 40 warrior/mage skills proposition: please leave feedback
  51. Sticky Threads
  52. Pet target window
  53. Skill-dependency on Expert dungeons!
  54. Why remove the 50% increase to auto attack dmg from BD ?
  55. We need more constructive feedback!
  56. 51 pt suggestion for-- All classes/callings
  57. Please stop being chicken little on CC?
  58. Soul
  59. Class mechanics sahould not be dispellable.
  60. immune immune immune immune
  61. Trio, insert complaint here in the form of a question??
  62. Patch Notes For 1.2 - TLDR Cliff Notes Version
  63. My solo/questing build (warlock/elemental/dominator)
  64. How many talent points can you obtain?
  65. Are not classed supposed to be the way they were in classic tabletop D&D?
  66. Simple PVP Fix
  67. Mana Bars
  68. Thoughts on 51 point abillities.
  69. Healing Dummy: (It needs something hitting it!)
  70. Sanny Vid 1 - Lawlminate
  71. What class to roll?
  72. Patch 1.2 a Game Breaker? Souls that don't need improved.
  73. Most/least played classes
  74. Kings/queens of DPS?
  75. Bash Bugged/Broken
  76. I Honestly Thought People Were Just Complaining Like Always About Healers...
  77. Wondering if there is an offensive soul that works like this?
  78. Make Ground of Strength consume charge, and disable potions (read: immunity ones)
  79. Why no caster auto ranged attack?
  80. Newbie question: Mage or Cleric for pvp?More info inside
  81. Dear Trion Dev's.
  82. What class to make!
  83. Versitility: Specs and Souls
  84. How are you going to Handle Justicars and Riftstalkers in LFG?
  85. Give me a reason to roll a Warrior instead of a Cleric, I can't find one
  86. TRION: Soul defining abilities need to be undispellable!
  87. Trion doesnt ruin balance, the playerbase do
  88. How to setup a Combat Parser in Rift
  89. I accidentally picked the wrong profession
  90. What will it take?
  91. Souls and specs
  92. Melee jumping bug - fixed or not?
  93. 38 Warr v 50 Rogue - Epic.
  94. Please make sure all abilities are WAI before nerfing
  95. a good aoe range pvp spec?
  96. Critique needed: Shotcaller build
  97. One Class ... Just One Class
  98. Give all souls viable specs?
  99. Where's my invisibility?
  100. Knockback Immunity
  101. Bored so I made a vid... SC/Dom Warfront (WS)
  102. stealth randomly dropping since patch
  103. Tanking Item Discussion
  104. how 1.2 will affect all classes
  105. Bards and Archons should be Deleted from the Game (Please Read)
  106. Haven't played an MMO in a while
  107. Why do people cry about Pyro's 8k hit and not Clerics 40k hit? lol
  108. Melee bug.
  109. Tank PoV on PuGs
  110. What half-assed CC nerfs & World of Dispells really do
  111. Trion, are you ever going to balance this game?
  112. Do the changes make PvP Chloro healer no longer viable? If so, is that intended?
  113. Focus and To Hit runes on your gear
  114. Complete Newbie
  115. Remove the strict soul ability groupings?
  116. New to Rift, Need Class Suggestions
  117. 1.2 - forgot to give all classes invisibility
  118. Tier1/Tier2 Armor Types
  119. PvP vs PvE Damage
  120. Classes Imbalanced or the Players..
  121. Gersh , pls explain why Pyro must have cc immunity ?
  122. Defiant Cleric's and their angle...
  123. pyromancer vs champion - pvp comparison and why champions need a pvp boost
  124. Soul Tree Balancing
  125. Locked post on nerf pyro but not when it was war sab
  126. The irony is that pyromancers and clerics come out of this as the biggest winners.
  127. No more AoE CCs
  128. Rogue + Whitefall
  129. Best class for totems?
  130. Request: Soul Training
  131. Rogue changes
  132. Inquisitor or Marksman??
  133. Looking for "returned damage to attackers ability"
  134. Complex rotations - which calling/souls?
  135. Suggestion: Remove Attack Power & Spell Power stat on gear
  136. Hit / Focus in PvP
  137. Weapon DPS (Cleric 2h Vs Warrior 2h)
  138. Stealth nerfs? really?
  139. Switching from WoW! Need Class Advice!
  140. Quicken Elements
  141. Is 4 callings too broad?
  142. Cross server class channels
  143. The carefull developer
  144. Spell Power vs Attack Power the real problem.
  145. Cabalists and Champions..
  146. What's the highest pyro crit you've received?
  147. Second class
  148. Damage Shields, Working as intended?
  149. 1'st time you guys realy pulled through, now i need help again :D
  150. New to Rift. Looking for a good Dps class.
  151. Class with most unique abilities?
  152. Purge
  153. So many classes... what to play?
  154. I Want To Play a Ranged DPS, Which...
  155. Avoidance Caps?
  156. Truly, I lost to the better PvPer.
  157. SC and Dom broken by proposed CC changes
  158. Compromise on the CC changes. Keep them as you plan to make them...
  159. Chasties .. Incoming or Outgoing
  160. Just delete dominator already
  161. Mass HYSTERIA!
  162. Ideas for change
  163. Hotfix Pyros
  164. Very Impressed w. Greater Fairie AI
  165. rogue or mage?
  166. Why nerf CC? Why not just remove AoE CC, and leave ST CC strong?
  167. CC Changes, who suffers worst?
  168. Lowbie Ownage - Level 35 Warr - Ready set HARDCORE. Duels. Part One.
  169. Advice on AOE classes
  170. Why are rogues getting buffed in PvE?
  171. Positive Feedback: trion really listen to us
  172. Please delete
  173. snares on diminishing returns....?
  174. Go ahead nerf INQ's ill just start maining a Full healer now im pvp
  175. So basically, everything a ranged can use to keep melee away is now useless...
  176. Goodbye godlike clerics and thank you for immunity to all CC AoE CCers.
  177. So, you have to be in melee to do damage, that's no big deal, right?
  178. PvE Bests
  179. Itemization For Each Soul.(idea)
  180. Barrings and Bindings
  181. Really? Just get rid of it
  182. warlock armor is balanced
  183. Daft Q
  184. No Problems with Mages or Clerics
  185. No wonder pyromancer is OP...
  186. Can people knock it off with the word tank!
  187. Potting in WF
  188. Pty DD...Souls
  189. Cleric Surviability might not all be coming from cleric it self
  190. Rouge Vs. Warrior HELP!!! PLEASE!
  191. omagawd srsly too many souls.... adn its not even fun.. DISSAPOINTING<insertragequit>
  192. trion has no clue on class adjustment..
  193. Ok Trion, here is the deal...
  194. Usefulness of macros
  195. One character, all Callings?
  196. 100% Healing Debuff. -_-
  197. How to balance pvp to pve.
  198. Force Opening - New Bladedancer/Paragon passive?
  199. In other MMOs mages are squishy in Rift Mages are a new tank
  200. A Plea for Ground Target AoE Abilities
  201. New coinlock update = laying down the law
  202. MM/Sin/NB Port Scion WF Spec.
  203. Do we lack the tools to kill clerics in 1.2?
  204. Restore a Warrior solo/grinding sustainable build
  205. LoL at alpha raid gear itemization
  206. casters are the best pvp tankers O.o
  207. suggestion to GoS
  208. Worst build you can manage...
  209. Why the Nerfs and Not the Nerfs?
  210. Soul Builder Question
  211. PvP balance
  212. Does Protect The Flock stack with Motif of Tenacity?
  213. Silence = Useless in this game
  214. Hypthetical Hybrids
  215. It's not just the players: "How overpowered is spelled in Telera"
  216. Requesting PTR changes
  217. To the people that think pyros are actually getting nerfed
  218. I play a healer so I get less Favor?
  219. The Forum Mutiny
  220. Being competitive?
  221. What classes can AOE Cure / Cleanse
  222. Resilient
  223. so after you will fix pyros,you will find that...
  224. Defensive Dispels and Deathly Calling...
  225. Rogues V Mages
  226. PvP Balance issues.
  227. Stacking Warden HoT's the fotm lame trick to break WF's
  228. How does Resilient (Vindicator) work?
  229. I'm a new player, what should I roll?
  230. Best/worst solo class?
  231. I was wrong Trion doesnt know balance. Pyros and Clerics is proof
  232. Is GoS PVP or PVE or Both
  233. Best soul at the moment?
  234. Most Common Class?
  235. rogues/mages/warriors/clerics
  236. Can't decide what I want to play..
  237. Mage or Cleric?
  238. Whats this? a non-OP thread?
  239. Its obvious that Rogues and Warriors dont know what they want and flooding forums.
  240. Ooo rhero
  241. People QQ to much
  242. My experience with pyros
  243. General sense of these forums
  244. Over-Powered!!!!!!!!!!
  245. 2000 non crit lightning stike (no redwings) - how?!
  246. To the Devs
  247. Blade Finesse on ranged attacks?
  248. So why wait with bugfix patch?
  249. Buff justicar
  250. So... are we supposeta get less damage per combo point?